Zion Mountain Resort

9065 W. SR 9, East Zions Entrance, Mount Carmel, Utah, 84755, United States

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Great place to stay!

by TripAdvisor Member specialk217

We stayed at the Zion Mountain Resort the first night of our marriage. What a beautiful place! It snowed on us and the scene was just beautiful! The room was cozy and the bathtub was wonderful. The bed was a little hard--but maybe I only noticed because of the other reviews (sorry!). All in all, this was a great place to stay with my new husband and I'm sure we will be back and I would definitely recommend these cabins to anyone.

Deceptive listing

by A TripAdvisor Member

As part of our celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary we looked up information on lodging at Zion National Park. We looked up Zion National Park lodging on the internet and Zion Mountain Resort, Zion National Park came up. We assumed it was a lodge IN the park. We booked a cabin for four nights assuming we were staying in the Park. When we checked in at Zion Lodge in the park, we discovered we did not have a reservation. Apparently this has happened with some frequency as the very courteous clerk connected us with Zion Mountain Resort. We had a reservation outside the park which we did not desire. I explained to the clerk at Zion Mountain Resort that we had been deluded. When I called to make the reservation I asked to make a reservation for dinner in the restaurant on the second floor (which Zion Lodge has). She avoided the issue and took my reservation even though it was obvious I was making a reservation in the wrong place. They need to list the establishment as "near" the park and not in the park. Our cabin was pleasant even though not entirely ready for occupancy. New amenities were brought in each day (which should have been there in the beginning - like a lampshade for the lamp, a tissue box on the third day with no tissues, etc.) We decided not to complain as it is usually workers who have to face the public while owners remain above it all. This place should not be open for business until they have things in order. They need to hire a good architect and spend money to make it what the claim it to be. There was no chamber service except someone came around each morning to ask if we needed anything. Another time we will be certain we have made the reservation at Zion Lodge located in a beautiful spot in the center of the park with an excellent restaurant (we ate our meals there) and very courteous and knowledgeable staff.

A little piece of Heaven

by TripAdvisor Member MburgFamily

We stayed at Zion Mountain Resort in July, 2006 during a two week tour of the Grand Canyon Area. We were pleasantly surprised with this beautiful, peaceful ranch type of resort. Each cabin was spacious with modern appliances including large refrigerator and microwave. The two king size beds were comfortable and provided the best nights rest of our entire vacation. Soaps and shampoos are especially nice here. The resort includes a buffalo herd that grazes, a trail riding business, quaint restaurant that offers buffalo burgers and steaks....very good I might add. The beans and potatoes served beside the steaks were the best we have ever tasted...a bit upscale from the regular fair.

The best part of the resort is the fresh air, peaceful and quiet atmosphere and rustic surroundings with elegant accommodations. For those city folk who like to rough it...this is the place to stay!!

Very deceptive property! And its not IN Zion National Park

by TripAdvisor Member doulfin

I have to agree with the other poster. This place is not a resort. There is nothing but a small restaurant and a bunch of cabins crowded on a grassy hillside near the highway. No clue why trip advisor includes it as being in Zion National Park along with the Zion Lodge. The Zion Lodge is the only lodging INSIDE the park. The communities on the outskirts of Zion include Springdale to the south and Mount Carmel to the east. Springdale is a nice little city if you are looking for shopping and lots of restaurants. Mount Carmel is rustic and closer to Bryce Canyon and the Grand Canyon. Zion Mountain Resort is part of Mount Carmel and besides a nice little bed and breakfast it is the closest lodging on the east side of Zion. The cabins themselves are nice and the log furniture is nice too, but the place is deceptive and the staff tends to be rude and the cabins dirty. We have stayed twice since we do love the east side of Zion. As the last poster said, on their website they list canyoneering, climbing and a bunch of activities but all they do there is horse back rides. We did a horseback ride on our last trip and it was an enjoyable one, but the trail ride employees were not thrilled with the new owners and were leaving. The buffalo are interesting to stop and see, but they are seen from the highway. If you stay, know what you are getting. If you want a cabin with no other ammenities, then go for it. Its not a horrible place, but its not INSIDE the park as tripadvisor and the property leads us to believe. The cabins inside the lodge, Zion Lodge, are wonderful by the way.

