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  • Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    by solopes
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    by solopes
  • Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
    by solopes

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    Pacha Sharm: Top one

    by solopes Updated Mar 1, 2015

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We had a free entrance to Pacha Sharm, and used it. Maybe because we arrived and left early (past 2 AM!) it was almost empty. I saw that the room is adaptable, and though a large space was out of use and wisely covered the sensation of emptiness was dominant.

    The music is... the usual electronic hammer, and the space to dance was small, what didn't matter because people kept dancing in corridors or by the counter, to keep drinking without interruptions.
    Funny decoration, it really may be hell in the featured parties, where the pool (one of the out of service parts) may play a strong role.

    Pacha Sharm Pacha Sharm Pacha Sharm Pacha Sharm

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    hard Rock cafe: Not for me

    by solopes Updated Dec 30, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Restaurant during the day, bar-discotheque after hours, I had a drink there. We were a very animated group, and for some minutes we had fun, dancing... I mean... moving in the repetitive rhythm of the electronic noisy music. After that time, it became boring and tiring, the drink was over, and we moved away, giving space to the kids that kept... moving until... I don't know.

    There's a shop where you may buy clothes to promote the brand "Hard Rock Cafe", in the actual marketing concept - instead of receiving anything for that promotion, you will have to pay for the chosen article the double or triple of its regular price. How long will it last, this silly "culture"?

    Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh Hard Rock Cafe - Sharm-el-Sheikh
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  • Pacha Sharm el Sheikh: If you want a moment for yourself - go pacha!

    by Coen123 Written Sep 28, 2013

    Been there tonight, from 0:00 till 1:30h. Payed almost 20 euro's to get in. Maximum amount of visitors was 10 (on a saturday night!!). Two beers and 1,5 hours later I was the only one there and decided that it was enough. Asked my money back. "You have the right to check if is it busy before you pay, sir". Pardon? This is a responsibility of the customer and not of the venue itself? They should have tell me, and if they really care they would give my money back. And by the way - I asked it when I bought the ticket earlier this day. Definitely no go!

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  • Montys Bar: Montys Bar in Naama Bar

    by clubber_b Written May 29, 2012

    Even though Montys has moved from the little upstairs bar to a much larger place, it remains the same in terms of music, staff, and atmosphere. Now you just have much much more room to move around.

    What makes this place so special and why I keep going back is the music and the staff. Montys plays R&B and hip hop all night long. His staff are some of the best in all of Sharm. Sherif the bartender is awesome at making drinks and coming up with shots. Ladies love the muscles on this guy too, so if you ladies want a good drink and something nice to look at, this is the place for you.

    Guys, this place plays the best music to dance to with that girl you just met. lol. You are on vacation after all. What happens in Montys, stays in Montys ( unless you post it to facebook and then its your fault ).

    Overall, this is easily my favorite bar in Sharm El Sheikh. You have good people, good drinks, and a really good time.

    Dress Code: Wear whatever the hell you want.

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    The Half Crown: New bar in Hadaba

    by mr.small Written Mar 22, 2012

    A new,British run bar.Run by a really great couple.They show all the relevant sport and are open until the last person goes home.Normally gets busy after the AI at the nearby hotels ends at about 10.Large outdoor seating area.Prices average for the area but spirit measures are on the large side.

    Dress Code: None.

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    Pasha: Pasha nightclub

    by DunaKal Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    it's an open air night club , there are entrance fees,as well as VIP tables where each table has a security guard.
    on some nights they have theme parties,where you have to be wearing white..or so.

    Dress Code: anything is acceptable.
    underage are allowed in as well ( as young as 14 years old, no one asks for any ID).

    professional dancers russian dancer
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  • Heavens-Mirror's Profile Photo

    ~ Pacha Nightclub ~: ~ Famous Nightclub in Sharm El Sheikh ~

    by Heavens-Mirror Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Pacha is one of the famous nightclubs in Sharm El Sheikh. I have never been here but i have heard good stuff about it and lots of people have recommended it to me. It is the first ever Pacha club in Africa and the Middle East. Lots of top well known Dj's have been here including Pete tong, Judge Jules, Smokin Joe and John Kelly. It has a reputation of being one of the top class clubs with impressive Dj's.

