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Idfu Things to Do

  • Guards

    A thankless task, watching the ruins, especially in the heat of the day. These guys wisely found themselves a relatively shady spot - and a little baksheesh is required for a photograph or two :)

  • Falcons

    At the main entrance of the Pylon into the Temple and the Court of Offerings are two statues of falcons/Horus. Only one remains upright, the other lying on the ground.

  • Temple of Horus - Birth House

    The colonnaded Birth House, just at the entrance to the Temple, is worth more than a passing glimpse with some wonderful surviving reliefs at the back wall of the House. including Horus being suckled.

  • Reliefs on the Rear Wall

    Ornate reliefs cover the entire external walls of the temple, depicting gods in various poses. This wall is in fact the rear wall from the main entrance to the temple, but the modern-day box-office is itself to the rear of the Temple. Consequently, these brilliant reliefs are the first things you see. The detail (and size) is deeply impressive,...

  • Temple Of Horus

    Extraordinary.Horus was originally the sky-god of the Nile Valley whose eyes were the sun and the moon: he became the falcon deity and the mythical first pharoah of Egypt and the son of Osiris and Isis.The Temple of Horus was started in 237 BC and completed in 57BC and was covered by the desert sands until the 1860s, revealing the best preserved...

  • Temple of Horus

    The Temple of Horus is one of the most completely preserved Egyptian temples. It is dedicated to the falcon god Horus.When you visit you enter the grounds from the rear of the temple - our guide told us to walk looking down until we got around to the front and only then to turn and look up at the entrance to the temple. What an impressive sight it...


    Ancient culture had damaged many reliefs as it can be seen on the photo.In many of the rooms, the paint has survived for more than 2,000 years. Can you guys imagine if most of the temple is under the city, how many original pieces are down there??


    The Sanctuary at Edfu Temple. The naos would have a statue of Horus and a pedestal at the front of the naos have supported a barque (we couldn't get it in the picture)


    The temple (2500 BC) is dedicated to Horus, the solar war god. It is one of the best preserved ancient temple in Egypt because it was under the sand for centuries unti 1860, the city was righ on the top. Part of the temple remain under the city.The pylons in the pic are 118 feet high with scenes of the pharaoh in battle.In the temple it used to...


Idfu Transportation

  • Getting to the Temple

    So, we arrived at Edfu by cruise boat, but still had to get to the Temple.There appeared to be two methods of transport on offer. The first was by small bus or car, which is the method we used.The second was by horse-drawn carriage - and there were loads of them. Unfortunately the poor horses looked to be very I would not...

  • Cruise to Edfu

    As part of our 3 day Nile Cruise, we stopped at Edfu to allow a visit to the Temple.The ship docked up against other similar cruise boats, and we had to walk through the reception area of each boat to get to shore!The cruise was certainly a relaxing method of transport to take us from one amazing attraction to another!

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Idfu Warnings and Dangers

  • sue_stone's Profile Photo

    by sue_stone Written Jan 30, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Usually you think that if you get to a tourist attraction really early you will beat the crowds....not so at this temple!

    We arrived at the temple a little before 7am, which is when the temple opens.

    There were already crowds of people there...luckily our local guide knew someone at the head off the ticket queue, and managed to get us all tickets without too much a delay.

    But once inside it was still very busy - and the sun had only just risen!

    crowds waiting to enter the temple
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Idfu What to Pack

  • NoodleT's Profile Photo

    by NoodleT Written Jan 20, 2003

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: Edfu was the only temple we went to in Egypt where it was cooler outside it that in it. The heat simply seemed to emanate from the walls or it may just have been the large numbers of hot sweaty people inside.
    So, in contrast to visiting the rest of Egypt, you don't want to bring a hat or items to cover you up because they will stick to you and make you feel worse.

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Idfu Off The Beaten Path

  • leffe3's Profile Photo

    by leffe3 Updated Jun 5, 2007

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    Leaving Luxor and approaching Edfu, small settlements on the banks of the Nile are constantly in view, highlighting a lifestyle that hasn't changed in centuries.

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Idfu Favorites

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  • Falcon God...

    Since this temple is dedicated to Horus, who is the Falcon god, there are a few images of falcons about the temple grounds. Two falcon statues guard the main entrance, and another one is situated in front of the entrance of the Hall of Consecrations. In the most inner chamber of this temple, the Sanctuary of Horus, is where the great golden pagan...

  • Good condition, Low miles...

    You'll find that the Horus temple at Edfu is one of the best preserved in all of Egypt. It was completed in 57 BC by Ptolemy XII, who just so happens to be Cleopatra's father. Though it was built during the Greek period, it is in the classic Egyptian style and pays homage to the ancient Greek God of Horus.

  • Old and New

    You will see the contrasts between old and new in close quarter at Edfu. The simple mud brick homes, complete with space age satellite dishes, come in quite close quarters with the high walls of the ancient Horus temple here...


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