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Volcan Villarica from Villarica townVolcan Villarica from Villarica town


Met the Vina del Mar family again!Met the Vina del Mar family again!

The wonderful families I met at the thermal poolThe wonderful families I met at the thermal pool

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by swesn

At the thermal pool of San Luis Termas, I soon got to chatting with two Chilean families, one from Vina del Mar and the other from Valdivia, who were very curious about me, delighted that I spoke some Spanish and made many inquiries... and no, I do not know kung fu.

The pool was rather small. At one point, I noticed, half the people at the swimming pool were chuckling and nodding away at the same time as these two families and realised nearly everyone was listening in. Sheesh...

The next day ,I headed to another town south of Villarrica, Lican Ray. This town, although lacking a volcano view in front, had a great black sand beach, in front of Lago Calafquen.

I had just sat down for two minutes before spotting the Vina del Mar family amongst the hundreds of Chilean bathers at the beach. What a coincidence!

I spent the rest of the afternoon with them. They were granny Adriana, daddy Enrique, wife Fabiola, daughter Kathya, son Sebastian and sister of Enrique, Jessica. They were fantastic. Tremendously friendly and kind.

They struggled with my name 'Trisha' for in Spanish, except for 'h' behind 'c' which forms a separate alphabet 'ch', 'h' is always silent. They twisted and tripped their tongues over it. But they had no problems with my Chinese name, Wei Xin, and they pronounced it merrily with the right intonation and everything too.

They kept telling me they would put me up at their house when I go to Vina del Mar. OK, as I was going to Santiago tonight to settle some business, I would indeed make the detour to Vina del Mar for a visit. Gosh, Chileans are wonderful. Everyone had been great to me.


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