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    by DAO Updated Nov 6, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    OK. Its not even remotely cheap. That’s Djibouti. The lovely cold beer I bought (pictured) was more than $5. Meals are pricey, but the menu is huge. If you want American food served by attractive and friendly waitresses, this is the place. Its located in Place Menelik (one of the main squares) and you can even dine outside. They show world sports on big TV’s as you would expect.

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  • djibouti: stop hatin"!!!they're makin a livin'

    by trueabyssinyanblood Updated Apr 4, 2011

    all y'all haters out there u're walkin'round talkin'*** u ***in ignoramous suck my dick u ***in'faggets why d'u even go to the bars if 'u didn't want to see the girls? wit your hardons n' ure talkin bout ethiopian women try to make a livin' i don't ***in' care if it's indecent or whateva atleast they're doin something and at least they're pretty enough to *** u must be a ***in'ugly retard that can't even get laid witout payin 'fo'it. *** all uj ***` azz nbegros learn how to wipe your hairy monkey *** 'fore u talk *** 'bout ma beautiful ethiopian

    Dress Code: yeah try to cover yo faces upcuz y'all djiboutians are ***in ugly.

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  • aggie85's Profile Photo

    All: Judgemental

    by aggie85 Updated Dec 7, 2009

    The Djibouti cafes are just like any other cafe in any other location of the planet. They serve food, using either a waiter or waitress, and may provide some sort of general entertainment such as big screen TV or music. I have read through some travel comments from different sources and would like to provide an alternative view.

    People who go to night clubs will find what ever it is they are looking for be it in Djibouti, Moscow, London, Dallas, or Midwest Town USA. People will see whatever it is that they want to see based upon their own inner issues.

    It is true Djibouti is a poor country with many poor people. But this does not automatically make every woman who works as a waitress a prostitute. No more than one can say every wife is a legal prostitute.

    It is certainly very sad to see people be so judgmental. I have no doubt that the night clubs may have many of people in this profession, but I seriously doubt it is the case for a family restaurant, this is a Muslim country.

    It is interesting to find that many people make judgment about others based upon their own weaknesses. A wife who endlessly shops, or a husband spending countless hours working on a hobby in the garage maybe compensating for something missing in their own life. It is even more interesting to find that those who judge will be the first to ignore judging themselves.

    For all you travelers, Djibouti cafes and restaurants are not dens of inequity. Avoid the night clubs after midnight and I am sure your sensibilities will remain in tact.

    Dress Code: no problem

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  • aggie85's Profile Photo

    Ethiopian Community Center: Inexpensive Meal Spot 1

    by aggie85 Written Nov 14, 2009

    I have read many postings about how expensive it is to eat or do anything in the capital city of Djibouti. For the most part everyone is right, if you are American or European it is very expensive to buy anything in Djibouti. Americans, and most Europeans are creatures of habit, and where they will congregate is also dictated by habit. They go to the tourist spots which the Djiboutian business community has universally established the prices, which are high. Is the food any better, nope sorry not true, your pocket is just getting tapped.

    The Ethiopian Community Center is not a tourist trap. It is local's hangout. The beer is the cheapest in town at 500 DF, and mixed drinks are 550 DF. The food is freshly cooked, which you can observe if you are concerned about 'safe'. Dinner and a beer will cost you no more than 1,000 DF, which is about $8.00. The atmosphere is great. You have a choice of seating, upstairs or down, oh and by the way it is outside.

    You will find French, Djiboutian, Ethiopian, Asian, and now Americans at the Center. The people are all very friendly, and yes it is safe :-)

    Dress Code: As you are. No need to dress up.

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  • txaggie85's Profile Photo

    La Virage: Quiet Cafe

    by txaggie85 Written Oct 28, 2009

    La Virage is located less than 1 mile east of the airport, in what I would call the French section. It reminds one of a converted garage bar. French of course is the predominate language, but there is some English being spoken now. This the the 2nd cheapest beer place in town, running at 600 df. What is my highlight are the 'Frits', aka french fries; best in town. It is a quiet out the way place, frequented by French families early in the day, then Foreign Legion later in the afternoon, and joined by some American contractors later.

    Recommend to use the bathroom before you come here...never has water.

    Dress Code: dress as you like

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  • JAVATO's Profile Photo

    All bars in the principal street.: Take care!

    by JAVATO Written May 4, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nightlife in Djibouti is only for men. There are a lot of military guys from France.
    People from Djibouti don't have money to go out at night, all of the people who go out at night is for work. Taxi drivers, waiters, security and prostitutes.
    All of the bars are very similar. Men in the door for security, female waiters and girls working.
    Really you can go to take a drink without problems, girls are a little annoying but it's understandable. They are working hard for money. If you don't want anything with them You can say it them without problems.
    Most of them just only want you invite them for a drink.
    Prices are very expensives. One beer about 6 €.
    Take care with profesional sex, there is a lot of Aids.
    In general, nightlife is very safe. The problems come from military guys, when they are so drunked.

    Dress Code: How you want.

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  • Abesha prostitutes: Abesha prostitutes

    by Djiboutien Written Sep 1, 2007

    Guys don`t worry all the Ethiopian prostitutes will be deported back to Ethiopia, we will not tolerate any more French army and American abusing innocent poor Ethiopian Girl, anyway these girls get aids from you!

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  • Djibouti: hazardous to your health

    by dhen Written May 10, 2006

    Stay away from the clubs unless you are interested in playing sexual Russian roulette with Ethiopian prostitutes (which I definitely was not). You can't even have a drink there without them bothering you, and like the beggars it's a real hassle to get rid of them. This includes some of the restaurants, too.

    Cafe Mask is one bar/restaurant that is very clean and were prostitutes are not allowed to enter.

    Dress Code: no dress code anywhere

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  • Jacque_the_moron's Profile Photo

    Ethiopian Encounter

    by Jacque_the_moron Written May 6, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I am quite suprised when most of the girls we met in the clubs are from Ethiopia. Djibouti has some nightclubs, which also crowded with French army / Legionaires every weekend. Most of the clubs sell beers in DjF 1000 per bottle, which is considerably expensive (USD5.60). Well, evenmost of the clubbers are French but it is all Ameriacn music the clubs are playing.

    Dress Code: No dress code, u can even wear shorts and sandals. U'll be a weido if you put on your party dress like when you r in KL.

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  • hunwagner's Profile Photo

    As you might expect ...

    by hunwagner Written Apr 29, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Guess what?
    Being a major port city and army base, Djibouty City has lots of nightclubs full of prostitutes from Ethiopia and Somalia.
    Note that drinks are VERY expensive in these places!
    This is not my cup of tea so I can't give recommendations.

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  • if you go as single in...

    by palin Written Aug 25, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    if you go as single in Djibouti, you'll make a lot of famale friends quickly: the town and the pubs are full of ethiopian prositutes.
    AIDS is everywhere too...

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