The Waterstreet Hotel

635 Water Street, Foot of Quincy Street Dock, Port

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  • Extremely disappointed


    I had called at the end of Feb. to reserve 4 rooms, one for my spouse and I, and the others for three other couples. The reservation date was Mar. 26, 2011. The purpose of our visit was a surprise 50th birthday get together for my husband. I spoke with Mary, reserving each room under the individual couples that would be staying.
    About 2 weeks later, I called and upgraded our room to suite 16 so we would all have someplace to relax after dinner and drinks, I was not asked anything about the other reservations, nor did I mention them. Luckily I called today (Mar. 23, 2011) to ask Mary to allow the other guests into our room to decorate before we arrived... Apparently when I upgraded our room, she had cancelled ALL the other reservations, AND apparently she didn't have my phone number so she couldn't confirm that I wanted to cancel everything (though she miraculously called me this afternoon and my number is also listed in the phone book) AND, funny enough, all the rooms had been taken by people who were staying 2 nights instead of just ONE....
    Yes, she was begrudgingly apologetic, but that was negated by the fact that she suggested I call some of the other area hotels to try and reserve another 4 rooms....This was not my mistake, which I told her, and I should not have had to call anyone!!.....When one of the other guests called her to express her displeasure, Mary actually tried to tell her that I had cancelled all the rooms!! I think the most upsetting thing was that if I hadn't called out of the blue, the other guests would've showed up there expecting to have a place to stay for the evening, only to find they were out of luck...and who knows if there would've been other lodging available in the area by that time!!
    Needless to say, 2 hours later she seemed to find my phone number because she called me to tell me that the Harborview Inn had rooms then I had already reserved rooms at a different hotel...and got confirmation numbers. My suggestion would be to get a confirmation number if you deal with Mary, and call a few days ahead to make sure you still have a reservation. I will never stay at this place, and I will definitely share this experience with all my friends and family.

    Directions: At the very end of Main Street....

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    Economical Stay in a Historic Downtown Structure


    Located pretty much in the core of downtown Port Townsend's old commercial district, and located in one of the old historic buildings, it is safe to say that the Waterstreet is very much a Port Townsend experience. You can find slightly cheaper accomodations outside of the core of downtown, but after some research I found that there really wasn't any point in staying at the cheaper chain hotel, since the Waterstreet really was only very slightly more, and far more conveniently located.

    Also, I found that once I made a multiple night reservation, the room rate per night was dropped slightly, and there are also AAA and other discounts which might be applied.

    I suggest comparing the prices listed on the web sites and see, for I'm fairly certain you will be pleased at what is offered here for the price.

    I would also point out that this hotel has won a few awards including a Frommer's for Budget Lodgings in Port Townsend.

    There are some warnings, however: the historic property has no elevator, and there is no ground floor here - you have to do stairs if you want to stay here. The "lobby" of the hotel is also the Pacific Traditions gallery. Thus, when the gallery closes, so does the hotel front desk.

    The lounge on the 2nd floor features a small kitchen-like space with self-service coffee and vending machines for snacks and drinks, and a snack bar. This lounge / lobby space is also filled with a number of brochures from various attractions and events across the region.

    The owners and workers that help operate the hotel have put together quite an assortment of historic photographs from Port Townsend, as well as a very good collection of visitor's guides in the lounge on the 2nd floor and scattered throughout the building. About the only criticism I have of the hotel is that the guide book binders in the rooms are a little on the outdated side, with some pages dating back a few years and are a bit outdated. However, the introduction to Port Townsend and many other various information in the binder in my room was just as relevant today as it was when it was first written.

    There is a wireless network available here, though I wasn't able to receive it in my room during one night of a three night stay (the other two nights it was fine) - this is no surprise considering the thick brick walls in some places in this building. The reception is fine in the 2nd floor lounge and in fact much of this tip is being written there. Also, I noticed the speed to be reasonably fast compared to some of the hotels I have stayed in. Most likely this has to do with not having a huge number of hotel guests all using one pipeline to the outside world.

    It is possible to hear people in the hallways through the doors, but the walls in this Port Townsend Victorian relic are THICK and I was unable to hear any noise at all coming through the walls from any other rooms. As a general rule, the hotel guests seem to be pretty quiet, and there are not a huge number of rooms in this place.

    There are also one or two rooms labelled "appartment" on the hotel map, and these appear to be out for long term lease.

    The nearest bus stop is at Water and Adams, and parking is on the street anywhere you can find it - which has the potential to be a challenge during big tourist weekends or special events.

    The view rooms don't just feature views, but also have balconies that overlook the water. It may not look like much from photo #5, but the balconies are in keeping with buildings of the era for Port Townsend, and unfortunately in that era generally the waterfront side of buildings were not particularly much to look at compared to the "front" of the building.

    The hotel is also directly across the street from the Salal Cafe, which is open from 7 to 2, and seems to be reasonably well known for its breakfasts (I didn't eat there, so I can't say). The hotel is also directly next door to the Elevated Ice Cream and its adjoining candy store, and across the street from the award winning Mexican food at El Serape, so you haven't far to walk at all for any type of food, and there's more if you walk further down the street in either direction.

    My complete stay including taxes but not the tip for the housekeeping was $193 and change, or about $65 a night. This compares quite favorably with what you will find elsehwere - and remember that few hotels (including this one) include taxes in the room price.

    Unique Quality: This is certainly a location based feature: you are in a historic structure that is part of what Port Townsend is all about. As with many of the Port Townsend hotels, they are operated by individuals rather than part of a larger chain. This means that the hotels really struggle in the off-season, and I have noticed that quite a few of them seem to go up for sale every October.

    In any event, these hotels are pretty much all small businesses run by a few dedicated individuals. The prices are kept low as guests are expected to be somewhat self-sufficient.

    i stayed in room 20, on the top floor facing Water Street. This suited me just fine, but the more expensive rooms face the water with little impediment to the view, so for most people I would suggest one of the rooms marked "view" on the web site. I would say that people that go to sleep early on certain nights may have a problem on the 3rd floor facing water street, as there are lights from the sports arena that occasionally stay on. The night I was there they stayed on until 8 at night - Not a problem for me but it might be for some people.

    The lobby of the hotel is also the Pacific Traditions Art Gallery and therefore the hours of the gallery correspond with the front desk hours. As hotel lobby / art gallery closes at 6, I called ahead of time to let them know I was arriving late due to the bus schedule - there are only so many transit options between Seattle and Port Townsend, and mine would get me there at 6:15 (though I wound up walking through the door at 6:25 because I wandered into the wrong art gallery).

    Directions: Look for the Pacific Traditions Native American art gallery. Notice that there is a "Vacancy / No Vacancy" sign next to the gallery. The stairs to the rooms are a 6 foot wide entry just past the gallery.


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