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Gaborone Things to Do


    The official Tourist Information Office in Gaborone is run by the Department of Tourism. They have an excellent website and are helpful if you need information. Their office is only open on weekdays:7:30am-12:30pm & 1:45pm-4:30pm M-FThey have an excellent website as well.(Which does not work sometimes)


    Are you a Brit abroad? Or do you want to read some British newspapers. Maybe get some cultural information about the UK? Need a new British passport? The British High Commission (Embassy) and the British Council are housed in a nice looking ultra-modern building right on the Mall. Their hours seem to change a lot, so check their website or...


    The National Museum and Art Gallery of Botswana was opened in 1968, two years after the country gained its independence. The museum is also a research institution. Its collections include: Archaeological artefacts, traditional crafts, art works, natural history exhibits and a library. The outside compound (pictured) shows different examples of...

  • The National Museum & Art Gallery

    The National Museum and Art Gallery of Botswana was opened in 1968, few years after the country gained its independence. The museum has seven divisions promoting Botswana's cultural and natural heritage, ranging from crafts and paintings by local and regional artists, exhibiton of traditional transport methods to a collection of items telling about...

  • Camphill village/Otse

    A self sufficient village, funded by the crafts which are made by the people living on the grounds whom have disabilities and donations from various organisations(rudolf steiner group).Its about 50km out of Gaborone but well worth the short journey.You will be warmed and touched by the inquizative and hard-working you can buy...


    If Gaborone is your launching point into the Kalahari Desert or one of the many wildlife national parks in the bush – you will need some money. Gaborone is small yet it’s full of modern banking facilities, bureau de change access and most importantly: ATM’s. Brits abroad will probably want to use the easy to find Barclays ATM’s right in the Mall...


    The sign just says ‘Internet Café’. Its on Queens Road almost directly opposite the Shell petrol garage and a short walk to the Mall. They have the fastest internet connection in Africa. I have broadband at home in England, but this was so fast everything came up instantly. I got everything done in about 15 minutes that would have taken at least an...


    Are you low or out of Pula? Or do you need to send some money? This location of Western Union is located right in the Mall in the centre. They offer money transfers, either way, in hours. No problem. A handy place to have if you need money from home. This service is also available at the Post Office nearby. Hours Monday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Tuesday...

  • A monument to be proud of...

    I know I'm getting this wrong, but I think this info is at least partially correct. These 3 guys are famous in Botswana because they travelled to England in the late 1800s during a time of tribal hostilities and obtained protection for the territory now called Botswana. It's a nice monument, and if you go, the workers there can explain the story a...

  • Drink beer at the Bee 6 Bar

    For about $3 U.S., I had a large steak, corn meal and spinach. The beer cost about a quarter each (the local brew is called St. Louis, and is made right there in Gaborone -- it's a light pilsener, not bad).The Bee 6 Bar, for block 6 (the section of the city we were in) is a lively place on a Friday night. If you sit inside, you get football on the...

  • The Main Mall

    The Mall is the heart of the city. The area was built to celebrate the independence of the nation at the 1960's and is the home of the National Assembly and has a number of shops, banks and offices.The things to see at the Mall include:- Pula Arch commemorating the independence of the country- War Memorial of the 300 Batswana who died in the Second...

  • The National Museum

    Gaborone houses the National Museum and Art Gallery, which displays a collection of traditional crafts and paintings by local and regional artists.Opened in 1968 the Botswana National Museum aims at creating in Batswana and everyone an interest in Botswana's diverse cultural heritage. Located at the heart of Gaborone City, it is a delightful...


Gaborone Hotels

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Gaborone Restaurants


    Chicken Lickin has some good combo meals and side dishes. They are famous for their small chicken sandwiches called “Slyders” that you can pick up in multiples. The ladies that work here are friendly and fast. How good is it? Its ok, its fast food fried chicken. They have several locations across Gaborone and they stay open a bit later than most....


    The Hungry Lion is a large chain of fried chicken restaurants all over southern Africa and is owned & operated by those fantastic people of Shoprite grocery stores. Starting in 1997 they now have more than 113 fast food outlets operating in eight countries. Their motto is “For the love of chicken.” and they always seem to be busy. Also located in...


    Colonel Harland Sanders did not invent fried chicken – he just perfected it. KFC has the full menu you find all over the world, but they do offer spicy rice here. Its right in the Mall, so if you want the usual – here you go.


Gaborone Nightlife

  • Casino

    Gran Palm is a pleasant casino that offers several restaurants and bars, over 130 slot machines and 8 table games, including American Roulette, Poker, Omaha Hold'em and Blackjack.

  • Bull and Bush

    This is indeed the most lively hang out in Gaborone, it has live music some weekends, is a restaurant come pool bar, come everything.Probably the most popular place in town.Monday night is ribs night, cheap ribs that tast good.Tue-Thurs most people just pop in for a friendly game of pool and a beer.Fridays tends to get a bit crowded, but its a good...

