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Botswana Favorites


    Now this is a Braai! While I was staying at the Thakadu Bush Camp in Ghanzi, Chris the owner shot a Kudu. Then the staff prepared the largest animal I have ever seen on a spit. It took all day and into the evening with a huge open fire, but the result was magnificent. The meal was served with different accompanying dishes, but meat was the...


    Within minutes of arriving in Botswana I was confronted with this terrifying huge man-eating monster. Scared me to death! Then a South Africa guy behind me said “Shongololo” and braved death to pick it up and put it outside. Actually this is just a very gentle African giant millipede. Absolutely harmelss and kind of cuddly once you get over their...


    I found this fantastic sign in Kang at the main fuel point. How many times has someone driven past you in a car with music suicidally loud? The worst part being that it always seems to be really bad music played by complete idiots who just look stupid. Why do they feel the need to PROVE how stupid they are? Well, not here mister! Turn it down and...

  • People

    My favorite thing about Botswana is Botswana people.They are all nice and kind.The important thing that I should suggest you to do every time you see people anywhere is that, to say "Hello ! how are you?" to them all.If you may need help or ask them something ,don't just ask without saying "Hello! How are you?" first. If you just say this with...

  • game parks around Victoria falls

    HelloWith 6 days to spend we can provide you with a number of options that are not overly expensive. We can arrange a trip to the Okavango delta that comes back thru chobe or A combination of chobe national park and the lower zambezi where you can go on a canoe safari camping on Islands and along the banks of the Zambezi river. It is also possible...

  • It's all available

    Travel in Botswana is an absolute pleasure, every major town has a shopping center and you can get everything from woman's personals to a new Head Gasket, From raw vegetables to Kentucky Fried Chicken.The police force are active and relentless in their bit to stamp out crime against tourist, the population respect the income that tourism produces...

  • A sausage tree

    A sausage tree is called after its fruit that looks like a sausage and dangles from long rope-like stalks. The fruit may be up to 60 cm long and weigh over 6 kg. Those who hope that the fruit may taste of sausage will be disappointed. It is inedible and even said to be poisonous. In spite of that, it's often used in beer production as it speeds the...

  • Baobab

    A baobab tree was called by dr Livingstone a giant upturned carrot. The Bushmen believed that the baobab offended God who in revenge planted the tree upside down. The trunk of the tree is very thick. Its average diametre is 6-7 metres. But the tree is also amazing because of its nutritious value. The fruit has more vitamine C than oranges. One can...

  • Okavango delta

    The Okavango is Africa's third longest river. It starts in Angola, goes through Namibia and in Botswana it forms a huge lush green delta. The delta is often compared to a living organism because it grows and shrinks and changes its shape. At its best it covers the area of 18 000 square km but it can shrink to less than 9 000 square km in the low...

  • Disinfection stop at the border

    The borders of Botswana has disinfection stops on the road before entering the country. The cars have to drive into a disinfection bath with all the wheels. It's a way to prevent spreading of diseases among domestic animals in Botswana.By the way, huge numbers of wild animals cross the border every day without a disinfection bath.

  • Border crossings from South Africa

    Independent travel by road from South Africa to Botswana will require a border crossing at one of these border posts, depending on embarkation point:Bray (RSA) Khakhea (Botswana). Hrs 0700-1600.Derdepoort (RSA) Sikwane (Botswana). Hrs 0600-1900.Groblers Bridge (RSA) Martin’s Drift (Botswana). Hrs 0800-1800.Kopfontein Gate (RSA) Tlokweng Gate...

  • Wildlife, The Okavango and Change

    You can learn a lot about animals in Botswana. For example, the impala, as well as other prey animals, will only run a short distance from suspected danger so they don't run into other dangers. These short-distance tactics aren't seen on nature programs, of course, when the hunt is on and the prey aren't just escaping possible danger but are...

  • Mata-Mata tourist facility

    The opening of Mata-Mata and the Sendelingsdrift Tourist Access facility are key to the strategy (of) desert tourism which explores the natural linkage between Kgalagadi and Ai/Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier parks, South Africa's Augrabies Falls National Park and the soon-to-be-declared Sperregebiet National Park in Namibia. Movement between the...

  • Money

    1. 20 films for your camera is not enough!2. Take enough money with you!Its not easy to find a place where you can use your card.At least if you want a Souvenir you can change into your pen, shoes or something else... The best Memories are to have a friendly and very funny guide and to see wild animals in a distance of 1-5 meters in the...

  • Move Around

    Try to get to each of the major game parks, as well as the Okavango Delta. This country is rich with woldlife viewing and natural beauty in different habitats. Chobe is particularly scenic, with the river running through it, Savuti is typically dryer and Moremi is more wooded. Each, however, have their own distinct viewing and camping sites.See...

