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near chavin on 3800 metersnear chavin on 3800 meters

at huaraz centerat huaraz center

rock climbing wall @ the italian restaurant Huarazrock climbing wall @ the italian restaurant Huaraz


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also-- best cooks for the trail?

by bockee

And this may sound ridiculous, but are some cooks better than others? We would like to have excellent food on the trail!


RE: also-- best cooks for the trail?

by IMG

Hi there, this is Ivan, from Lima.
I have done some treks in Cuzco and Huaraz...and, despite you are almost dead after walking all day long in those conditions (almost without oxigen!!), I think that the best meal is the one that you prepare yourself...and Im an awful "chef". Maybe is the satisfaction, and the fact that is so cool to cook your own meal at very high altitude, inside a tent. I love that. So I would recommend you that if you are gonna make a short trek (just 2 or 3 days), make your own food. Otherwise, if you are choosing longer treks, you really need a cook. And dont look for the best cook. They are all good....besides the fact that you are gonna be so tired and hungry, that you will even find the rocks tasty!
Just my point of view!
Im in if you pass through here and wanna talk about treks or need any advice, just tell me..;
good luck!

RE: RE: also-- best cooks for the trail?

by david_bxl

That's true, even rocks will be tasty. Don't forget to carry a couple of oranges in your backpack, give them to your porter on the third day ... they will appreciate that small detail more than any tip.

Travel Tips for Huaraz


by richiecdisc

It was spectacular and though not perfect weather, Denis explained that it can be incredibly windy up there on clear days so this was perhaps more peaceful for a lunch break. We sat and relaxed, enjoying the breathtaking scenery and tried not to think of the descent that had been on both of our minds the whole painstaking way up. But sooner or later, you always have to go down and it was time after we finished our lunch. Much of it was done on our asses or backwards as neither one of us wanted to look where we were going! Denis was great in helping us down and Doreen, though perplexed a few times, passed her baptism of fire as well as I could ever imagine it. We were glad to be on level ground again but this time there was no cab waiting for us. Denis would take us through a couple villages over the next few hours to catch a collectivo back to Huaraz. This would not only save us the cab fare but give us a chance to revel in our accomplishments too. And besides, we were now ready for it now and the Santa Cruz trek too.

Local Cemetery

by richiecdisc

This is a classic South American cemetery with rows of squeaky clean white tombs and for the less afluent, a block house of graves in a long enclosure. There are great views of the mountains as well.

Parque Nacional Huascarán

by darthmilmo

On the way to the base camp of Pisco, I had a chance to take this lovely shot of Huascaran, Peru's highest mountain. The area around this peak is protected under the Parque Nacional Huascarán. In 2001, the price of admission for treking was $20 USD for a week. You can sneak in at times and avoid this by paying as a day pass holder. However, there is at least one check points on route in the Santa Cruz Trek.


by swesn

Chavín de Huantar is an archaeological site built around 800 BC. It is the only large complex of ruins remaining of the Chavin culture. The site is located at an elevation of 3150 meters, between the Andean mountain ranges of the Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca.

The city's location at the head waters of the Marañón River, between the coast and the jungle, is very centralised and hence, became an influential spot with strong interchangees of ideas and material goods.

At its peak, the Chavin culture influenced the other cultures in the northern region like the Cajamarca culture and the Ica and Nazca cultures in the southern region. There are many tunnels and culverts which form a labyrinth underground which channelled water from nearby rivers. However, due to earthquakes, water is no longer running in these tunnels.

I recalled that the Cajamarca culture in Cumbe Mayo and the Nazca culture both had excellent irrigation canals. I can imagine that they had shared the same influence from Chavin.

There are a series of tunnels made by massive rocks. There are obelisks and stone monuments with relief carvings depicting jaguars, caymans, and various other anthropomorphic forms. Inside a narrow criss-cross passageway, stands the famous sculpture of the Lanzón, which is assumed to be a supreme deity of Chavin de Huantar. There are also numerous carvings of heads of animals sticking out of walls.

Chavín de Huantar has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. But the best Chavín reliefs from this site are displayed in the Museo de la Nación in Lima.

Walks... Promenades...

by Maillekeul

"Huaraz (Perou)"

Huaraz surroundings are a wonderful opportunity for hard-walkers and climbers from all countries : as a matter of fact, you find there the Black Range (without snow) and the White Range (guess why it is the white one)...

Les environs de Huaraz constituent une aubaine pour les marcheurs et les alpinistes : en effet, on y trouve la Cordillere Noire (sans neige) et la Cordillere blanche (devinez pourquoi elle porte ce nom...)

Above Huaraz

Vue des hauteurs de Huaraz

"Next to the lake - Au bord d'une lagune"

... and not far from fainting ! Stef reporter surpassed herself to climb higher than 4500 meters to show the world that ninjas actually came from mountains...

... et de l'evanouissement ! Stef reporter s'est depassee pour monter plus haut que le Mont Blanc afin de montrer au monde entier qu'a plus de 4500 metres, on comprend mieux les ninjas...


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