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You will get wet!

by Jutsuka

We brought a medium sized cooler and claimed some space under one of the seats. This held our lunch, sodas, and a couple of cold one's. Everyone on the boat brought there favorite form of cracker, seemed to be the snack of the day. The boat supplied coffee. Bring sneakers you don't mind getting wet/filthy or better yet some rubber boots. Best thing to do is wear layers, try a bathing suit under some rain gear. Bring a change of clothes to leave in the car. Fish are being brought in on the deck constantly and in order for the crew to keep things clean, they sometimes leave a hose running water across the deck. You might want to bring a plastic bag for the wet, fish bait riddled gear. DRAMAMINE. I have seen plenty of hero's puking on light seas, don't take the risk, it is NOT worth it.

Sunblock if it's the middle of the summer. Sunlight reflecting off of the Ocean tends to burn places on your face that seem to never get sun. You are not going to have time break out the photo bag, bring something simple to use and easy to carry for those last second photo ops. Everyone will have there line in the water. Also, when someone yells "fish on!" the crewmemembers run t your aid with a net and help you run around the boat, under and over the other lines in order to follow the fight. The key here is quantity, you can omit the bad photo's later I would recommend a baseball cap and/or at least a pair of cheap sunglasses.

Safe Harbor

by Toughluck

Washington State has an indented coastline. Numerous bays protrude into the state from the ocean. The bays provide safe harborage from the storms out on the ocean and are lined with wetlands, which are the homes of numerous waterfowl.

Numerous small ports line the coasts, set in from the ocean on the rivers that feed these bays. Most are now recreational marinas. Some like Westport still have commerical fishing fleets. Others like Aberdeen are major exporters of wood products and bulk lumber.

Sand and wind

by barney1974

"Washington Coast"

Westport is a place that we have been to many times. There are several beaches as well as a little downtown that make a weekend go by very quickly. It is pretty small with not too many tourists (most go to Ocean Shores, in which there is a ferry between the two towns in the summer). The beach is always fun as there is plenty of kite flying, finding sand dollars, or just walking the beach. It is also Washington's surfing mecca, which isn't saying much, but there are a lot of people that do go out in the freezing cold water!

Fish on!

by Jutsuka

"Aboard the Hula Girl"

About a year ago, My brothers sent me a picture of a 46 lb. King Salmon caught off the shores of Wesport, WA. This has been an annual trip of theirs for 4 years and they have been trying to get me to join them ever since. The pictures I am uploading cannot explain what a flawless, great time I(we) had.

This was the last trip of the season for Salmon fishing.

"It's A King!"

As one of the old salts on the boat told me after the trip, "Fishing is 90% preparation, 100% luck." Everyone on the charter boat that day would agree without hesitation. As luck would have it, I would pull in the largest fish on the boat, 32 lbs, 8 ozs dressed. I was told by the crew that it was a contender for the weekly pool worth $1,000.00, providing we brought the fish in before the 5pm curfew, and, none of the other charter boats that went out that day brought in anything larger.

"End of the Season Run"

This was the last trip of the season for Salmon fishing out of Westport.

Fishing Experience of a Lifetime

by Jutsuka

"5:30am Check In and Boarding"

You will have to purhcase a fishing license and check-in at the Wesport Charters office before boarding the Hula Girl. Best to arrive 20 - 30 minutes before the 6am departure.

"Log Book"

First thing you need to do after you find a place for you personal items is to register your names in the log book. The log book provides you with a number (mine was 23) that helps the crew keep track of your catches and the boat limit. When you bring your catch into the boat, you will need to inform the deckhand of your log # for tagging.

"Family Owned and Operated"

Occasionally you will be asked to pull up your lines in order to move. Steve Westrick and his family had the innate ability to find us some hot spots. I cannot tell you how much fun it was when half of the boat had a fish on, all three members of the Westrick family managed to organize the chaos.

"The Bro's Tally Count"

On the trip back, we were able to enjoy a victory drink.

"3 Generations & another Pool winner!"

What a way to end the trip! I have my brothers to thank for getting me out on this trip with them --> Awesome, awesome experience. I have the Westrikck family, The Hula Girl, and Wesport Charters to thank for making my first Salmon fishing trip an EXCELLENT experience! There was nothing better than hearing my name announced over the gazebo's loudspeaker. When the officials from the weigh in Gazebo announced my name over the loudspeaker, it was met with cheers from aboard the boat, roughly 60 yards away. Being from New York, there was only one way to respond, I climbed to the second rung of the dockside rails, hoisted the fish above my head and shouted; "HULA GIRRRRLLLL!!!" Winning made it possible to thank the deckhand with a generous NY tip, a great way for everyone to end the last trip of the season, and the only way to thank everyone for there hard work.


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