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  • Inside the Abu Simbel Temple
    Inside the Abu Simbel Temple
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    Abu Simbel
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Temple of Abu Simbel Highlights

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     The final target of my second trip to Egypt 

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     By road it is far from Luxor. 

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Temple of Abu Simbel Things to Do

  • Random pics of Abu Simbel

    It will be a waste if I don't put-up those pictures I took during my visit to Abu Simbel so am posting it here.And by the way, there are a couple of restaurants few meters from the road leading to the entrance of the temples. And also, there are lots of souvernir shops in case you are interested to buy some stuff, and yeah, like every popular sites...

  • Lake Nasser

    Considered as the world's (or one of?) largest man-made lake. The lake was a result of the construction of the high dam of Aswan between 1958 and 1971.Lake Nasser was named after the former President Gamal Abdel Nasser who initiated the project. The lake measures 550 km long and 35 km across. It covers a total surface area of 5,250 km² and has a...

  • Temple of Nefertari

    Beside the Temple of Ramses II on the right side is the smaller temple, the Temple of Nefertari, and is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, personified Ramesses's most beloved wife Nefertari (the pharaoh had some 200 wives and concubines). By the way, you are not allowed to take photos inside the temples, there are security guards.

  • Temple of Ramses II

    Abu Simbel has 2 temples - the bigger - is the Temple of Ramses II, and dedicated to Ra-Harakhty, Ptah and Amun, Egypt's 3 deities of the time. On the facade are 4 colossal statues of Ramses II. The second statue from the left has only the lower half body -- upper body lays near the feet.Prior to coming to Egypt, I watched the BBC documentary on...

  • The trip

    The trip was taken from the city of Aswan. Another 280 km (165 miles) with a convoy through the desert of sand. It took us 3 hours to do it, but than you can look at something very impressive! Take a good look at the pictures in the travelogue and maybe you agree with me, this is something impressive to see in real life.

  • Man-made mountain in honor of Sun God,...

    Originally located under the current water level made by the Aswan Dam, the Temple of Abu Simbel was moved brick by brick along with the mountain it is carved into.You can easily marvel at the size of the facade and the intricate details of the inner rooms.However, if you read your history books or pay attention to your guide (if you choose to have...


Temple of Abu Simbel Hotels

Temple of Abu Simbel Restaurants

  • Not much food

    There is a small cafe at Abu Simbel Temple but the prices are expensive and there's not much choice. I would recommend you take some snacks with you on the bus trip and take some water for while at the temple. Our trip took around 8 hours in total (3 hours each way in the bus) and we were glad we had something to eat.

  • fast food cafe

    There is a cafe next to the ticket office where you can get drink and quick food. since the journey from Aswan to Abu Simbel is long (3 hours x 2 ways + 2 hours on site), you should bring along water and snack to be consumed on the bus. If not, go to the cafe.

  • Temple of Abu Simbel Hotels

    3 Hotels in Temple of Abu Simbel

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Temple of Abu Simbel Nightlife

  • Sound & Light Show

    One can pay Abu Simbel a-one-day-visit, from Aswan by air or road to enjoy such show.The road trip takes 3 hours each way.Check "Transportation Tip" for more means.Klick for more details% Nothing specific.

  • Nubian Dancers

    Cruising on the Nasser Lake, southern part of Egypt - we enjoyed some Nubian dancers,quiet spectacular show of music and dances.Many (female) tourist were invited to participate Leisure


    The sound and light show was stunning, unfortunately as the commentary started with `I am the voice of the wind...` a mini sandstorm blew up and we were sandblasted for the whole performanceIt was worthwhile enduring the sand to watch the show even though our faces afterwards looked like before and after shots for a dermal abrasion treatment


Temple of Abu Simbel Transportation

  • Convoy travelling

    Whenever you have to go through the desert, it's to be done in convoys. You are not allowed to do it on your own. The security risc is to high. The best arrangements are made by Egyptian travel agents. They provide busses to take part in the convoy. The police does also. In front and in between as well as in the rear of the convoy. The fair is even...

  • Getting To Abu Simbel by Air

    Flights to Abu Simbel are a bit tricky and require a little patience. They can be purchased online via the Egyptair website but, because travel agents bulk-buy the seats in advance, (the remaining) seats aren't listed until 3 weeks prior to any particular date. If you need to buy your flights earlier than this, check with a local travel agent....

  • Getting to Abu Simbel by Car

    Trips here can be arranged quite inexpensively through any hotel in Aswan. The budget hotels eg. The Keylany do a half day group trip which includes Abu Simbel, The Unfinished Obelisk, High Dam and Philae Temple for around $US20 p/p. The hotels usually band together so you will most likely be part of a group of 10 or 12 since the mini bus usually...


Temple of Abu Simbel Shopping

  • Shopping in Abu Simbel

    Abu Simbel was hardly a unique place in Egypt with congestion of tourists where I did not see numerous dealers of local souvenirs. Some gift shops near the entrance to the museum complex had quite civilized view. Here it is possible to buy various gifts, tourist guidebooks and postcards. I have bought mineral water, which was in two or three times...

  • No Photos Inside - buy a local...

    There are signs everywhere that cameras are not allowed.Inside you are surrounded with Egyptian guards, watching if you don't make a picture. They try to cover themselves, but when you pick your camera, definitely one comes to you to ask money. When you arrive at the temple there are several kids selling cheap photo-books for €1 or something with...

