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  • Fontainhas, a small mountain village
    Fontainhas, a small mountain village
    by ValbyDK
  • Pico da Cruz
    Pico da Cruz
    by ValbyDK
  • Ilha de Santo Antão
    by brancolini

Ilha de Santo Antão Things to Do

  • Hiking from Corda to Ribeira Grande

    From Ponta do Sol we take an aluguer to Corda at 900 meters above sea level and began the descent. We never thought that walking down is exhausting, but I know better now...Anyhow, the views compensate for all efforts.The "road" is only a small mountain path, you really need a guidebook to find your way. Although think about your knees, it´s 900...

  • Hiking to Fontainhas

    The walk to the "mountain village" of Fontainhas is a must! The road is easy to find and the views back to Ponta do Sol or to the mounains are spectacular!This walk is also for not very exercised people, but bear in mind that in midday it´s very hot and at the road there is almost no shade (take enough water and a headdress).We went up to the...

  • Ponta do Sol: church

    At the entrance of the centre of the village is a beautiful green square.This square is a good orientation point in the village.At the north side of this square is a nice small chuch in a bright white color.At the square you will always see some local people, sitting on a bench, chatting, visiting the church ...

  • Ponta do Sol, colourfull houses

    Not far from the port of Ponta do Sol we saw this colourful street along the ocean with colourfull painted houses.There are some nice shops in this street.

  • Buying fresh fish from the fishermen

    There are some markets in Santo Antão, but the best way to find the freshest fish or seafood is to meet the fishermen as they arrive and bargain for their product.

  • Ribeira Grande

    Ribeira Grande in the north of the island is the capital.There are a few hotels, restaurants and an internetcafé.The town looks nice with houses in all kind off colours.It's nice to stay here for a few days or more depending of how many walks you intend to make.It's very relaxed to walk around. There are not many foreigners. Everywhere In Cape...


Ilha de Santo Antão Transportation

  • Ferry from Santo Antao - Mindelo

    There are 2 or 3 ferries from Porto Novo to Mindelo, nearly at the same time halfway the morning.Ask always for the departure times, they will change sometimes a bit.Ask the busdriver to drive to the ferryticket-offices in town before to go to the port.It is not possible to buy tickets in the port.

  • Go around in small buses

    There are small buses for transport all over the island.At arrival at the port of Porto Novo there are a lot. The buses will leave, when they have enough passengers.From the port of Porto Novo to the capital Ribeira Grande at the other side of the island costs 300 escudos each person.If you want the bus for yourself, you pay 3000 escudos. We could...

  • Ilha de Santo Antão Hotels

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Ilha de Santo Antão Local Customs

  • Stone structures

    Everywhere at the island of Santo Antao we saw intriguing stone forms.Old or new?Here in Ribeira de Torre used as a shelter for small cattle.But we had the impression that also people used larger ones theirselves as a dwelling.

  • Distellary of the local liquor, grogue

    The typical liquor of Cape Verde is the grogue made of sugar cane.You can drink this everywhere in the archipelago. The grogue is made in Santo AntaoIn the Ribeira Grande in the north-west of Santo Antao we found a distellary where they produce this liquor.

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Ilha de Santo Antão Off The Beaten Path

  • Ribeira de Torre, circular stone...

    Along the road we saw a lot of circular stone structures, made of rocks. We tried to figure out for what is was used. At this place we saw pigs an other small cattle in these very small ones.Bwana Brown told me, that he found out, that funco is the name of these circular structures. Covered with dried leaves these structures are used as primitive...

  • Ribeira de Torre, transport

    Also in these remote places the aluguer will come and pick up people.So we saw this aluguer in this far away valley at its dead end, picking up the wedding guests to bring them back to Ribeira Grande.

  • Ribeira de Torre, kids

    Everywhere where we walked we met a lot of kids, always anxious to say hello and to talk with us.At this place in the Ribiera de Torre was a wedding with a lot of cheerfull music, resounding in the valley.


Ilha de Santo Antão Favorites

  • Santo Antao, hiking map

    There is a good hiking map of Santo Antao, but take it from home.I didn't see the map in Cape Verde.Name of the map:Cape Verde Santo Antao.Goldstadt Wanderkarte 1:50.000.The hiking map is based on GPS measurements.Of every track is a good description with the type of track, the quality of the track, how easy the navigation will be and the average...

  • Mountains & walking

    Ilha do Santo Antao is a mountaineous island and a very good and picturesque area for walking/hiking.There are many trails, especally in the northern part of the island.So bring your walking shoes.

  • Map of Santo Antao

    Santo Antao has a fantastic mountaineous scenery.You arrive in the port of Porto Novo. The road to the north goes up through the mountains with breathtaking views all around.The best part for walking and hiking is the north. Ribeira Grande and Ponta do Sol are good places to stay in small pensions or hotels. Mountains, ocean and a beautifull...


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