Rain Tree Resort and Conference Center

1435 Wisconsin Dells Pkwy, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin, 53965-9708, United States

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  • GUEST BE WARNED! Bogus charge on my credit card


    I have been a patron of the Raintree for nearly 12 years now. We enjoyed Raintree because of it's close location to Ginza and intimate waterpark. What happened to us on our last stay has left me extremely upset and frustrated to no end. Truly an experinece I have never had in all of my years visiting hotels in the Dells area and I felt I should warn you.
    We checked in for a three night stay for my daughters Birthday. My mother also had a room and we made it a family event. The first thing I noticed in the room that I checked into was a new remodel. Although it looked pretty when you first walked in I quickly observed the nature of the new items in the room and felt very suprised a hotel would furnish rooms with such flimsy materials. The old closet area had been replaced with a flimsy wire rack that was about 4 feet high that I was too afraid to even use. It bowed from just the weight of the hotels iron and bedding that was placed on the top of it. The new stainless steel full size fridge was a great bonus but the new cabinents around the fridge were very cheap( thin material) and the painters had got paint all over them. I remember thinking that they would not hold up well in a busy hotel. The worst part were the new beds. The headboards were very flimsy and were not secured to the wall like most hotel beds. Every time I moved in bed they just rattled and banged on the wall behind me. I felt nervous a guest behind me may be disturbed by it. The beds also slid all over the new wood floors and I had to push them back after just sitting on them. The lamps felt very lightweight and I was afraid to touch anything for fear of breaking it!. I wanted the old soild rooms back to be honest!

    We almost commented about the products in the room to the staff before leaving but did not.

    On a positive note....the new couches were nice and the table and chairs seemed solid.

    Now the ultimate irony happened to me a week later when I checked my bank account. After noticing a $100 charge on my card from Raintree I called to inquire. I was then informed that I had been chaged for a damaged clothing rack! I was simply SHOCKED by this and left my room clean and in the very same condition I found it in upon checking out. The rack was in the same condition I found it in upon arrival.....bending and bowing from the hotels items placed upon it but not "destroyed".

    Even if my family had damaged a rack there is no way the racks cost more than $15 and I felt the $100 charge was obsured. The racks were very awful/flimsy and not for hotel type usage. I fear for later guests as these cheap items begin to get damaged and people start to get sneaky charges.

    I was told the rack "was in peices" and had been "destroyed"

    I have been dealing with this for two days now in an attempt to get the charges reversed. Each person I reach tells me they cannot help me and I have to wait until the next day when an alternate person comes in (who always seems to be off work on the day I call). The hotel manager herself told me this today and was not helpful to me at all. If the hotel manager cannot deal with you to resolve a problem then who can? She was the one who authorized the charge to my bank but admitted she never even saw the rack. I asked her if I could see the rack and she said they had put it in the trash compactor.

    The call left me feeling frustrated and violated by Raintree and I have little hope this matter will end in my favor. I will have to fight the charges with my bank or persue another exhausting avenue which I find sad and uncalled for.

    The only thing I can assume is that the rack may have collapsed after I cheked out from the iron sat upon it before housekeeping arrived? I have no idea and cannot see the rack obvisouly as it has been destroyed by the hotel. All I can tell with with every ounce of integrity that my family has is that the rack was not "destroyed" when we checked out of our room. I went through the room with a fone toothed comb making sure I had everything (as I always do) and the room was tidy and no damage had been done by my family.

    I have been left feeling saddened by this and Raintree has lost all of my family and friends as loyal customers.
    My hope is that the Hotel comes to it's senses and gives me my $100 back.

    My advice if you are staying:

    Do not use the new flimsy racks in the remodeled rooms.
    Have a manager on staff do a walk through with you before leaving and make them initial it.
    Keep a close eye on your credit card for later charges by Raintree.
    request an old room (as odd as that sounds).

    Unique Quality: Nice enough (small) waterpark for very young kids. Lots of lifeguards on duty. Teens may get bored here as there is not much swimming space designed for anyone over 6. Rooms are inexpensive but customer service can be poor. Half the time the small snack bar is closed and you have to go out for food or have it delivered.

