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Cameroon Off The Beaten Path


    MEDICINAL PLANTS CONSERVATION AND RESEARCH GROUP:This organization is leading a project on the conservation and sustainable management of medicinal plants in the Ndian division. You can find them in Mundemba.When you're interested and you want some information about the project, or you want to support them financially or give a helping hand when...

  • The 4 Regions of Cameroon

    Cameroon can be divided into 4 distinct Geographical regions - The West and Northwest is covered in grasslands and hills with mountains, waterfalls and heavy rainfall. This area has very fertile soil for growing all kinds of fruit and vegetables, Banana, Tea and Coffee Plantations and lots of grazing for animals so many small rural communities...

  • Witchcraft and masquerades in Cameroon

    I am a volounteer and I have been working in Cameroon for close to a year. I have been based in Ngoketunjia in the North West Province. This region is chronically poor and after a visit to more affluent south, I initiated a project to market the region for tourism.I soon found myself embroiled in a world of witchcraft, masquerades and secret...

  • Forest Clearings

    The largest part of Southeast Cameroon is also a part of the Congo Bassin.You'll find forest clearings everywhere, inside and outside the national parks.These places are perfect to spot wildelife, you'll find baïs or forest clearings in Boumba-Bek N.P. - Lobéké N.P. - Nki N.P.

  • ~~~LOBEKE N.P.~~~ Remember: Les...

    Lac Lobeke National Park in the South-East corner of Cameroon is one of the best preserved forests in the Congo Basin.First you've got to go the timber city Yokadouma, which you can reach by road.But when you've got time and an adventures mind you can take the train till Belabo and hike and-or hitchhike the remaining part.Have fun, but don't forget...

  • Get to know the organization Berudep

    This is cut n pasted from another one of my sections:I don't know a whole lot about this organization but it was near where I was living and I met people from Berdup in my village. I also went to Belo to see what they were about. They are very nice people who are motivated and really wanting to help by using homegrown ideas and bringing tourism to...

  • Mount Cameroon

    You'll need a few days if you want to climb the highest peak of Cameroon.You can find porters and qualified guides in the town of Buea.Info:Mount Cameroon Ecotourism OrganizationC/o Buea Rural CouncilP.O. Box 66 BueaSouth West ProvinceCameroon

  • Korup National Park. Go for it!

    As for the fauna, there are more than 300 bird species inside the park and 100 others in neighbouring zones, 174 reptile and amphibians and 140 fish species living in several streams which flow across the park.The Korup National Park is developed as a natural fauna reserve where on can still findelephants, buffalos, antelopes, leopards, chimpanzes,...

  • Korup National Park, go for it!!!

    As for the Korup National Park, it is situated in the South West Province of Cameroon. It has a surface area of 1,259km2 and is considered to be one of the oldest and most beautiful tropical rain forests in the world. Its rich flora and fauna result from a unique fact: the site of the Korup Park, in fact survived the ice age!Today, Korup can be...

  • Go where no one has gone before

    There are 11 protected forests in the North West province of Cameroon. None are yet developed for tourists, except one (Abuh) and then it is only possible to enter with a guide. The trek itself begins in Abuh village with a steep climb up the side of the valley through the small farms of mangos, bananas, passion fruit, corn and coffee. Arrival at...

  • Bangangte - a rural town

    The small town of Bangangte in Western Cameroon is a center of the surrounding farmland.It is situated in a beautiful setting of an mountainous area with great views over the grassland of Western Cameroon.DirectionsFrom Yaounde go about 200 km northwest on highway N4.

  • Farmland in Western Cameroon

    The province of Western Cameroon is well known for its good farmland. A good deal of the population tries to make a living as peasant farmers. Most of them live in small simple houses made of mudbricks. The farming methods are simple and the yields modest. They don't have to starve but they can't get rich either.

  • Have a meal at the rural market in...

    On our way from Yaounde to the rural town Bangangte we had breakfast at this street market in Makanene.A lot of small bars and shops are along the main street of this small town. It's very simple and the hygienic conditions are undescribable. So if you don't want risk something remember the rule: cook it, peel it or forget it.

  • River Sanaga

    With 920 km the Sanaga is Cameroon's longest river. Its fountain is near the eastern border and it flows into the Atlantic Ocean near Douala.The picture is taken on the bridge over the Sanaga on highway N4 about 70 km north of Yaounde to Bafoussam. We saw some fishermen on their boats.Near that bridge there are some sandy beaches. Go back into...

