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Sagrada Familia   Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

 469 Reviews  An awesome and fabulous architectural fusion of various architectural styles from Gothic, to Baroque with a mix of Andalusian, merged with a very abstract representation of a rain forest. A must visit... 

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Jin-Tone Hotel (Qinzhou Qinzhouwan Square)  China

 1 Review and 1 Opinions  Big room, overlooking a "well" at back of hotel, but quiet. Only hotel in China where we didn't get... 

 Hotels in China

Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers   Rome

Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers, Rome

 171 Reviews  On 7th August 2015 we ( a group of 4 adults and 4 kids) got onto the Metro at Barberini. It was probably around 6.30 pm or so. My husband was the last one to get in. As he got in we saw that 3 people... 

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Areas to Avoid   San Francisco

Areas to Avoid, San Francisco

 94 Reviews  When we returned to our car after spending 1/2 hr taking pictures in the park, our windows were smashed and our belongings stolen. This is a bad neighborhood and is run down. There were homeless... 

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Amba Hotel Charing Cross  London

 5 Reviews and 618 Opinions  We had been invited to a wedding in central London and decided to make a night of it and stay in a... 

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Eiffel Tower   Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

 601 Reviews  We unfortunately did not book tickets in advance to visit the Eiffel Tower. We also did not think it a good idea since we visited Paris end of April and the weather would be very unpredictable.... 

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Pick Pockets   Paris

Pick Pockets, Paris

 170 Reviews  Many of the stories bring back bad memories of our visit a couple of years ago to Paris Nord train station. My husband's suitcase stolen whilst all our family were reading at the central coffee shop.... 

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Four Seasons George V Paris  Paris

 4 Reviews and 1195 Opinions  The Four Seasons George V is truly one of the world's great hotels. I really, really love to stay... 

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Louvre   Paris

Louvre, Paris

 797 Reviews  Western art from the middle ages to 1848 and ancient civilisations such as Oriental, Greeks, Egyptians, Etruscan and Roman antiquities. Arts of Islam, Africa, Oceania and north and south America. This... 

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Grand Palace   Bangkok

Grand Palace, Bangkok

 312 Reviews  The Grand Palace was built from the ruins of Ayutthaya, Thailand's ancient capital. With few resources they stripped every stone and brick from Ayutthaya, leaving only the temples, and shipped each... 

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Maldron Hotel Tallaght  Ireland

 1 Review and 430 Opinions  Maldron Hotel has a number Hotels around Dublin, I think they 've got three in the City centre and... 

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Trevi Fountain - Fontana di Trevi   Rome

Trevi Fountain - Fontana di Trevi, Rome

 342 Reviews  Byl jsem tu a byla to paráda. Bylo tu hodn? vody, taky tu bylo hodn? lidí a bylu tu hodn? draha. Byl jsem tu a byla to paráda. Bylo tu hodn? vody, taky tu bylo hodn? lidí a bylu tu hodn? draha. Byl... 

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Victoria Peak   Hong Kong

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

 298 Reviews  I'm not absolutely certain but I would assume that Victoria Peak and the iconic Peak Tram ride are the number one tourist attraction in Hong Kong. I have visited the Peak a number of times, both day... 

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The Sherry-Netherland  New York City

 1 Review and 353 Opinions  If your pocketbook can afford it, the Sherry-Netherland is one of New York's poshest luxury hotels.... 

 Hotels in New York City

Notre Dame de Paris   Paris

Notre Dame de Paris, Paris

 654 Reviews  The cathedral has been built for the wish of the bishop Maurice de Sully starting from 1163. The works were less than a century long, but during the following decades some parts of the church were... 

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