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they cancelled us just days before our stay

by A TripAdvisor Member

Made reservations for 16 people more than a month in advance only to have the Raintree Resort call and leave me a message just 4 days before our stay that they are closed due to new ownership. Our credit card was to be credited for the four rooms reserved. We have not received any credit on our card. I would not recommend a stay at this hotel.

DIRTY, Yucky room

by A TripAdvisor Member

"Starting at $79.75?" That must be in the winter on a weeknight. Their "regular" room was $135 for Saturday night alone. And it was so dirty I wanted to change rooms. I had to turn both clocks forward to reflect daylight savings time. There were food particles on the chairs, sofa, floor. The toilet had water stains as if it had not been flushed in months. The bedspread had a brown "stain" on the inside of of it. No regular coffee - I had to go get it. The styrofoam cup had a bite mark in it. NOISY NOISY NOISY. Slamming of doors constantly. Young adults running the place and appeared short-staffed. Not even an inquiry as to how the room was when I checked out. The pools closed at 9 PM so we didn't get to use them. We had a view of the parking lot. Spend your hard-earned cash some place else.

Loved the Raintree

by A TripAdvisor Member

We just returned from a weekend stay at the Raintree (July 22-July 24, 2005) We chose this hotel because of other reviews saying it was great for young children. We have a 3 year old and she absolutely loved the indoor water park! It was too cold to go outside, and it stormed on Saturday, but our 3 year old didn't mind at all. The pool actually closes at 10pm, not 9pm like I read in another review. The room was nice and clean. The only complaints...the lock on the bathroom door was broken and the towels could use some fabric softener! With young children the Raintree is definately an excellent choice! It's also conveniently located across from Noah's!

Great Family Resort

by A TripAdvisor Member

Just returned from a 5 day visit to the Raintree. Absolutely enjoyed the entire experience from check in, which took all of 3 minutes, to returning after check out to pick up the fudge we'd left in our room. The staff was gracious and very helpful. The 2 room family suite we'd reserved was huge and was absolutely spotless when we arrived. The waterparks were the perfect size for my kids, ages 9 and 10, and my husband & I had a blast watching them enjoy all of it. We even went down the water slides a few times. The lifeguards were on the ball and kept a constant eye on everyone in the pools. The cafe was perfect to grab a quick bite and my husband loved that the barmaid came down to the outside pool at night & let him order drinks from there & charge them to our room. We will definitely be staying here again!

Scam - You want to read this!

by A TripAdvisor Member

We made a reservations for 2 nights a few months in advance to stay at this hotel for New Years eve 2005. We paid in advanced by phone and got a confirmation letter from them on Nov. 16. On New Years eve we get there at night with our 2 children and a car packed-full to find out that the hotel was closed! There was a sign in the door saying: "due to the recent sale, the facility is now closed" (see picture i have attached). Our jaw dropped to the floor like you wouldn't believe. No one from RainTree bothered to contact us or even credit our credit card for what we paid. We were very upset!! Luckily we went to the Copa Cabana resort a few doors down and we were lucky enough that they had 2 rooms left. The next day we drove by RainTree to take pictures (for proof purposes) and found 2 cars in the lot. I knocked on the door and a man (saying he was the new owner) said he had nothing to do w/ it and was telling me I need to deal w/ a company called Professional Hospitality. No apologies from him, not one.

Lesson learned. I will never, ever go to RainTree again. One time is enough. I dont care if they are on new leadership or not. They almost ruined my vacation! I wouldnt recommend this place to anyone.

Rain Tree Resort-Decent hotel

by TripAdvisor Member TimKoop

I just returned from the Dells and my stay at the Rain Tree. I have been to the Dells several times before and have been terribly disappointed by the accomodations when I didn't want to spend a ton of money. I had myself prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised by the Rain Tree. On arrival the check in was speedy, we got to the room and there was an error with our reserved room versus what we actually got. They fixed the problem immediately and gave us a second room for free. The rooms were clean, and maid service came before noon each day. We were on the second floor(ground floor) directly across from the entrance. It was surprisingly quiet. I didn't hear people coming or going, and I barely heard the people above us, just some light foot noise. The indoor/outdoor waterpark was nice, geared mainly toward 10 and under which was fine, we used Noah's Ark park which was a short walk thru the parking lot and across the street. I will definently consider returning to Rain Tree on my next summer mini vacation. For the money and location it is a great deal.