    The stunning nightclub has cocktail bars, outdoor pools and private VIP rooms that come with terraces overlooking the action. The rooms can be booked for the party, the night or for a few days holiday. Guests can party in private whilst being surrounded by the sites and sounds of the nightclub. Where else can you pre-party, party and continue for the sunrise session?

    Pacha also offers rides on board the Pacha boat. After a hard night's clubbing, hop on board and cruise the beautiful waters of the Red Sea, sip cocktails and dance on the decks. The boat is licensed for just 20 people and can be booked as a private charter or by individuals.

    You can visit the website below for more photos and information and also contact them if you wish to book anything. Have a great time and be good!

    Dress Code: Smart Casual, no trainers, hoods or caps

    ~ Pacha Logo ~ ~ Pacha Dancefloor ~

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  • Hilton, Pacha, Little Buddah, Camel Bar: Top Places To Go To In Sharm

    by Sussex_Chris Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was in Sharm less than a month ago and it was by far the best holiday that i have ever been on in my life!

    I went with my family and met some friends out there that i had met the year before as we went around the same time and back to the hotel because we loved it so much.

    We stayed at Hilton Sharks Bay Hotel, right next door to Concord, it is a 4 star, all inclusive hotel and it costs approx £60 a night per room (Can bed 3).

    Inside the hotel there was 3 pools, 1 large pool, 1 smaller and 1 with a slide.

    The hotel had 3 bars, 1 was for the night times, with dance music and entertainment.

    There is a smaller bar down the bottom end of the hotel with a large pool table in it and an outside, upstairs, area to smoke shisha's in.

    At the pool there is a swimup bar which goes round to a normal bar, the cocktails are included in the price of accomodation and are very refreshing in the 42 degree weather of august!

    The nightlife in sharm is quite amazing, the best bet being to go down to Ali Baba at about 10.30pm where beer is £1 a pint! Then heading on down to Pacha, which i would consider to be better than the Pacha in Ibiza!

    A not so cheap, but a much nicer bar, would be the camel bar, located a 30 second walk from the Hard Rock Cafe, the downstairs area of the bar has English football, pistachio nuts and friendly barman, the roof opens at 7pm where there is another bar, leather sofa's, umbrellas to block out the sun and a view of across the whole of Naama bay!

    Once you have finished down the bars, head on down to Pacha, this costs about £20 to get in and this will also entitle you to one free alcoholic/soft drink. Inside Pacha it is an open roofed dance floor with foam pools and dancers.

    Thursday nights are House Nation, Fridays and Saturdays are Ministry of Sound nights, all 3 of these nights are definately worth a visit for anyone that loves their music.

    We are going back again in march and possibly August so I'll see what's new and write up another review!

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  • beccyandjohn's Profile Photo

    Fantasia: 2006 - Great Evening

    by beccyandjohn Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We heard some good reports last year and didnt go so thought why not give it a try.

    We went to check out the price one afternoon and got a free tour of the restuaruant, arena and some of the art work etc. it was all quite spectacular. We purchases our tickets that day for the english night, and got to choose which seats we wanted in the restaurant.

    Total cost 180 EGP which includeds buffet dinner, entertainment whilst eating and than the Sound and Light Show.

    Check out the Gallary of photos on the website (under Sharm El Sheikh - Alf Leila Wa Leila)

    Dress Code: Smart / Casual

    Outside Dinning Area - Eat as much as you want
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    Various: hookah/Water Pipe Bar

    by LiamJackson10 Written Sep 4, 2010

    There are many hookah or water pipe bars within naama bay. We met up with some friends who was in Egypt the same time as us for one night. We went to one of these places. You are sat nearly on the floor which was a very low level seats all covered in pillows and covers. You have a low laying table as well where the hookah or water pipe sits. They ask you if you want drink which we did. They ask what flavour tobacco you want and they set it all up and get it smoking for you. They also give you a plastic end which you put on each time to stop you putting your mouth where others have. We sat there for around 2 - 3 hours because the chairs are nearly like a low bed and you can spread out and chill on them. It was an enjoyable night which we had a good time with.

