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  • Wilaya of Batna
    Wilaya of Batna
    by JLBG
  • Timgad - Arch of Trajan
    Timgad - Arch of Trajan
    by eternel2002
  • Timgad theater
    Timgad theater
    by eternel2002

Timgad Things to Do

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, Septime Severe Triumph...

    Roman Emperor Septime Severe (193-211) was born in Leptis Magna (Tripolitaine, now Lybia). He created the autonomous province of Numidia, ruled by the chief of the 3rd legion Augustus with its seat in Lambaesis. Septime Severe built the territorial continuity of the Empire between the two Mauretania, from Egypt to Morocco and wanted to expand the...

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, entrance into the city

    Tazoult-Lambèse is another Roman city standing only 20 km west to Timgad and 10 km east to Batna. When we arrived in Lambèse (or Lambèze), the weather was even worse than in Timgad. There was nobody on the site.Lambaesis was a military town. A first 200 m x200 m camp was built in 81 AD by the Augusta 3rd legion. A second, larger one, was built a...

  • Timgad, strange tombstone

    Given that the weather was so bad and that we were in Timgad on our way to the desert, we did not spend much time to explore the city. In the small part we visited, we found some amazing carved tombstones.On this one, a man clad in an elegantly hanged tunic put his right hand on top of "something". Is it a very young child on top of a small column?...

  • Timgad, tombstone topped by three gods?

    Another tombstone shows a man in a tunic, holding a circular object on top of a very small building (a road mile stone?). Is it an early Christian's tombstone? There is no cross anywhere. However, a ram eating corn is carved in the base on the tombstone (enlargement). I know a ram is not the usual Christian's lamb. On the pediment, threes faces are...

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, Children with a young...

    "L'Enfant à l'Aiglon" (Children with a young eagle) is a bronze statue that was unearthed in 1906 in Tazoult/Lambèse. We have not seen it as it is on display in Algiers at the musée National des Antiquités, Parc de la Liberté, the oldest museum in Africa that opened in 1897.I give here a photo of the stamps that were issued by the post office in...

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, the praetorium

    A praetorium was originally the name of the headquarters of a Roman army. The praetorium was the commander's residence. Later, the praetorium was the residence of a procurator (governor) of a Roman province.As Lambèse was built as a military town and became the capital of the province of Numidia, no wonder that it has a praetorium . It is the...

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, Public bath

    Around the military town, with its three camps, a civilian town developed and the municipium became a colonia and the capital of the province of Numidia. It had two Public baths, one in the military part of the town, the other in the civilian part.The large building standing on the photo should be the ruins of one of these two Public baths.

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, temple

    The few documents available on Lambèse mention two temples, the Temple of Esculape and an unidentified temple. There are few photos and plans available of Lambèse.The photo shows what should be the remains of a temple. It is most probably not the temple built in the honor of Esculape as the only photo I have seen show a building that has a...

  • Tazoult-Lambèse, temple and Public bath

    When, a little further, we made a U-turn, we almost got stuck in the soft muddy tuft! We were lucky to escape!You can see on the right the temple that appeared in the background of the previous photo and on the left, what should be a Public bath.

  • Timgad, tombstone with a bull

    On the base of another tombstone, that unfortunately, I have not photographed entirely, a bull has been carved.I have been unable to find any clues on these tombstones and amazingly very little information on the whole site of Timgad.

  • Timgad, the theater

    The theater has kept only its stepped rows of seats. The wall behind the scene is down.The photo gives also a general view of the town. It shows that only the basements and the columns of everything (temples, public baths, etc) has been kept but the plan of the city is very clear and untouched.

  • Timgad, Trojan triumph arc

    Timgad is situated at an elevation of 1070 m and when we visited the city, in early April, it was drizzling and a freezing wind blew! Given the conditions, we did not visit very thoroughly the town! The Trojan triumph arc is the taller building standing in the town. It is in good condition.


Timgad Transportation

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    You need a car to visit Timgad and Lambèse. However, as Lambèse is 10 km from Batna and Timgad 20 km, you can hire a taxi.

    When you drive from Annaba or from Constantine, you have better to drive first to Batna. From Batna, the eastern route leading to Biskra (by the “balcon de Rhoufi”) will bring you to Lambèse. Once in Lambèse, a secondary road will bring you to Timgad.

    Driving to Lamb��se and Timgad
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