Algeria Local Customs

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  • Algerian Dreamer
    Algerian Dreamer
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    People of Algiers
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Algeria Local Customs

  • Mozabite traditions

    Ghardaia is known for its Mozabite inhabitants - a Berber tribe belonging to the Islamic group of the Kharejites - and you can see many women covered completely - except for one eye!

  • Take your shoes off

    When visiting people's homes or going inside most buildings you will be expected to take off your shoes. This applies even to when you are camping in the desert and sitting on the mat in the sand around the camp fire, and when visiting nomads. Before you step onto, or sit on a carpet shoes must be removed.It helps if you take shoes that fasten with...

  • Movie - The Battle of Algiers

    After 130 of occupation and many political attempts to get algerian independence peacefully, the algerian people get just more killed and more suffering!! On Nov 1st, 1954 algerians guided by the FLN begin a bloody war against the French occupation to get their independence. after this war Algeria became known as the land of million and half...

  • Languages

    The Algerian arabic is the most spoken language in daylife, don't get surprised if you heard some french words with it, this is because this local arabic is mixed with foreign words from other langiages, mostly french words and few turkish, spanish, words .. due of the colonial history of this land. There are also some berber dialects, as kabyle in...

  • Beers !

    In local cafés, do not expect to find any beers but in international hotels, they will serve locally brewed biers. The first photo shows "Tango" a good local beer, though rather sweet. The second photo shows Stella Artois brewed in Algeria under the control of the Belgium based brewery. It is bitter and we preferred it.

  • Coins

    Algeria has many different coins. The first photo shows the four most usual ones : 10, 20, 50 and 100 dinars which makes a coherent sent. The second photo shows various kind of 1 and 5 dinars coins that are still in use (one dinar is less than one cent !). The third photo shows older 10, 20, 50 and 100 coins that are still in use though much seldom...

  • Banknotes

    Dinar is the currency of Algeria. One US dollar is worth 73.13 Algerian dinars (dec 2005)One European Euro is worth 86.22 Algerian dinars (dec 2005)You must declare your foreign currency when entering in Algeria. You must change it only in banks and it will be noted on your currency document. You cannot bring dinars out of the country and upon...

  • Cheche

    All the local people wear a cheche in the desert. The more layers on the head the better against the burning sun.When we entered the desert, Ismaël, our driver from Alger, also bought one for himself in a local shop.The cheche has to be that long that it also covers the neck and -if needed with a sandstorm for example- that you can cover your face...

  • Shoe repair

    We walked in the centre of Bou Saada and visited the market. We enjoyed to look at the daily life and at all the trading people and craftsmen.Among them was also this man who repaired shoes on the street.

  • Tuareg people

    Our three guides were Tuaregs. They are Berber stock and Arabs call them "the people of the veil". One spoke pretty good french (our main guide) but the other two did not (the cook and the camel guide). One night we stayed at the house of the Tuareg guide and met his wife and children.

  • Rai music

    Rai music is a kind of modern arabic music that became popular in the last twenty years, not only in the Maghreb area, but also abroad. It is a blend of modern rhytms and classic arabic sounds: I really like it. Rai is very popular in Algeria and the most famous Rai singers are algerian, like Cheb Khaled. Unfortunately the islamic fundamentalists...

  • Rustic W.C. in oasis villages

    The smaller oasis villages don't have electricity, no running water, no sewage.Any house has anyway a w.c. that often is just an open air corner overlooking the neighbouring courtyard. There is always a sort of curtain (for you privacy) but I must admit that the presence of goats and sheets underneath is a bit embarassing.

  • Mozabites in Ghardaia

    Mozabites are a conservative Islamic sect and they live mainly in the Ghardaia area.They are strongly bound to their traditions and most Mozabite women wear a veil covering completely their head, with the exception of one or both eyes.

  • Eating camel meat

    Finding food in the smaller oasis in the Sahara can be difficult. If you see camel legs on the ground, close to a door, they are selling camel meat there. You can buy it and then cook it yourself on fire. It tastes reasonably good...

  • Language

    Algerians speak Arabic, and French, but some speak good English too.Greetings begin with "Assalamualaikum" and they put their cheeks together after that. But for foreigner like me, a simple handshake or putting your right arm across your left chest is a good gesure.

  • Desert Pass

    You need a desert pass if you are travelling in the deseet. Obtain one form the nearest police station if you can find any.

  • Guerba: the water is conserved...

    At first it could result a little impressive, but after a pair of days drinking ambient temperature water, and you taste the water is inside the guerba, no matter where it comes from, you preffer the guerba's!!!!

  • The three teas

    This is one of the things I most enjoyed. The tea hour. Traditonaly there are three of them, always in the same order.The first: Strong like lifeThe second: Bitter like deadThe third: Sweet like loveIf you only want to take one, for politeness you should wait for the last, considered for them like the worse (for a european taste it is less heavy...

  • Algeria is an Islamic country,...

    Algeria is an Islamic country, so one should respect this by not wearing shorts or tops or clothes, that show too much skin! Besides - the sun is so strong, that covering the body makes sense!!!!

  • In Algeria, Arabic is the...

    In Algeria, Arabic is the official language. Greetings are often cordial and genuine, usually a handshake and an embrace (between members of the same sex). Algerians frequently use hand gestures during conversations. It is considered impolite to point directly at someone. Men and women tend to socialize separately.

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Algeria Local Customs

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