  • Budgeting

    This is perhaps the most important question! Think ahrad about what you like to do and how much you are willing to carry your own gear and/or set up your own camp. Are you up for sleeping outside in a tent every night? Or would you prefer to "rough it" in a Brangelina-type lodge?An African safari can cost as little as $100 per day for a...

  • General Tip

    Emergency Numbers Ambulance - 997Fire Brigade - 998Police - 999BanksMain Commercial Banks - First National Bank, Standard and Barclays Bank.Local TimeG.M.T puls two hoursFishingNo Fishing in National Pardks & Reserves.You can do Fishing in Panhandle & the Chobe River.Tipping10% is acceptable.CurrencyPula

  • In General

    THE SIZE - 581 730 kmPOPULATION - 1.6 millionCLIMATE - Arid to semi-airidBEST TOURIST SEASON - May -Sept, notice that October become very hot. ANIMAL ACTIVITY - During hot dry months.TEMPERATURE - Extreme (Oct 35C-40C) oter times between 28 & 33C. WINTER TIMES can go down to 1C or minus C. The sunsets & stars in the pans!!!!

  • Moremi Game Reserve

    One of the most butiful game reserves I have ever visited in Africa. Totally unspoilt, untouched and a real adventure. I have been there two times, travelling by car from South Afrika. More tips upon request.

  • Have a drink in the lounge

    These open air lounges are soooooo appealing, expecially at night after dinner when you're involved in a good discussion of world affairs, or listening to past adventures of fellow guests.All beverages are included in the cost of your safari -- although I assume if you have SPECIFIC requests for a certain brand there might be an extra charge. We...

  • What to do on those mid-day breaks?

    Besides napping in your tent/hut/room, there are lovely public areas to while away the hours reading or chatting with other guests. Or just gazing off over the channel (or water holes or other scenic venue for the camp) listening to the birds and animals in a soft breeze. The picture is the deck adjoining the pool area at Nxebega, but each camp had...

  • Welcome to Botswana

    .Area: 600,370 sq km Population: 1.6 millionCapital city: Gaborone People: Batswana 60%, Bakalanga, Basarwa, BakgalagadiLanguages: English, SetswanaCurrency: PulaVisas: No visa is required for visits of up to 90 days for citizens of most Commonwealth countries, most European countries, Israel, Japan, South Africa & the USA. Time: GMT/UTC plus two...

  • Games to play

    OK -- I took this partly as a joke, but also to show my "kids" that the silly plastic peg game they played at Cracker Barrel restaurants along Rt 95 as kids had its origin going back hundreds of years. Same principle, once played with rocks and a circle drawn in the sand. This was set up on one of the large "cocktail tables" on Nxabega's main deck.

  • The question is often asked...

    What are the bathrooms like! Well, in these comfortable camps, they are likely to exceed your expectations. At Nxabega, the "ensuite" baths are enclosed in a small reed structure, under an extended canvas roof, which is entered from the back flaps (floor to ceiling zipper closure) of your tent. The windows are screened. This one was just big enough...

  • Camping through Africa

    I travelled with Drifters Overland Camping Safaris through Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. I have always enjoyed camping and especially so in Africa with spectacular sunsets and of course close encounters with wildlife.Some campsites were fenced in and gated to keep any dangerous animals on the outside, ensuring a peaceful night's...

  • Boat safari - Try it!

    When you plan a trip to Botswana (or Africa in General), if you know you're going to do a lot of land safari, try to book a boat safari as well. Doing the 10th land safari would probably offer a similar experience to the 9 previous ones, but a boat safari offers a different experience.We did one in Chobe and it was great. We saw some animals that...

  • Acacia Trees

    I love the look of Acacia trees in the delta. They look so graceful. I kept meaning to get a picture of a really good one but just forgot. Eventually I got this pic when I was running out of time.

  • The kingdom of wild animals

    In Okavango Delta we saw any kind of wild animals and birds, but we had a special fortune with cats: isn't so usual to se two ceetah very close, a lioness with a tender cub, a group of lions eating a buffalo, another big group (about 15) with some of them eating an elephant; we saw two lionesses hunt against kudu and impala. Let me say: we was...

  • Fond Memories of a Doctor's Visit

    Everything I experienced there was a favorite! Didn't have a single thing I didn't enjoy. One thing I'll always remember - after coming back from the night drive on my first day in the camp, I had a pleasant visit from a doctor and an official at the camp. Apparently, my sniffling when I got off the plane was noticed by the immigration guy at the...

  • Bushmen of the Kalahari...

    If you can (as it is not always possible) take a trip into the Kalahari desert and visit the bushmen, it is worth it in the effort it takes to get here. So many memories, but any of the walking safaris that I have done - as they always throw up the most suprises.