  • Villages around Rhumsiki

    On our walk south east of Rhumsiki we saw a lot of traditional villages. So we passed the villages Bla, Kila and Gova. In the villages we saw round huts and square buildings. The round huts have mostly thatched roofs, the square buildings have mostly zinc roofs. Our guide Koda explained us that nearly every village has three parts, one for the...

  • Problems at the end ......

    At the end of our hike around Rhumsiki we had some problems.....At the start of the hike the organisation had told us, that we could get new water and softdrinks at our our lunchbreak. So we didn't bring water for the afternoon. But there was no water at all at the place of our lunchbreak, so in the afternoon we had to put our last warm swallows of...

  • Nice overview of the area, south-east of...

    After our lunchbreak the flat plains changed in a more hilly area. From the elevation we had fantastic views at the villages down in the valley. By their natural colours the villages formed an unity with their surroundings and sometimes you had to look very good to recognize them. The landscape itself was also very scenic because of the many...

  • Meeting with the kids

    During our hike, passing the villages around Rhumsiki, we had a long lunchbreak, because of the heat. In the shade of the wide tree near the compound of the old man, some women and kids came to join us.The kids brought two young dogs and enjoyed to learn some dutch words. So these wonderful kids all could say ''hondje blaft, wafwaf'' at the moment...

  • Lunchbreak under a big tree.

    Around 11 pm it was allready extremely hot during our hike south-east of Rhumsiki. We had to walk in the full sun at a dusty plain. I used my multifunctional African cloth to cover my head and shouders, like the local women did. Sometimes we sheltered under one of the scarce trees along the path for a minute for a pull of water.We were very happy...

  • Storage of maize and other crops.

    We had our break in this shady village at the place, where the people stored their maize and other crops. The crops were high and dry on a platform on piles.On the ground nearby we found heaps of peanut-shells. In many villages along the road we saw women and kids peeling these nuts.We saw also maize-ears hanging in the trees (by enlarging the...

  • Visit to a village, in the shade !

    Because the sun was burning allready heavily during the morning, we were happy our path was leading to this village south of Rhumsiki, which has a lot of trees. So here we made our first stop, for drinking water and taking a snack (all brought by ourselves).It was interesting to have a close look at the construction of the traditional huts with...

  • Hike south of Rhumsiki

    Later in the morning the sun allready started to burn. The ground was very dry and dusty.A few times we crossed a small stream. In the water we saw women, washing their clothes. Also we saw cows standing in the water to cool down or to drink (you can see the cow by enlarging the picture).It felt a bit cooler near the streams. Reality or imagination...

  • Barrage, just south of Rhumsiki

    In the first hour of our walk south of Rhumsiki we saw a barrage, an artificial pond, made to let the live-stock drink.At the moment of our visit also somebody was washing his car at the water-side.We enjoyed our walk in the early morning, looking at the small fields, the mountaineous background, the compounds, the donkeys, the cows and especially...

  • Rhumsiki, many peaks

    The surroundings of Rhumsiki are very scenic. Especially at north-west side of the village you will have breathtaking views at the valley, edged by striking peaks.But also on our walk to the south-east, we saw this peak, just after we started to walk out of the village.

  • Hiking in the country-side around...

    Itis very easy to organise hikes for one or more days in Rhumsiki. It is also possible to make treks with horses.For an one-day hike, organised by Auberge Le Kapsiki, we paid 7.500 CFA, including three meals and a guide.The most paths and tracks we walked were very easy. The first hour of our walk we met a lot of people on their way to Rhumsiki,...

  • Canoe the crater lake (Kumba)!

    Just outside Kumba is a large crater lake called Barombi Mbo. It is a pleasant and peaceful place, just a few kilometers from the bustle of Kumba. It is less famous than the twin lakes of Bangem, or the killer lake Nyos, but all have similar geology. National Geographic did a great story on the Nyos gas release in 1986 (which killed several...

  • Climb on the lava flow!

    Near Mile 11 beach in Limbe, the lava from the 1999 eruption of Mount Cameroon flowed across the road, stopping just shy of the sea. Rather than remove the materiel, the local authorities just rerouted the road around the end of the lava flow. It's easy to get out of a vehicle, climb around on the lava for awhile, then head down to the beach for a...

  • Try a walk in prestine...

    Try a walk in prestine rainforest, it's tiring, sweaty and you will certainly appreciate a shower after a day or two. Good places to do this are Mount Cameroon, Korup National Park and Dja reserve.

  • If you can swing, and you are...

    If you can swing, and you are adventurous and patient enough head for the Monts Alantikas on the border of Nigeria. Not only are they are beautiful in the Sahel landscape, but no visits them. It is a completely different world out there, in this region of Cameroon and Nigeria, it is possible to see people who have had little contact with...

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