This place is great for young familes

by TripAdvisor Member awick

We just stayed there this past weekend and it was such a delight. The staff was friendly. The rooms were immaculate and the kids had a blast at the waterpark and arcade. We chose this hotel over the other big ones in town because with small children, it's hard to keep track of them at the waterpark. We felt like this was big enough for our children to have fun, but small enough where they wouldn't get overrun by all the big kids. It was jut perfect! And the price was right. Couldn't beat it anywhere in the Dells!

A little worn but alright

by A TripAdvisor Member

My wife and I stayed at the Raintree for a last minute getaway. It was alright but we probably wouldn't stay there again.

The property itself is pretty small. Some parts of it seem in better shape than others, e.g. the carpeting is very worn in some areas but the paint was bright and cheeful thoughout. Also, the water park is definitely for the under 10 set. It also showed some wear and tear as some minor elements were either not operational or turned on. The property was ok, not outstanding but not bad. It was clean and very functional.

Our room was one queen room with fold out couch. It was pretty basic. There was a small fridge with a bar sink. There was a small microwave, a desk and a coffee table. The bathroom was pretty standard. We had a handicapped room so it only featured a shower. Our room had very worn carpeting but was otherwise in decent shape. There was a coffee maker stocked with cheap coffee. Otherwise you can get some off the lobby.

The location was pretty good. It is next to Noah's Ark, which wasn't open when we were there, would be great otherwise. It is also sort of in the middle of the Dells so you aren't far from anything. It is slightly set off from the street so you have a little distance from the main drag. We didn't hear anything from our room and we were there accidently the same weekend as Automotion.

Service was very friendly. Housekeeping too awhile to get to our room but we didn't really care. Check-in and check-out was fast and efficient.

I would recommend this place for anyone needing an inexpensive, clean room with access to a small younger set water park. The best fit is probably for family with small children. It wasn't bad and was a good value but it was just ok for us.

5 Calls to Housekeeping!!

by TripAdvisor Member Tisambas

As a disclaimer to the hotel- they just reopened in May and had a discounted rate. They were very disorganized despite being open for a few weeks, no soda or pizza in the snack bar, out door pool area opened a day late, gave us a key for the first room that did not work...etc. Do not accept a room on floor one- smells like a damp basement. We had to wait for 20 mins for a room on the 4th floor, but it was nice except for mold growing along the bathroom ceiling and broken bathroom floor tiles. The biggest complaint was not being able to get the room cleaned. We called 3 times on the phone to housekeeping, and went to the front desk to request in person twice to have our room cleaned. They were told it was okay to clean while my 17 year old was inthe room studying- she was willing to move to the couch. All they did was wipe down a counter, no beds made, no clean towels, no vacuuming, etc. They did not even touch the bedroom that she was not in. I went to the front desk twice, each time that I was taking her out of the room to eat and asked them to clean it then- nothing was done. One of the times when I called on the phone the front desk woman told me "Find the maid yourself. We do not have any communication with them. If you can't find one, we can't. Look up and down the hall for one." It was 4:30 PM- no sign of maids. At 6:30 I called again and asked that I be given a free night. They called me back and said that owner said "no."I asked that he come to my room to visit. He did and told me that the maids could not clean with my 17 year old in the room. He said that they could not coordinate their cleaning with me taking her out of the room twice. He refused a discount, but gave us a free small pizza, 3 sodas, and a chicken entree. He felt that his discount on the room for May was good enough. I thought the discount was for putting up with things like the snack bar and pools not being ready. I would expect that having your room cleaned is a given in such an expensive hotel. The room was nice except for the moldy bathroom and broken tiles. But you can find far better customer service and ownership elsewhere at the Dells!


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