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Aswan Things to Do

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  • Nile Cruise II

    it was full of joy and fun , all ages enjoyed that trip very relaxing , we watched birds and watched plants in the Nile and enjoyed taking family photos in that wonderful nature

  • Philae Temple

    The construction of the dam raised the waters, covering, amidst other things, the temple of Philae. Tourism was already the top business in Egypt, and the decision to preserve it was easy - an artificial island was built, and the temple dismounted and rebuilt on it. Now, a boat is need to visit it, in a short and pleasant trip.Read carefully when...

  • Philae Temple II

    Nature and history mixed in amazing way in that spot , photos in the way to the temple in the middle of Nile river


Aswan Hotels

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Aswan Restaurants

  • Mcdonalds

    Now after having been in Egypt for 3 weeks, i was rather sick of the food which we had found and just wanted a little bit of home served up... so me and my friend ventured into McD.... and wow what a diference. The fries were actually steaming hot (almost burning fingers type temperature) and crispy and everything that fries should be... and the...

  • Food for the soul

    Al Masry in Aswan Bazaar is a good value for money restaurant to go to when you are hungry, not peckish. It has two dining areas simple but pleasant, you can choose a set meal from around 30le, which includes soup, salad and a couple of dips and pickle, bread, rice and the meat of your choice.I dined here several times and chose something different...

  • Along the length of corniche

    Most of the restaurants and cafes line up the corniche al Nil. Sometimes they are hidden a little below the edge near the water, so you have to go down the stairs. Since I was staying at the corniche itslelf, I passed by several restaurants, cafe and shisha joints along the way. The McDonalds and KFC also are both along this promenade, and so are...


Aswan Nightlife

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  • Walk along the promenade

    I don't think there's a nightlife comparable to other big cities in Aswan, other than the restaurants and cafe, you could watch the people and enjoy the night walking along the corniche or sit at one of the benches in the park. There are a lot of people - family, couples, walking back and forth along the corniche.Watch the people...or watch the...

  • The Terrace

    The terrace at the Old Cataract Hotel is a lovely spot for a cocktail and a light snack in the evening, in an old colonial atmosphere. I was here on two occasions while staying at the New Cataract Hotel. I am uncertain, though, if non-hotel guests would be allowed into the grounds of the hotel, though I'm sure the guards would let you in,...

  • Walk Along the Esplande or Main Vendors...

    After dinner we found it perfectly safe to walk back to our hotel along the dusty main street where vendors kept vigil by the occasional electric lamp bulb. The walk along the Nile river, which is entirely paved in concrete is also pleasant. At the time of our visit, in early January, the night temperatures were quite chilly and a sweeter was...


Aswan Transportation

  • All Aboard the Sloooow Train to Aswan

    I have never been on a train – other than the little kiddie train in the Galaxyland Amusement Park in Edmonton with my children so I was pretty excited that I would be going on a real train ride that just happened to be going from Cairo to Aswan. If I thought all train rides were like this one I would most certainly NEVER get on another one again....

  • Caleche

    I don't know if you would want to take it as it's of course slower than any other means of transport around the city but if you're in the mood for a leisure trip, you can take the caleche (horse-drawn carriage).Like the taxi, some of them are tourist trap -- don't get caught ending up in a souvenir shop if you're not into it, or getting...

  • Public minibises or vans

    I don't know if it's fun but definitely for tourists, it won't be fun taking the public buses or vans, especially if you're new in Aswan. There are lots and lots of minibuses and vans in different designs -- no standard bus (see pic). And I won't advise it unless you're over-the-top adventurous (which I'm not, just adventurous). Or unless you speak...


Aswan Shopping

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  • Local market

    About 3 blocks from the Nile, running parallel for a good 6-7 blocks is the Aswan tourist Bazaar. This is the cheapest place to buy souvenirs.

  • Cartouches

    Cartouches are small replicas of the larger Cartouches found on the walls of various temples throughout Egypt. The symbols inside are hieroglyphic, each one stands for a letter in the ancient Egyptian Alphabet.In ancient Egypt, the only people allowed to have his or her name inside a Cartouche in hieroglyph, were royalty. Silver Cartouches with...

  • The Souq: Bargain, Bargain, Bargain

    Shopping for gifts and souvenirs in Aswan is the only way to go. Most items can be bought for a much lower price than in Cairo or Luxor. The biggest misconception when shopping for items in Egypt is to pay full price, ( the first price that the vendor offers). Actually, the local shopkeepers are more than willing to bargain with you. Try to...


Aswan Local Customs

  • The Call To Prayer

    The Call to Prayer or Adhan, is a series of the five daily prayers, (known as the salah). The prayer is heard at dawn, midday, middle of the afternoon, just after sunset, and at night a few hours after sunset. The Adhan is recited by the muezzin. The muezzin is a chosen person appointed to call to prayer. The melodious call is heard from the top of...

  • Tourist Site Tourist Police

    Many tourist police or locals will wave at you & help you to find the best view in these tourist sites. However, while some of them are really friendly but many are asking for a tip for these services. So prepare yourself with many small bills or nice pens to give out to establish international friendship (many asked me for pens in Aswan & Luxor) ....

  • Egyptian-Russian Friendship

    It is pleasant to visit the country in which you are hospitably meet not only because you the stranger but also because you have arrived from the especially favorite by locals country. I felt such impression during visiting Egypt and especially in Aswan. Egyptians really love Russians! There are many reasons of such a feeling. One of them - the...


