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    Leaving Oran
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    In Oran Port
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    Santa Cruz fortress
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Oran Things to Do

  • Old Kasbah

    The Kasbah in Oran perhaps is not so nice like the one in Algiers. It is not a Patrimony of the Humankind like the Algiers one. But if you are in Oran it should be a pity if you do not visit it.Do not go during the night! Everybody advised me to go only when daylight. And I followed the advise.The first thing that you will notice is the lack of...

  • Gare d'Oran

    It is a nice building, looking like a mosque. Even if you do not travel by train into Algeria it is interesting to have a llok at their railway station. This one in Oran plus the one in Annaba are beautiful

  • Hassan Basha Mosque

    Mosque du Pacha is a XVIII century mosque in the way on foot from the downtown to the Cornise and souk. You can't miss it. There is a sign at the entrance.

  • Old Sinagogue

    Jewish in Oran date from the end of the XIV century, and migrated from Mallorca. Then, after Inquisition was stablished also in Spain, the remaining spanish Jews were expelled (as previoulsy had done French and English from their countries), so many left to Oran. But when Algeria got independance from the French (1962) they all, 100 per cent, were...

  • Spanish vestiges

    Apart from the Spanish fortress Santa Cruz, the bull ring and churches, there are some other Spanish rests in Oran. One of them is the Spanish coat of arms. You have to ask the local people in the Kasbah to find it. I was surprised, it had belonged to Charles V, since there was the Toisson de Oror but not the symbols of Portugal (his son Felipe II...

  • Bull ring

    It is in downtown. It will be closed by the external view is like in Spain. But they do not kill bulls anymore. That was during the French rule.

  • Les Falaises - The Cliffs

    The Eastern part of Oran Seaside is dominated by the cliffs, bordered by the nice towns of Canastel & Krystel.This part of the city is experiencing a total regeneration and has become the modern part of Oran, with towers growing, luxury hotels & residences being constructed. It offers great views to the bright sea as well as the city and the whole...

  • Stunning view from the Murdjajo Hill &...

    On top of the Murdjajo hill, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole city of Oran or the gorgeous Corniche and coast on the other side. After climbing whether by cab or using the safe & renewed Téléphérique, you reach the top of this cliff/hill where was built the Spanish church of Santa cruz, a beautiful white church dating back from the 16th...


    OK, I meant the signs for Alcoholics! All bars, liquor stores and restaurants serving alcohol seem to have a common sign outside – the Stella Artois Beer sign. Virtually all of them display this proud symbol. Don’t worry – every place I saw sold a full range and brands of beers, wines and spirits. Many bars have no names in Algeria and have...


Oran Hotels

See all 8 Hotels in Oran
  • Hotel Colombe

    06 Bd, zabour larbi-hai khaldia, Oran, 31000, Algeria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Royal Hotel

    1 boulevard de la Soummam, Oran, 31000, Algeria

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Le Meridien Oran Hotel & Convention...

    Les Genets, Chemin de Wilaya, Route 75, Oran, Algeria

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

Oran Restaurants

  • Excellent Syrian food

    The owner convinced me to have lunch there. He even invited me to drink tea. He was from Syria. The place was very clean. I ordered a kind of Kebab, delicious! and the waitress was very helpful


    You need to get here a bit early - when they say fresh fish - they mean fresh fish. They are also busy. Because the fish is so good! It really pays to speak French here to explain how you want your fish prepared. I didn't, but I had a wonderful meal. This a very family oriented restaurant as well. They do not serve alcohol, but have plenty of soft...

  • Fresh SeaFood

    all sorts of "fast food" pizza joints, shawarma, kebab, turkish sandwhich etc.etc. otherwise, again I repeat myself, to have a nice upscale experience, HEAD TO THE SHERATON and you will be in for a variety of delicious restaurants. Of course prices are similar to those in Western Countries in this location. Overall, it is a MUST to try seafood...


Oran Nightlife

See all 4 Nightlife in Oran

    Want a cold beer? Or 6? This is the best beer store in Oran. OK, it was the only one I bought from, but they were great. It’s a small shop front just a few meters North-west of Place Boudani Hasni. These guys are great. In their small and busy shop they sell beer, wines and spirits. They have both imported alcohol and some good local Algerian...

  • North African Ibiza

    Oran's nightlife is among the most thriving in the continent. The city has always been the capital of Algeria's parties and music. All night long, plenty of nightclubs, bars and cabarets are opened and offer music, dance and partying in the city area seafront, called "La Corncihe" which runs from the city's "Front de Mer" to the neighbouring cities...

  • ALL NIGHT partying!

