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Paulista Railway Museum

by glabah

The railway museum is in the old railway shops in this city. The old shops are divided into three sections now: the old maintenance shop, where out of use equipment is stored, the museum section of the complex, in the middle, and a school of some sort is operating in the furthest south section.

The Good News: The non-equipment part of the museum is quite good, where maps, models and many other parts and pieces of the old Paulista Railway help explain how this company operated.

The Bad News: The actual railroad equipment that the museum has isn't owned by them. Instead, it is owned by the Federal Railway System which has owned the various historic locomotives and cars since the Paulista Railway was privitized.

The Worse News: The Federal Railway system still, exists, but doesn't operate anything due to the privitization. Therefore, its assets are being liquidated (see the Federal Railway System web site). Therefore, the equipment that for many years sat in storage in the remaining shop complex has been sold for scrap.

The future of the equipment in the collection of the Paulista Railway Museum remains uncertain as of this writing. If you are someone who has an interest in the history of this railway, it would be good to visit soon, as there may come a time when it is too late.

Equipment that is supposed to be part of the museum collection is stored outside. This is a center-cab General Electric locomotive. In the back it is possible to see the "New Haven" type of electric locomotives also stored here.

When I visited on Sept. 2, 2003, the remains of these two locomotives were still sitting in the museum collection area. However, scrapping of the last several in the shop next door was being completed. Neither of these locomotive shells have much remaining on them in terms of wheels or other equipment. They appear to be just shells.

Another part of the material sitting outside is the remains of a Baldwin AS-616 diesel locomotive.

The transfer table for moving the locomotives around in the shops is still there, but judging by the plants growing inside the transfer table pit, it has been some years since it has moved.

Note the old GE boxcab electric, possibly from the 1930s or 1940s, also sitting in this part of the building.

A small fleet of GE center cab electrics also remains inside.

A steam locomotive and a wooden passenger car, from the early days of the Paulista Railway, are also among the items sitting in limbo inside the museum collection.

An American Locomotive Company PA series diesel, or the remains of it anyway, are also inside.

More information about the Santos a Jundiaí railroad (which originally built the line) as well as information about the Paulista Railway that later operated these lines, can be found on the Brazilian Photo Album web site.


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Mercure Apartments Jundiai

Avenida Nove de Julho 1869, Jundiai, State of Sao Paulo, 13208010, Brazil

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