  • Gaborone Hotels

    11 Hotels in Gaborone

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Gaborone Transportation


    You can’t get roadmaps at petrol stations! If you want to see Botswana the scenic way- you will need a roadmap. You can get them at good book stores like the Botswana Book Centre. They are located in Gaborone (2) .Francistown, Maun and Lobatse. Please note: They are closed on Sundays.The main one in Gaborone is located at: The Mall, P.O. Box 91,...

  • Gaborne by Car

    Gaborone is located very close to the South African border and can be reached quiet easily by car from Johannesburg via the North West Province. On the South African side the R 49 leads all the way to the border and to Botswana's capital. On the Botswana side Gaborone is connected by a road to the North towards Francistown and Nata - and then to...

  • Gaborone airport

    Sir Seretse Khama International Airport lies about 10km north of the city and connects with Johannesburg, Cape Town, Harare, Francistown and Maun.It's a small airport with no air conditioning, just some cieling fans that were not on when I was there! Also, the seats were all leather :) so it wasn't so comfortable waiting around for my flight back...


Gaborone Shopping


    The Botswana Book Centre is a great source for just about any category of books, greeting cards, post cards and road maps. The one pictured here in Gaborone has a huge variety of fiction and non-fiction books, magazines and newspapers. If you are going to be in Botswana for a while, they can order just about any publication you want. They are...


    If you need it repaired or just need a spare, this is the place. Gaborne Hardware is a very large full service hardware supplier. You can get keys cut, locks opened, whatever you might need. If you are staying for a while and need appliances or tools, Mr. Harsh Singh can help you. Located right in the Mall. Please note: They are closed on Sundays.


    Spar is part of a huge international chain of stores and they offer and excellent range of fresh foods, meats, cheeses, vegetables and even braai supplies. If you are on a budget you can get some good deals on food for you travels. They also have a butcher counter for some really good steaks and Boerewors. You can’t go wrong with Spar.


Gaborone Local Customs


    The Parliament of Botswana has 2 parts: The National Assembly and the House of chiefs. The National Assembly is the all-elected lower house which is responsible for producing legislation. The upper house, the House of chiefs partly elected and partly made up of chiefs of the larger tribes inside Botswana.

  • Sir Seretse Khama - First President of...

    Just in front of the Parliament Building is a statue of Sir Seretse Khama (1 July 1921-13 July 1980). Khama was actually the King of Tswana tribe and went to study in England after Word War II. In 1948 he married an English woman, Ruth Williams, and was striped of his chieftainship because he had broken tradition. He was exiled in England until...

  • use left hand

    When greeting people it is always best to use your left hand, as the right is used for toiletry uses(understand?)also it is considered extremely rude to turn down any invitations of food,dinner etc.. as the people are poor and an offering of food is a blessing upon you.Also there is great respect for elders so always give up your seat, place in a...


Gaborone Warnings and Dangers


    All across Gaborone you will see sign indicating that speed cameras operate on the roads – especially the ring road. Well here is a somewhat fuzzy picture of a Policeman using his camera on the roadside. Gaborone is the ONLY place in all of Botswana you will ever see the Police and the Police With Speed Cameras! Watch your speed in and around the...


    I am not accusing anyone, but I have no doubt more than one VT Member has stolen hotel towels at some time in their travels. Well, don’t do it here! I first noticed this in the capital Gaborone. Hotels in Botswana embroider their towels with the name of the accommodation and the telephone number. You really don’t want to get involved with the...


    The Mall area in the very centre of Gaborone is full of shops, restaurants and services. Gaborone is relatively quiet for a nation’s capital on weekdays. On Sundays it’s a quiet as, well, Church. Most things are closed on Sundays. The grocery stores are open, but limited hours. If you really must have something I suggest you get it on Saturday.


Gaborone What to Pack

  • power adaptor

    This one pictured I bought in Botswana. It's a good one because I can plug American stuff and European stuff into it.

  • Bring a watch!

    If you're like me, you tell time not by a wrist watch or the position of the sun, but by my mobile phone. Well I couldn't get a mobile phone signal in either Zambia or Botswana, so leaving my phone on caused the battery to die much quicker (usually my mobile phone battery lasts about a week -- but there is lasted about 8 hours because it was...

  • Malaria pills

    Remember to take malaria pills with you. I noticed that there in fact are mosquitoes even in the city center. I even spotted one inside the National Gallery. I forgot to take mine, luckily didn't get malaria, though..


Gaborone Off The Beaten Path


    David Livingstone is more widely known for ‘discovering’ Victoria Falls. It is less well known that he was a Scottish Missionary who built the first church in Botswana here at Kolobeng. He was lived here with his wife Mary and their children Robert & Agnes from 1847-1852. The two buildings were a Missionary Station and a Church/School. Sadly Agnes...

  • The Phuthadikobo Museum

    This is a small museum located in the village Mochudi and named after the hill on which it is located. It was established in 1976 and has the distinction of the being the first district museum in the country. It is housed in an old school -- the Bakgatla National School (dating from 1921) -- and you get a good history of the school and the area, as...

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