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    Apparently animal remains
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    rock-bound bones
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  • Annaba beaches

    Annaba Things to Do

    Annaba is known by its nice beaches, whatever inside the city or far from it, you can enjoy the sun, the sand and of course blue mediterranean sea :)Oued Begrat is one of the best and clean beaches in Annaba, actually this one is little far from the city, it's accessible from Seraïdi (a small village on the top of mountain east of annaba).You can...

  • Basilique Saint-Augustin

    Annaba Things to Do

    This is one of important church in all Algeria and an icon of the city on Annaba, it's shown from almost all the city because it is built on a hill, it's well maintained and protected and this shows that it's not forbiden for this christian monument to be an icon of a muslim city in a muslim country.

  • SightSeeing in Annaba

    Annaba Things to Do

    There is a lot of things to see and to do in Annaba, you can just walk in its streets and see its old building date from the colonial period, relax and take a cafe in 'Cours' square, take a walk on the corniche, visit and shop in its local colorful markets, or go to the beach to enjoy the sun and the sand.


Hammam Meskoutine

  • The legend of Sidi-Arzaq part 1

    Hammam Meskoutine Things to Do

    It is time to tell the whole story, or I should say the legend. Enlarge the first photo and read the legend of the place.Once upon a time, there lived here a powerful tribe. Sidi-Arzaq was the proudest and the boldest of all the tribe's men. He was wealthy and powerful but it was said that he did not do its five daily prayers. It was even whispered...

  • The legend of Sidi-Arzaq part 2

    Hammam Meskoutine Things to Do

    On the first photo, in the background, the witnesses.The second and the third photo show the whole bridal procession with the children in the background.The sacrilege incestuous bride, the dishonest qhadi, the unfaithful witnesses, the impious friends and relatives, they all have been turned to stone, accompanied by the rumblings of hell, heard...

  • Hammam Meskoutine unimpressive first...

    Hammam Meskoutine Things to Do

    Arriving in Hammam Meskoutine from the main road (N20) Annaba-Constantine is unimpressive. First of all, the road sign says Hammam Debbagh and not Hammam Meskoutine. Are we mistaking ? Our friend from Annaba must not be wrong as he has asked his way from locals, but is it WHAT he wanted us to visit (he has not said anything about the place !)The...


El Kala

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  • Along the South of lac El Mellah

    El Kala Favorites

    Some of the shores of lake El Mellah are framed with swamps like the one shown on the first photo. The vegetation includes some carnivorous (small !) plants. Sorry, I have not seen any !The second photo shows a Lepiota mastoidea, (French : Lépiote mamelonnée, English : Slender Parasol, German : Spitzbuckliger Schirmpil. It is edible but might...

  • North of Lac El Mellah

    El Kala Favorites

    Lac El Mellah (El Mellah lake) means salted lake. It is a body of brackish water which content in salt varies following rain, tides (the Mediterranean has small tides) and winds. The first photo shows the northern part of the lake, connected with the Mediterranean. In the background (south), the hills of El Tarf. It was drizzling !If you enlarge...

  • Ancient Christian cemetery

    El Kala Off The Beaten Path

    In Algeria, because of the one million European population that lived in the country until 1962, there are many Christian cemeteries. Relatives do not visit them often but they are usually kept in relatively good condition by local authorities. However, they can be invaded by weeds like this one, along the road from Annaba to El Kala.


Sidi Taher

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  • Scenic road

    Sidi Taher Favorites

    The road that leads back to Annaba can be very scenic, weather permitting ! That was not really the case on the occasion of our visit ! When the weather is nicer, this is a famous drive for the Annabites (inhabitants of Annaba).However, the first photo shows in the faraway background, the city of Annaba. In the middle, on a small peninsula (enlarge...

  • Ras El Hamra and island

    Sidi Taher Favorites

    In the continuation of Ras El Hamra stands a small, uninhabited island. It is nothing more than a rock a few meters high. When the weather is suitable, which was not the case, there are always a few people fishing or collecting sea food.

  • Bordj El Fnar

    Sidi Taher Favorites

    At the end of Ras El Hamra stands the lighthouse, known as Bordj El Fnar, which means exactly "Fort of the lighthouse". It is a very windy place and as it was drizzling and cold, we did not stay very long out of the car, just enough to have a quick look at the landscape !


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