  • Animals at their best...

    Take a boat ride on the Chobe river, it is another great opportunity to see hippo and crocodiles as well as some amazing birds. Being rather frightened at the site (and sound) of a rather angry elephant in Chobe NP, I did manage to get a photo though...

  • Not just land animals

    It would be very easy to get totally carried away by the land animals in the Delta especially the predators and elephants. But do spend some time watching out for the birdlife. The variety is amazing and the colours can be spectacular - look out for the Carmine Bee Eater among others.This picture is of a Malachite Kingfisher taken while on a mokoro...

  • Chobe National Park

    Visit the Chobe National Park, where you can see all sort of animals coming to drink out of the Chobe river.More info : Don't forget our Chobe travelogue

  • Go into the Okavango Delta and...

    Go into the Okavango Delta and take some trips out into the wilds in a mokoro, dugout canoe. We went bush camping for 2 nights on Chief's Island with a local guide. He took us out walking which can be quite nerve-racking. Waking up in the night with an elephant pushing over a tree not 100 yards away from out tent! This was at the Chobe Riverfront...

  • The Okavango Delta, with its...

    The Okavango Delta, with its stunning wildlife and pristine nature reserves, was unlike other regions of Botswana. At Gunns Camp, a lodge I highly recommend, they had a Caracal cat that frequented the area. I was lucky to get a picture of this rare cat.

  • visit Okavango and stay at...

    visit Okavango and stay at least one or two nights in the area. Also try Chobe National Park for the big animals. A complete surprise to me was Chobe the lush green scenery. I've probably never before stood in such vast grassland 360 degree view with horizon to all sides.All sorts of birds seen on one tree..

  • Camping and travelling with a...

    Camping and travelling with a group of naturalists, archaeokogists, geographer, all with thier tales.Xade, to talk with the SAN who we relocated from their traditional hunting grounds, their centuries old co-existence with Mother Earth, all for the sake of Preserving wildlife from the guns of greedy materialists and politicians.And of Course...

  • Take a overnight safari on the...

    Take a overnight safari on the Okavango Delta. You are taken out in these shallow 'canoes' by friendly guides, passing groaning hippos, sleep in tents on an island (with elephant dung around you to remind you they are near!), and go on a game walk. We went swimming in the Delta - watch out for the leeches though! The game walk in the Delta. We...

  • Go to Chobe! And don't be...

    Go to Chobe! And don't be afraid to take the kids. Our kids had a fantastic time! And don't be afraid to go without your husband, women!! My friend and I did, and we never had any trouble. Regarding kids, we were told they might get bored on the game drives. But Chobe was so game rich in July, they never really had time to get bored. Our guide...

  • Go camping out in the bush,...

    Go camping out in the bush, which is one of life's most singular experiences. For this you definately need a 4x4. You see the stars more clearly than you could ever have imagined, and hear animal sounds that stir the imagination. Don't worry, they are mostly frogs, cricket and Jackals - mostly....... Out there you are free from unnecessary...

  • We took a two day (overnight)...

    We took a two day (overnight) trip from Victoria Falls to Chobe National Park. We saw hippos, elephants, lions, close up. BRILLIANT ACCOMMODATION TOO. Our 'tent accommodation' turned out to be the most luxurious tent we had ever seen. Dancing through the butterflies to get to our tent, and seeing all the animals close up on our boat trip and...

  • Visit the Okavango Delta.

    We were spending the night out in bush and sleeping in our little tent, when we suddenly woke up hearing some cracking noise in the wood. There was a huge elephant tearing down branches from the tree right behind our sleeping place. Our camp fire was out and our guide in the other tent was fast asleep. PANIC! We didn't move and almost forgot to...

  • When in Botswana one must most...

    When in Botswana one must most defenitly go to the okavango delta. All animals that want to be seen will be in there most natural surroundings. You will see the big five wich is the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and cheeta. Then go to the hills near Maun where you shall see the most cunning and majestic animal of all time, the leopard! My best...

  • take a dip in the Okavango...

    take a dip in the Okavango Delta. Try to forget about the elephant dung! There's no shade around here so it's the perfect way to cool down.

  • Take the helicopter ride over...

    Take the helicopter ride over the Delta! It is really the only way to appreciate how important this river area is to the ecosystem of this region. It is mind blowing how a little slice of luch landscape can be so important to a variety of life. We camped for three days in the delta and 'saw' only a limited amount of wildlife. Get up in the air and...


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  • Mondior Summit Hotel

    Plot 21117, Corner Mobuto and Maratadiba, The Village - Private Bag 00324, Gaborone, Botswana

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Khwai River Lodge

    P.O. Box 100, Maun, Botswana

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Chobe Safari Lodge

    Chobe National Park

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

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