The BEST vacation EVER!

by TripAdvisor Member jwelbern

My husband and I recently had the oppertunity to travel with out our kids. We chose Zion National Park because of the hiking, biking, outdoorsy things to do! I am an accomodations shopper! I spent countless hours researching places to stay and we decided on Zion Mountain Resort. Going pass the other places on our way into the park I was getting worried because we were passing all of the stores/eateries. We were told that the Resort was on the East side of the park and would take us about 30 min to get to. I wasn't sure I liked that idea. But, I have to say, after traveling through the tunnel in the park and seeing the sights on the East side we got excited! The beauty was amazing and the number of people dramatically less. We got to the Resort and were thrilled with the quietness and cleanliness of the resort. The staff were helpful beyond expectations. They let us into the resutrant even though it was 2 min until closing and waited on us like we were their first customers of the day!
Our cabin was the perfect size, the buffalo views were outstanding from our window and sitting on the proch swing watching them was an experience you can't find many other places! The jetted tub was a big relief to sore muscles after a long day hike!
We took time to visit the Village of Many Nations which is located on the resort down the road and had a wonderful time. Knowlegable people if you take the time to learn!
We did a horse back ride at the Resort and it was an experience we will cherish forever! It was relaxing, views breathtaking, and Kim the trail master was above and beyond! We highly recommend this outting!
We felt that Zion Mountain Resort was well placed as it was close to a little market, an hour to Kanab (or less), a little over an hour to Bryce Canyon, and 25 min or so from Coral Sand Dunes. And being on the East side of Zion was not a hinderance, it was the best hiking and scenes!
The last day we were there we met the owner of the Resort and he was a delight! He wanted to make sure we had a great time and if anyhting could have hmade it better. We gladly told him it was perfect and we will definately be returning, only this time with our 7 yr old son and he said he had a son as well and we could get them together to play! He was just so gracious!
All in all we would give this resort a 10 + and will definately be returning very soon!

Most relaxing weekend ever!

by TripAdvisor Member wendi007

I chose Zion Mountain Resort because it is only a little over an hour from home, but straight out into the wilderness. My boyfriend and I needed a break and some solitude and togetherness. It wasn't a boring drive either, we got to drive through a little town called Springdale and Zion National Park. The rangers were helpful when we asked about the trails. When I'm behind the wheel, I'm a speed racer, but I couldn't bring myself to go over 10 mph the whole way. There was so much beauty all around us, we stopped several times to take pictures, and even my impatient boyfriend was relaxed and enjoying himself. Once we got to the resort, we parked and were greeted by the front desk staff. They were friendly and courteous, and gave us a map to help us find our cabin. We found it easily, unpacked, and flounced on the huge king bed. The first thing that caught my eye was the leather-bound journal. It had messages from people who had stayed in the cabin since 2004. It was facinating to read, some made me laugh, and some were so romantic they brought tears to my eyes. So many people have honeymooned and gotten engaged in that cabin, maybe someday my boyfriend will do the same. There was also a binder that had all kinds of information about the resort, the buffalo, the Native American Village, and the area parks. You can visit so many places within a day of the resort. Anyway, we got our butts up and went over to the Native American Village to check out the tee-pees. We were given a tour by a very nice man who answered all my questions and let me take lots of pictures. My favorite part was the medicine wheel, it was absolutely facinating! I had to rub my hands on a fresh sage plant to enter the circle and that wonderful smell lingered. The stories and culture they have there is amazing. Then we went for some shopping in Springdale and made it back in time for a wonderful dinner at the restaurant at the resort, called the Buffalo Grill. The chicken quesadillas were amazing! Hands down, the best quesadilla I have ever had. The buffalo burgers were great and we even splurged and had tiramitsu for dessert. It was so delicious. Then it was back to the room for some relaxation time. The room had every amenity we needed, from a fridge to keep our Martinelli's sparkling cider cold, a jacuzzi tub in the room, and a TV bigger than the one I have at home with a DVD player built into it. One of my favorite things was the bar soap at the bathroom sink, it was made by a real chef, green tea scent with real herbs in it. I felt like I was totally removed from my daily life and transported into a perfect place where I had everything I needed and didn't want for anything more. We gave each other pedicures and took a nice hot bath in the jacuzzi tub. I dumped in lots of oils and fizzy bath powder that turned the water lavendar, but my boyfriend didn't seem to mind. He's a pretty secure man. We laid in the tub, drinking Martinelli's, watching Venture Brothers (a cartoon we both love), and talked about our future together. When we were done, we sat on the private porch swing and watched the stars. It couldn't have been more perfect. Even though there were other cabins close, we didn't hear any noise except the buffalo, the birds, and some crickets. We slept well, got up and cleaned the room the next morning and went to check out. The buffalo were just coming up to the fence and I got to see one really close. They were magnificent, with huge thick horns, but pretty stinky. We checked out and headed to Zion where we made our first little hike up to the Weeping Rock. Standing in the drizzle with my favorite person in the world, surrounded by nature, still smelling like the lavendar oil bath water from last night was amazing. Then we hopped on the bus and went to the river, sunned ourselves on some rocks, met a squirrel and two lizards, and decided to go home. I have to admit, I cried a little on the car ride home. Neither of us wanted to go back to the real world. I will definitely be going back to the resort many times, and hopefully, one of my entries in the journal will be of my boyfriend asking me to marry him.

