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Eiffel Tower   Paris

Eiffel Tower, Paris

 820 Reviews  The Eiffel Tower is the most famous monument in the world, with over 7 million visitors a year it is the most visited monument that you have to pay for in the world. The tower stands 1,007feet high... 

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Jin-Tone Hotel (Qinzhou Qinzhouwan Square)  China

 1 Review and 1 Opinions  Big room, overlooking a "well" at back of hotel, but quiet. Only hotel in China where we didn't get... 

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Areas to Avoid   San Francisco

Areas to Avoid, San Francisco

 92 Reviews  i am born and raised here in SF. im 15 so i travel a lot on the bus around the whole city and ive seen everything from pickpockets to shootings. these reviews seem a little wack so let me give you a... 

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Montmartre - Sacré Coeur   Paris

Montmartre - Sacré Coeur, Paris

 594 Reviews  The Sacré Coeur was build in 1870 after the Prusian war in Montmarte, not far away from the Moulin Rouge. It looks like a white, giant chapel with a dome on top of a very high hill. From the top,... 

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The Montague On The Gardens  London

 5 Reviews and 2451 Opinions  The concierge was fabulous, the hotel very grand, and despite the rooms being small they were... 

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Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers   Rome

Pickpockets and Purse-Snatchers, Rome

 168 Reviews  I was standing in a McDonalds in Rome. Just minding my own business, waiting to buy a cola. Then this mid forties looking guy comes from the bathroom and tries to merge into the line. I stand my... 

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Pick Pockets   Paris

Pick Pockets, Paris

 168 Reviews  The crowds around Eiffel tower are a good opportunity to pickpockets. In one of our late visits, Fernanda noticed a couple of men following us, too close, and with a clear concentration in my... 

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Four Seasons George V Paris  Paris

 4 Reviews and 1162 Opinions  The Four Seasons George V is truly one of the world's great hotels. I really, really love to stay... 

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Universal Studios   Orlando

Universal Studios, Orlando

 126 Reviews  I love universal studios I have a year pass, but I wish they would do a couple things diffenet like the Harry potter , not have so many people in that park at one time. You can't enjoy it. I think... 

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Victoria Peak   Hong Kong

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong

 298 Reviews  I'm not absolutely certain but I would assume that Victoria Peak and the iconic Peak Tram ride are the number one tourist attraction in Hong Kong. I have visited the Peak a number of times, both day... 

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Maldron Hotel Tallaght  Ireland

 1 Review and 407 Opinions  Maldron Hotel has a number Hotels around Dublin, I think they 've got three in the City centre and... 

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Trevi Fountain - Fontana di Trevi   Rome

Trevi Fountain - Fontana di Trevi, Rome

 340 Reviews  This magnificent piece of art was designed by Italian Architect Nicola Salvi and completed by Pietro Bracci. The man standing in the middle is Neptun (God of the Sea) accompanied by 2 tritons It's... 

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Out of Saigon - Cu Chi Tunnels   Ho Chi Minh City

Out of Saigon - Cu Chi Tunnels, Ho Chi Minh City

 109 Reviews  It's definitely a must-go place if you visit HCMC. Although it's kind of far from the city, you still can get there by bus or motorcycle. It took me around 2-3 hours by bus, and fortunately some good... 

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Casablanca Hotel  New York City

 1 Review and 3486 Opinions  This is a Hotel /Bed and Breakfast. It is a oasis in the middle of Times Square. It is quiet inside... 

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Sagrada Familia   Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

 459 Reviews  The Segrada Familia is a stunning piece of architecture and a must-see for any visitor to Barcelona. Booking in advance is advisable, plan to go early before the crowds build. It's easy to book... 

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