Aswan Warnings and Dangers

  • Beware of these Eveteaser!

    These two blokes stopped me as I was walking with the girl and her dad( They were part of my group, her father is a govt servant with Govt. Of India) and asked if I was an Indian and her father? I said no, then he asked very uabashedly how many camels for her marriage? I first, ignored him, when he pressurised, then I said, her father is a minister...

  • money changing

    I was caught out on the quayside at Aswan. Two men were touting tours and carriage riders. One held up a £10 note "How much is this in Egyptian?" "80 Egyptian pounds". "Give me 50". We recommended going to a bank but he indicated too much trouble/problems. I assumed he had collected tips to get £10 so I was prepared to do him a favour and have a...

  • There Is No Such Thing As A Nubian...

    If a Fellucca captain offers you a boat ride on the Nile for Nubian Pounds say NO! Pay for rides with Egyptian Pounds only. Don't pay with Euros or U.S. Dollars either.


Aswan Tourist Traps

  • Baksheesh!

    You hear this word all the time. BAKSHEESH is tip in arabic. Every where you go there is someone asking you for baksheesh. So if you let a local take your picture, let them get in the picture with you, take a picture with them ~Baksheesh~ If they put your suitcase on the belt going through airport security, let you go through the fast lane - Take a...

  • Toilet Paper & One Pound Notes

    When you use the public washrooms there is a woman standing/sitting at the door waiting for you to give her 1LE to get into the washroom and then she will hand you 1, yes you read that correctly ONE sheet of toilet paper.This is not limited to the washrooms around the tourist sites. Sometimes when you are in a restaurant washroom - there is no...

  • Caleche and shopping

    When taking the caleche (horse-drawn carriage), haggle for the fare, don't worry that's normal and they expect that. Now, when the caleche driver starts to tell you that he could recommend a shop of his brother or cousins or any relatives or friend, say no if you really have a destination. Unless of course, you wanted to.And if you do say yes, then...


Aswan What to Pack

  • For the children

    I have a special fondness for Nubian children so I always take stuff for them when I visit. Instead of handing it out to the children I take it to the teachers of the school so that the children are not encouraged to beg. School supplies are greatly appreciated, pens, pencils, coloring books, crayons and the like. Hair ornaments are great for the...

  • Pack light for Aswan

    The weather is still extremely warm in late October, and it can occasionally be quite warm in the evening. Temperatures in Aswan can reach over 100 degrees even in March and April! (The coolest months in Aswan are December January and February). Take sandals and light breathable clothing and short-sleeved shirts. The same goes for women dress as...

  • Packing...

    Take a small bag pack with you for day will want/need something to put your bottled water well as things like your camera and anything you might buy during the day. Take good walking will walk a lot! And also take some comfortable cool clothes for the hot weather you'll almost definitely get there. Take some...


Aswan Off The Beaten Path

  • Green Aswan & Farming a way of life!

    We were amazed to see the greenery of Aswan , while in train. I have only heard and read about the fertility of the banks of the Nile river but when I saw it personally the greenery, I am really elated. God has been so kind to them, their black soil and the hard working people. The hard working people of Egypt has really converted the desert in to...

  • The real nuba village essence

    The very popular Elefafantine island was rather fantasy to me - made more colourful and attractive for the tourists. The real essence of nuba villages can be found on the West-Bank. There You will find everything - the old nuba houses, Yellow Sahara, gorgeous panorama of the whole Aswan.On the main road from the ferry dock You will find a lovely...

  • Discover Aswan West bank by bicycle!

    During our stay in Aswan last winter we rented a bike at guesthouse Bet el Kerem and made a beautiful cycle trip on the West bank of the Nile. The quality of the road was surprisingly good and the area is very nice: on your right the Nile and the green agriculture grounds where the farmers are working, accompanied by donkeys, camels and ibises. On...


Aswan Sports & Outdoors

  • goutammitra's Profile Photo

    Felluca Ride Or small sailing boat...

    by goutammitra Updated Dec 6, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is a very popular sports activity on the Nile River for the tourists visiting Egypt. For EGP 10 to EGP 30 you can have an hour of Felluca ride on the nile river. They usually take you to Banana Island to see Banana plantation and other sight seeing. Please bargain for the price before the ride and i clear terms, whether it is GBP or USD. Normally they take only Egyptian Pounds, but unsuspecting tourist may end up paying lot more if the prices are not settled before!

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Aswan Favorites

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  • picturesque!

    Aswan is picturesque but there isn`t a lot to do for entertainment except sightseeing so a week is enough.Apart from the famous Abu Simbel tour, there are ferryboat trips to villages in the middle of the Nile but do not get ripped off by greedy locals who offer their services and then demand a wad of cash, you can just do it alone, or look for...

  • Unfinished Obelisk Museum

    Well-known Aswanian granite was obtained on the suburb of the city since ancient times. Numerous statues and sarcophagi, obelisks and columns are cut down of this granite. In stone quarries it is possible to look after all process of extraction of boulders and their primary processing.In stone quarries you will find the Unfinished Obelisk. On some...

  • Nubia Museum

    The Nubia Museum is a must. By opening of this museum in 1997 it had been put a point in the international campaign on rescue of the Nubian culture which begun under aegis of UNESCO in 1960.It is located on a rock in 1 km from the city centre, near to the Corniche. The Museum is opened 9.00-13.00 and 17.00-21.00. Be attentive! From 13.00 till 17.00...


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