    Dress Code: Any clothing can be worn at these places.

    Me on the water pipe and again The waiter getting it going

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    Naama Bay: Night time action

    by clueless83 Updated Jul 24, 2010

    Unless you are staying there, the best way to reach Naama Bay while in Sharm el sheikh is by taxi (see my transportation tip for more info about taxis).

    Naama Bay, we were told, comes to life at night, so we never saw it during the day. Naama Bay is full of bars with shisha pipes and cushions, and restaurants and shops, and Pacha nightclub is also there. We only went there on our last night unfortunately so we just experienced the atmosphere and did a little shopping in the Naama Center.

    You will get pestered here. Every few feet you walk, you will be asked if you want a taxi. Also beware of anyone trying to offer you "free" gifts. I bought a couple of things from a lovely man at San Peter (see my shopping tip for details) and was then approached by someone who saw my carrier bag and began offering me a free gift because I apparently bought from his brother. Luckily I didn't 'buy' his story and politely declined his "free" gift. I had already been warned that nothing comes for free here.

    I've included a photo with this tip but unfortunately it doesn't do it justice as Naama Bay is lit up with very colourful lanterns from all the various bedouin style restaurants and looks quite pretty!

    Dress Code: No dress code for walking about but I imagine if you intend to go somewhere like Pacha you will be expected to dress to impress!

    Naama Bay
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    Champions: New brit bar

    by mr.small Updated Nov 16, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The former "papas tavern" at the new water park in Hadaba.It is a large,brit style bar with seating outside and a free pool table inside.They show live sports and have free wi-fi access.

    Dress Code: Anything goes.


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  • k-griffin07's Profile Photo

    Camal Bar: Good spot

    by k-griffin07 Written Jun 9, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice, relaxing evening spot.
    Good range of good food.
    Cocktails and all usual drinks available.
    Shisha pipes at cheap price.
    Roof spot-highly reccommended. Reservations for tables can be made for free, prior to your chosen evening.
    Children friendly.

    Dress Code: No dress code. As smart or casual as you wish.

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  • seasonedveteran's Profile Photo

    Shisha Bar on Cliffs!: Best Shisha and Show place!

    by seasonedveteran Written Apr 22, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You will not miss it. This is the only place that has a stage and sitting area up on the cliffs! We walked up the stairs in between the souvenirs shops, and found lots of sitting area, but we got lucky and climbed another flight of stairs and found spots there! It was closest to the stage where belly dancers perform and she danced right near us, and also the whirling durvish guys. It was a memorable night, because I was lucky to have met peopel from the hotel, smoke shisha, drink mango juice. The servers are amazingly friendly, and wanted to know where we were from, and it was pretty inexpensive for a night of entertainment in the desert nights, which are fabulous. You r seat here will overlook Naama bay, with all its lights, finely paved walkways of granite stone, palm trees, outdoor shisha bars, beautiful people all over and arabic music playing. The seating is with comfy pillows and everything. wonderful

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  • Na'ama Bay: Hard Rock Cafe

    by kayleigh06 Updated Dec 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We went in The Hard Rock Cafe one of the evenings just for a drink, we didnt eat there so I cant comment on the Restaurant side of things, but the atmosphere was very good in the Cafe, with all the music and lively barstaff. The drinks wefound were quite expensive compared to some places, but it was worth going in there to say we had been there! It was a good night but wasnt in there for that long.

    Memorabilia found in the Sharm El Sheikh Hard Rock Cafe include:

    The Beatles,
    Elton John,
    Durn Duran,
    Whitney Houston,
    And a lot lot more.

    Mon - Sun 12:00PM - 2:00AM
    Mon - Sun 10:00AM - 4:00AM
    Mon - Sun 12:00AM til Late

    Dress Code: There isnt particularly a dress code for here

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