  • Markets

    There are some markets at Abu Simbel just outside the complex near the cafe...they have all the usual stuff - postcards, clothes, statues etc - and you can bargain down the prices. Don't pay the first price you're offered, it's always too high.


Temple of Abu Simbel Local Customs

  • Hieroglyphs!

    Another thing I loved about my visit to Abu Simbel was the impressive hieroglyphs that adorned most surfaces.Hieroglyphs are pictures that were used to write the ancient Egyptian language. The language consists of more than 750 signs!I love looking at all the different pictures and trying to decipher what they may have been saying.

  • Unusual Phenomenon

    Twice a year the sun penetrates the temple & floods the statues of Amon, Hamakhis & the pharaoh with light. It will become dark again after the initial 5 mins. The most remarkable thing is that Ptah, who is the god of darkness, is the only one that is never struck by the rays of the sun. Amazing, isn't it?

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Temple of Abu Simbel Warnings and Dangers

  • African Heat!

    I have finally understood in Abu Simbel, what does African heat really mean! Despite of April the temperature reached 40C at the end of our excursion. It seemed to me, that I was on the heated frying pan. When all the tourists plunged into buses at 9.45 and left Abu Simbel I realized, what for I had woken up that day at 3 o'clock and why buses...

  • It's HOT!

    It's very hot at Abu Simbel, even very early in the morning... It also gets VERY stuffy inside the temples. Make sure you wear plenty of sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses and take some water...you will need it! Also, some people we saw had mini fans that they carried around...I wished I'd had one too...

  • Don't take photos inside

    As I mentioned previously, we took a photo inside one of the temples without realising that you're not supposed to. We didn't take any others but we saw some people who took lots of photos...and some people even had their cameras taken away...


Temple of Abu Simbel Tourist Traps

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    If you're planning not to spend a lot of money on food and drinks when traveling to Abu Simbel, bring some bottles of water or sodas. I bought a small bottle of water that costs 6 times more expensive than it's regular cost in a store in Aswan. The food also are expensive, so when your hotel provides you with a boxed breakfast -- take it with you. I took mine which I devoured when I got really hungry right before we moved back to Aswan.

    Unique Suggestions: Remember --- bring a couple of bottled water, it can get really hot as the noontime approaches.

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Temple of Abu Simbel What to Pack

  • Packing...

    Take good walking shoes and wear 'cool' clothes so you don't get too hot out there in the sun...even early in the morning it's still VERY hot. Take lots of film or memory cards, you'll need it!! Take some sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat and lots of water... It gets VERY hot and you'll wish you had a portable air conditioner... ;)

  • Water

    Take a camelbak or some form of hydration pack. The water will stay cold in the camelbak for about an hour. Open style sandles are best for walking around the monuments. Expect to change your clothes after being out in the sun for an hour. They will be soaking with sweat. Antisan and Malaria tablets Take the biggest card you can afford for your...

  • What to bring for a visit to Abu Simbel

    There is about a 5 minute walk from the bus/car drop off point to the temples, and the ground around the temples is quite uneven, so I would recommend sturdy, sensible shoes.If you are sensitive to the sun, a hat would be a good idea, and sun glasses are a must - it is pretty glary here, with the sun reflecting off sand and water. I think it...


Temple of Abu Simbel Off The Beaten Path

  • Mirage

    We were told that on a return way from Abu Simbel to Aswan we should necessarily see a mirage. I was very surprised as considered that a mirage as the optical phenomenon was similar to a rainbow. If a rainbow accompanies with a rain under certain conditions a mirage accompanies with absence of a rain in desert. I thought, that certain conditions...

  • Lake Nasser

    Lake Nasser is one of the world's largest artificial lakes. Its statistics are staggering - an area of 5250 sq km, stretching 510km in length and between 5km and 35km in width. Numbers aside, the contrast between this enormous body of water and the remote desert surrounding it makes Lake Nasser a place of austere beauty.Lake Nasser was created when...

  • Desert between Aswan and Abu Simbel

    The road from Aswan to Abu Simbel runs through desert. The monotonous deserted landscape could be seen within three hours of driving. From time to time hills in the form of pyramids were visible. I didn’t understand - if they were natural or man-made. However their pyramidal view caused to reflections. If hills have natural character it is clear,...


Temple of Abu Simbel Favorites

  • Kasr Ibrim

    Can you find the two birds sitting on the stones of this old fortress???Anyhow this ruin of a fortress was that time important to defend the southern part of Egyptit is located very near the temple of Abu Simble All those above mentioned places, far away from the touristic beathen areas, so undiscovered (yet)

  • Kasr Ibrim

    I visited Egypt for the first time 10 years ago.From Luxor to Aswan and back to Cairo.This time i was interested in visiting the lower part of Egypt - ancient Nubia and as highlight the temple of Abu Simbel, arriving there not by plane or bus, but by boat.I will never regret this decision because I saw some rather unknown places, temples, tombs.-...

  • Abu Simbel Temples Museum

    Open hours 7.00 – 14.00.Entry fee 70LE ($14). Photo and video are allowed only outside the Temples and forbidden inside.Guided tours are also only outside and forbidden inside.Several useful links:touregypt.net and Marie Parsonswikipediaegyptvoyager.complanerware.com You may watch my VIDEO-Clip on my personal YouTube channel: 2 min 20sec Egypt Abu...


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