    At night, one must check out MUST check out the atmosphere at Ain-El-Turk beach. It is packed with energy, good vibes, good music, good food, nice scenes, interesting crowd. Around Ain El Turk there's a long-standing nightclub which recently overwent renovations, "The Sunhouse" and apparently it is a really nice place. I didnt check it out.THE best...


Oran Transportation

  • Taxis and Shared taxis

    The taxi situation is a little confusing in Algeria. There are plenty of them, but they're not as well marked as in some countries, and in cities, they tend to operate like minibuses, picking up additional passengers who are going in roughly the same direction. For the newly arrived, it makes it tricky to find an empty taxi, and you have to get...

  • Trains to Algiers

    Oran's train station is about a mile from the city centre. There are four trains to/from the capital Algiers, three ordinary trains taking 5 hours, and one express train in the evening taking 3 hours. A one way ticket first class costs 1200DA, second class 900DA, with the express train costing a couple of hundred more. Trains are comfortable, and a...

  • Ferry from Oran to Almeria

    Once a week in summer, the MS Vronskiy runs between Oran and the Spanish port of Almeria, taking 8 hours (well...once the ferry leaves the port, it takes 8 hours!). Ferries are operated by the Spanish company Trasmediterranea, and tickets aren't as cheap as you might expect. A one-way ticket cost me 93 euros as a deck passenger, or you can pay more...


Oran Local Customs

  • Making friendship with the locals

    Getting to know people and exchange points of view is one of the best thing that a traveler can do during his journeys. And people in Algeria are so nice that often you are invited to their homes to drink tea or even to have lunch or to sleep. People in Oran are not an exception. These men in the picture helped me to find Spanish rests in Oran,...

  • Afternoon tea and Sweets.

    I have seen others comment on the mint tea, try this with the homemade sweets, what a great way to end the day. Late dinners are the norm, but the food is all great. Light dinners are better since you eat a large lunch and have tea around 5.

  • Eat cous cous

    It takes a little time to prepare, but it's lovely. The Algerian cous cous is not spicy, but more fruity than that of her neighbouring countries.The scarf is only to keep one's hair out of the food.


Oran Warnings and Dangers

  • riad's Profile Photo

    by riad Updated Oct 14, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    what warnings?! like in all other places in the world, there's pickpocketers, there's morons, there's corrupt police officers, there's shop-keepers who will try to rip you off... but thats LIFE my friends, get used to it!

    the main danger really is the reckless driving!!!!!!!! oooh and avoid tap water!! and don't try to show off too much because people are not receptive of that.. they'll diss you!haha

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Oran Tourist Traps

  • the usual negotiating tac tic

    WHAT ELSE CAN I SAY!? this is a developing nation... hence a price is never fixed, especially if you're buying souvenirs, traditional crafted items... of course that is if you're buying a few pieces.

  • Taxi's

    Watch the taxi drivers, some are good and others will cheat you. I have the benefit of being with someone who speaks the language and knows the culture. I could see getting taken advantage of if you don't speak French or Arabic. the funny thing is, they will pick up 4-5 differnt people even if you are not together. The great thing is, you can get...

  • Oran Hotels

    8 Hotels in Oran

Oran What to Pack

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    by maryamy Updated Jul 20, 2003

    Luggage and bags: Large baggage to take back things you will buy.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Bikini or shorts for men for warmer months. Waterproof for winters.

    Photo Equipment: Plenty of film or capacity in digital camera.

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Beach towels, sandals and plenty of sun cream.

    Miscellaneous: Anti-insect lotions.

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    • Family Travel

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Oran Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit Santa Cruz

    This is a Spaish fort built in the 1600's on the highest point in Oran. It is an adventure to climb all over and see how the soldiers lived at that time. There is even a bar in the fort. When I go this time, I'll take some pictures I can load.

  • Go to Cap Blanc

    This beach is wonderful, although quite popular, it's still fun.The start of the sea has a shallow sandy area where kids can play, and a little further you start to have small reefs and lots of fish in the clear water. It is beautiful.I remember playing there as a kid, catching the fish in my red bucket!(Photo to come.)

  • Go to Madagh

    Some hour or so drive from Oran, this is a natural beach, with wonderful views on the way there. It's a little stoney, and you have to try to find the sandy bits, but it's wonderful, with warm water.


Oran Favorites

  • maryamy's Profile Photo

    by maryamy Written Jan 8, 2004

    Favorite thing: This philosopher and writer was born in and died in Oran. He loved the place and suffered with what he was as injustice.
    I have just found a 1961 copy of La Peste, set in this town, in French, which I will start reading asap. It was recommended by my wonderful friend ManuelEB of VT.
    Incidentally 1961 is when Camus died in a car accident and the year of independence of Algeria from France.

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