Algeria Transportation

  • So much traffic to get into Algiers.
    So much traffic to get into Algiers.
    by Dizzyhead
  • Mostaganem new bus terminal
    Mostaganem new bus terminal
    by shems71
  • Salamandre new harbour
    Salamandre new harbour
    by shems71

Algeria Transportation

  • Flights

    It is easy to fly to Algeria that has 31 airports, especially in the desert part (south). Out of them 13 have international lines. Air Algérie is the national carrier and has a fleet of very well maintained planes. Beware, most flights are almost full and do not wait the last time to book you seat !

  • Be patiente

    To get into the airport you will find several security check points.So go early, othert wise you may loose your flightThe Argel airport it's quite modern.Security will ask ( on the way out - to get out of Algeria) if ou have money, how much , etc.Just tell the truth.You will have to fill the same papers that you already did when you got

  • Public transportation in Algeria :...

    Bus and public taxis are the most comon ways for algerians to move between or inside cities, from the "gare routiere de Kharouba" bus station in Algeirs, you can go almost to all big cities in Algeria, If you are going to a small city or a village, then you have to go the nearest big city and then you will find transportation to your final...

  • Transportation in Algeria

    If you want to move in Algeria betweens cities, you have the choice between air, train, bus or public taxis.By Air-------Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport (Domestic Terminal) links Algiers to the major cities in Algeria, such :Annaba, Jijel, Bejaia, Oran, Constantine, Chlef, Setif, Batna, Tebessa, Tiaret, Biskra, Tlemcen, El oued,...

  • Transportation to/from Algeria

    By Air-------Algiers Houari Boumediene International Airport is linked to the major european cities and few middle eastern and african cities, as well as to the major cities in Algeria. So you won't find any problem to get to or leave Algiers by air.Here are destinations: (It could change, you have to confirm)Europe : Spain : Madrid, Alicante,...

  • Taxi

    The road network is close to 100,000 km. There are few highways, only around the main cities (Algiers, Oran, Annaba) but there are 20,000 km of national roads (main roads), usually in good condition but with a very heavy traffic of cars and trucks. There are often accidents. To drive 200 km will often require at least 3 hours. There are many taxis,...

  • The train

    The railway system extends to 4500 km, with 200 stations, such as this one in Annaba. It runs only in the northern part of the country. It is a good mean of transportation; cheap but usually not very fast. If you have a limited time, you will prefer to fly. If you have enough time, the train is for you.

  • Ferries

    Algeria has 13 harbors that hold most of the foreign trade. Ferries link with France (Marseille, Sète), Italy (Genoa) and Spain (Alicante) to Algiers, Oran, Bejaia, Skikda and Annaba. The sailing is between 24 and 36 hours.

  • desert trip by car

    During our trip rounding the Grand Erg Occidental, we travelled by normal car on tarred or gravel roads.Most of the time we travelled in the late afternoon.At this point where we could choose to go further to the south to Tamanrasset, but we had to return to the north to El Golea.At this most southern spot of our route was a small place where we...

  • Airport to town transport

    From the Algiers airport you can get a Taxi into town which shouldn't cost more than 8 US$. Same story coming from anywhere in town. Or...catch a Bus for just 25 Dinars(1/4 of a Euro). The Bus stop is just 200 meters away from the airport. Go north past the Police Road Block and you'll find a big parking area. Bus to Town leaves from here every...

  • AIR transport

    The better way to travel and cheap is Airplane.From Algier to Oran and back price is 5800 DA. From Algier to most touristiuc place town ANNABA is 6500 DA there and back.Taxi, like every taxi around the world. You can find honest but if they not switch taximeter go out and dont say nothing. Ask for taximeter if they dont switch it go out. Cheating...

  • Big transport

    Sometimes we drove many hours without seeing any vehicle or that something happened.And then very suddenly a big truck appeared behind us and passed our car very fast besides the road with a lot of dust.It was a fascinating sight and the happening of that day of our desert journey.

  • Crossing camels

    We saw many signs as warning for crossing camels for days, but didn't see the camels.And than suddenly .... there they are, many camels on the road at a moment that we didn't see a warning sign for hours.

  • Warning for crossing camels

    When we were rounding the Grand Erg Occidental we saw regularly the sign that warned for crossing camels.We liked to see those camels, but most of the time we saw only a complete emptiness.Where have all the camels gone?

  • Warning for sanddunes

    We travelled with a normal car without 4x4 drive. The roads rounding the Grand Erg Occidental were rather good.At some places were warnings for sanddunes. A few times we had to pass some on the road. During our jouney we had no real problems.

