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  • El Goléa
    El Goléa
    by JLBG
  • El Goléa, the ksar
    El Goléa, the ksar
    by JLBG
  • Moula-Moula!
    by JLBG

El Golea Things to Do

  • Visit Bel Bachir

    We visited Bel Bachir near El Golea. It was amazing to see this church in the middle of nowhere. This church is the place where Charles de Foucauld, responsible for the hermitage in the Hoggar mountains in the south, is buried.

  • Climb to the ksar

    El Golea is dominated by the old ksar El Menia, built in the 10th century by the Berbers. The ksar is in a bad state. It's nice to climb the ksar. From here you have beautifull views to the north and the south. Because of the high temperatures the best time to climb is early in the morning.I heard that meanwhile the ksar is renovated.

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    In Algeria we drunk a lot of tea, the whole day at any time and at any spot.
    In Bel Bechar we were invited in this tent to drink a glass of tea. The sun was allready burning, so we apreciate it very much to sit in the shade, drinking our tea together.

    At 13 May 2006 I got the following message at my external page www.ali.waarbenjij.nu from Dias:
    I've been in your virtualtourist page. The man in the tea photo is my friend Mohamed from El Golea. Bye! And he sent me a El Golea link as well, see below.

    tea stop

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El Golea Local Customs

  • Along the road!

    When you drive from the M’zab to El Goléa, from time to time, you will see children coming out of nowhere and begging for some water, or for any kind of gift. On this occasion, that was obviously a family with a girl (the oldest) and her three younger brothers. We gave them a few garments.

  • Girls at the youth centre

    In El Golea we encountered near El Golea a youth centre. The girls, dressed in colourfull dresses beckoned us to come. They were anxious to speak with us in French. They told and and showed us what they were doing.

  • Girls in the desert 2

    This girl was also dressed very beautifull. She liked to tell us about their local customs. She did speak some french, so we could have had a nice small conversation.We really enjoyed to meet these girls.And they were very excited to talk with us.


El Golea Off The Beaten Path

  • Le Père de Foucault

    Charles de Foucault (1858-1916), a debauched soldier that became a dedicated missionary and a hermit in the second part of his life, lived in Tamanrasset from 1905 until his deadly shooting in 1916. He was the first to study the Tuareg civilization and language. He wrote the first Tuareg dictionary. After his death, his body was buried in front of...

  • Moula-Moula!

    Moula Moula is the Tuareg name for a desert sparrow, Oenanthe deserti. This bird is the mascot of the Tuareg people and is supposed to bring luck. In French, it is either the “oiseau des caravanes” or the “traquet du désert”. In English, it is the Desert WheatearIt is very familiar and is always looking for some food such as bread-crumbs or else....

  • Don't Forget Insurance

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El Golea Favorites

  • El Goléa, inside the ksar

    The ksar is half ruined but nevertheless it has underground rooms. I have not read anything about it, but I would not be surprised if the part shown here had been used as a mosque. Some say the ksar was built by the Guaramantes, 2,000 years ago, others that it was built more recently by the Zenetes. The ksar is also named "Taourirt", which mean...

  • North to El Goléa, “buttes témoin”

    Along the road, north to El Goléa stand many “buttes témoin” that can be found in many other parts of the Sahara. In Northern America, they are called “mesa”. In the Sahara the nomads name them “gour”. They are parts of sedimentary layers that have been protected from the erosion because they were somehow harder that the neighboring rocks.

  • Sleeping camel ?

    This is an old eroded “gour”. While usually, the typical “gour” is flat on top, in that case, erosion had gone further and the summit has given a pile of eroded rocks that make the outline of a sleeping camel! At least, this is what I found but I suppose that each will view it in a different way!


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