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  • Sunset in In-Salah
    Sunset in In-Salah
    by JLBG
  • In-Salah
    by JLBG
  • In-Salah, the market
    In-Salah, the market
    by JLBG

I-n-Salah Transportation

  • Driving from The Plateau du Tademaït

    When you drive from El Goléa to In-Salah, you will for about 300 km on the completely flat Plateau du Tademaït. Suddenly, around Aïn-El-Hadjadj, the road dips steeply from the Plateau to the Tidikelt plain, 100 m lower, where stands In-Salah

  • Check list before heading southwards!

    On this photo, our 75 years old companion, driving his 2cv Citroën is checking his beloved car before we head to the south and to Tamanrasset. When this photo was taken, the 600 km between In-Salah and Tamanrasset were by a sand track. I will later build a page on this drive.

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I-n-Salah Local Customs

  • Full sun in the palm grove

    Not much later, may be half an hour, the sun, though still low on the horizon was now shining fully. It was now pretty warm, though we were in April. The sand had now its regular daytime color and our friend the Tuareg (see previous tip) came back from the palm grove, obviously feeling better under the warm sun!

  • More life in the palm grove

    On the first photo, a young boy is leading three donkeys loaded with empty “couffins” (strong baskets made of plaited palm leaves) towards the palm grove to collect freshly cut forage for the cattle.On the second photo, a man is standing stiff on donkey’s back and though it may not weight much more that his master, he, nevertheless gallops!On photo...

  • Life in the palm grove

    Also, as much as the sun rises, the palm grove comes back to life.On the first photo a man wrapped in a white gandoura tries to protect himself from the coolness of the early morning.On the second photo, two women try to hide from the camera.On the third photo, a man clad as a Touareg walks fast towards the city.On the last photo, a group of two...


I-n-Salah Off The Beaten Path

  • Driving towards Tamanrasset

    In-Salah is usually not a place where you stay but only a stage between the North – El Goléa- and the South – Tamanrasset. I will build a page on some of the most interesting parts of this route. This photo is a sample of one of the landscapes that you have often from the track.

  • Life on the sand

    Yesterday evening, at sunset, the sand was free of any footprints but all the animals that go out of their shelter only at night to avoid the deadly heat of the day have left their foot prints: insects, birds, mouse, snakes (not here). This shows well how much life there is in the sand, even if you do not see much of it directly!

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

I-n-Salah Favorites

  • Early morning in the palm grove

    As much as the sun rises, colors begin to develop. First the sand will take a cold color while the palm trees will need a little more time to look grayish green.The last photo shows a grove of tamarisks. Tamarisks grow well in the desert, given that they can find some water, deep under the surface of the soil.

  • Sunrise on the palm grove

    In the same way, sunrises are fast. In the beginning, only the sky is lit, pale blue. The sand and the palm trees remain dark and almost colorless. The photo is nearly black and white. As the light is still low, it is not very sharp.

  • Sunset on the palm grove

    Sunsets in the desert are most of the time fabulous moments. When in a palm grove, the outline of the palm trees upon the flaring sky is an added value. The more you drive south, the earlier and the faster the sunset! When the light and the colors build a good picture, shoot fast as that may last not more than half a minute!


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