The Perfect Place - Close to Zion National Park

by TripAdvisor Member if3cole

We have stayed here several times, most recently March 2006. It's outstanding for family and couples. We love it as a base to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park (3 miles), Bryce Canyon, Lake Powell, Cedar Breaks and last but not least the largest pet sanctuary "Best Friends" in nearby Kanab (10 miles). The cabins are clean, beds comfy and include refrigerators and microwaves. We have always purchased the package with meals - breakfast and dinner - and horseback riding. The food at the Buffalo Grill is plentiful and fresh. This is so reasonable it is hard to believe. Usually just my husband & I travel but this spring we took our exchange student and her brother with us and they enjoyed it immensely. The view from all the cabins is breathtaking. All cabins have their own porch & swing, perfect for enjoying your favorite beverage and just relaxing. They have recently added "suites" which have claw foot jacuzzi tubs, separate shower and woodburning stove. In the evening we were lucky enough to see a large herd of deer, about 50. There is also a buffalo herd in residence which is quite interesting to observe. Not your usual hotel experience and all the personnel are friendly and helpful.

bait and switch

by TripAdvisor Member mounttraveler

We reserved a buffalo view cabin by phone two weeks before our trip. When we arrived, we were given a cabin across the road, about 75 feet from a busy highway. The room was clean but sparse. We were expecting a quiet place with a nice view. We had a great view of the highway, and the road noise was unacceptable. We asked for another cabin, explaining that we had reserved a buffalo view cabin. We were cross-examined and called liars. They eventually conceded that the person who made our reservation no longer worked there, and they had lots of problems with people quitting. To get the cabin we had reserved, it would cost more. When we said we were leaving, they offered a view cabin for the same price. We went to look at it, and it was another small but clean viewless cabin on a mud road with loud construction going on 20 feet away. We went to the office and told them that this was not what we had been led to expect by their website, and we were not going to stay. They said they were going to charge us for the night anyway. It was 3:00 p.m., the place was nearly empty, and it was a weird scene. We told them we would not pay for an unused, unacceptable cabin that was not what we were promised. They became quite hostile and said that they would at least charge us for a deposit and there is nothing we can do about it.
I would advise everyone to avoid this place. It has the feeling of a fundamentalist compound in the middle of nowhere with no activities, an overpriced restaurant for captive guests, no alcohol, and a very poor attitude. It was creepy.

convenient, friendly, clean and reasonable

by A TripAdvisor Member

We stayed here over Spring Break and had a lovely time. Convenient to the park but set in isolated, beautiful countryside complete with buffalo and deer. Friendly staff and terrific breakfasts(ours were included in a 3 day combo package). Our room was spacious, comfortable and clean. Definitely where we'll stay if we return to the area.

Disappointed with Zion Mt. Resort

by TripAdvisor Member travela

We chose this accomodation because of the mostly positive reviews we read on Trip Advisor. The fact that the word "Resort" is part of the hotel name, is very misleading. This was a bunch of cottages, nicely appointed, with a small restaurant and gift shop. We expected more amenities (gym, pool, lounge,etc,), because of the word "resort" in the title. We took the package including meals, and found it limiting, because the menu was small. Furthermore, it's very isolated, with the nearest small town 1/2 hour away. There was nothing to do, at night without driving through the Park to the other end, where there was a town, and that seemed challenging in the dark. This seemed to be the highest rated, in the area, according to Trip Advisor reviews........but that's hard to believe!!


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