  • desert roads

    During our trip rounding the Grand Erg Occidental, we travelled by normal car on tarred or gravel roads. If we had a choice we did it in the late afternoon. At the point where we had to choose to go further south to Tamanrasset or return to the north to El Golea was a small place to get tea. So time for a tea-stop before we returned to the north.

  • Off-road with four wheel drive

    If you go offroad in the desert you need a good four wheel drive and a very good driver, who knows the area.From Djanet we were 14 days off road. The second part we visited for 9 days the Tadrart in the most south east corner of Algeria country near the border with Libya and Niger.The most fabulous desert landscape I ever saw. At the...

  • Hiking in the desert...

    We flew from Milan to Algiers; from there, by plane, we reached Illizi in the south-east of the country, near the Libyan border (regular daily flights to and from Illizi and Djanet).A short ride by car and we get to the Oued Djerat, the fossil river we were supposed to walk through for five days. And so we did.Then, our cars came back to pick us up...

  • or a travel friend

    this lovely doneky is what people use for their moving around here, before the great europeens sel us the , cars, buses , train &planes , but in fact , we could not adapted with this technologies , maybe this is the main cause of , a lot of traffic accidents in here

  • Walking!

    Well, when you are hiking through the Sahara, then you use your own two legs! The camels carried all of our backpacks, food, etc. and took a different route than we did. Then we would always meet up with them at the end of the day.On one of the last days, a camel ran off with my backpack. The backpack was hanging from a rope, so the camel dragged...

  • Plane to Djanet

    Well, we were delayed 4 days because there were strikes in the Algiers airport. So be aware that this could happen. Flights go out from Algiers to Djanet every 4 days. Flights return to Algiers through Tamranesset. There are quite a few flights daily from there. And don't worry, I was NOT schelduled to be on the flight that crashed. But the one...

  • Not so many crossroads in the deserts

    There are just a few roads in central and southern Algeria. When there is a crossroads there are amazing signs with towns posted that are more than 2000 km away.. and the nearest one at 300km..

  • Flooded desert?

    In the desert regions it almost never rains. But when it happens, the ground is so dry it can't absorb water. After one night rain in Ghardaia, the town was completely flooded and it was impossibile to travel around or out of town.

  • Sand dunes on the road

    Shared taxis are the most common mean of transportation between one oasis and the other. Roads are fairly good and taxis travel fast, but occasional sand dunes on the road can create big problems. Avoid to travel during sand storms.

  • Bring plenty of water

    Travelling from one oasis to the other in the Algerian Sahara can take a lot of time, as distances are large. Roads are not too bad but public transportation is unfrequent. Bring plenty of water with you when moving from one oasis to the other: you'll need it.

  • Paved Highway

    There is a 1000 km long paved highway from Tamanrasset all the way north to Algiers - or vice versa!!! Quite a change, if you come from even further south!But "paved" does not necessarily mean good!

  • Ohanet International Airport

    From Gatwick, London; take Excel Airways to Hassi Messaoud. In about 3 hours, you will land in Hassi Messaoud Airport.Clear customs and hop onboard the 19 seater Beechcraft to Ohanet airstrip. Here you will find the famous "Ali Baba Cafe"

  • It's difficult going on your own

    The best way of do this type of trip is with argelian guides. First for personal security and second and VERY IMPORTANT, once in the dessert, as you can see in my picture, there are no pavement roads, so it's not easy to know where to go.

  • My experience: 4 x 4

    The best choice is using a 4 x 4, better 2 than one, just in case you have problems with the engines or something, think that you will be in the middle of nowhere and if you need help it will be almost impossible to receive it from anyone that is not of your group. Usually, when you contract a guide he drives the car and have notions of how to mend...

  • The main road from north to...

    The main road from north to south pretty well bisects the country, and is tarmac virtually all the way. It passes through this canyon called Arak Gorge.

  • Take the ferry from Marseille...

    Take the ferry from Marseille to Algiers. That way you can take your own car - Very important for getting around and seeing the country.Have your own car. This is essential for seeing some of the more out of the way places - Finding the best beaches, seeing the Roman cities, of which there are many.

  • A good way to get to Algeria...

    A good way to get to Algeria might be to go to Tunisia and from there go by bus/taxi etc. to Algeria. I went by bus from Sousse to Tozeur in Tunisia and from there hitchhiked with locals to the border. From the border I went by taxi to El Oued. THE PHOTO: HERE I HAVE JUST ARRIVED IN EL OUED

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