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  • Abydos
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Abydos Things to Do

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    by Trixcentrix Written May 14, 2010

    I am surprised that Seti I's temple in Abydos does not warrant any more visitors or rave reviews. I found the temple to be HIGHLY FASCINATING ( if not, one of the best ) in the entire Luxor area. It's small, quiet, but EXTREMELY fascinating as in " Indiana Jones-esque ". We traveled with our own, private Egyptologist guide, so he was able to give us some in depth information on the temples. I highly suggest Eye of Horus Tours and ask for " Bob ". He's one of the Egyptologist guides, who has a PhD in the works and has professional degrees on hieroglyphs. He explained everything with so much passion and was able to answer all our questions.

    Seti I's temple is mostly dedicated to the god of the underworld / afterlife / death : The god Osiris. Hence, you will find the most mystical and amazing inscriptions on the wall, to prepare the pharaoh for the afterlife. In Seti I's temple, you will find seven rooms where there are " fake " doors to the afterlife. Due to the fact that the temple is dedicated to Osiris and the after life, you have a lot of cults who believe and worship the god Amun Ra and Osiris, having meditations at this temple. We were lucky to be there on the day that a cult group was there, meditating. It was quite an eerie experience.

    I think that it should be one of the highlights that Luxor should focus on...but then again, the temple is amazing simply bc not a lot of tourists try to go there or are there.....hence, the quiet, lonesome, eeriness of the place.


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    by misr Updated Jul 10, 2007

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    We went from Luxor with the convoy to Abydos. It took about three hours to get there. So the trip was not long. Abydos lies about 145 km north from Luxor.
    At Abydos we had 2 hours time to visit the temple. That is not even nearly enough time to visit this temple. It is large with all the seven chapels and much more. And behind the temple you find the Osireion.
    If you visit the temple, remember to look for the "helicopter" hieroglyph. That was fun to look at.
    The entrance fee to the temple was in april 2007, 25 L.E (Egyptian pound).
    The place is worth visiting!

    Seti I temple in Abydos Inside the temple of Seti I in Abydos Beautiful colours still left on the walls From on of the rooms inside the temple of Seti I Osireion
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Abydos Transportation

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    by janhaarlem Written Aug 31, 2008

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    The first time I went to Abydos was with "the convoy", a whole line of cars, busses and military. Two hours to get a very quick glance at the temple and off to Dendera. Costs: 50 euro (+ entrance, food, etc.). The second time I decided to take the train from Luxor to Balyana (1st class = 3 euro) and then a taxi to Abydos (1 euro). The "tourists" had already left so I had the whole temple all to myself for as long as I wanted. Return trip (1st class again, but then 3,50 euro ---> go figure it out). I met really nice Egyptians in the train, not trying to sell you anything but just curious about where I live, how I live etc. I Had a wonderfull time!!!

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Abydos Tourist Traps

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    by DSwede Written Apr 19, 2007

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    Like all stops near the temples or monuments, there are open air markets. People will be pushy and try to pursueade you to stop and buy their goods.

    Unique Suggestions: If you do not intend to buy, do not worry about being curteous, simply keep marching and walk through. You do not need to say anything or return their gestures.

    But if you do wish to buy something, do not be pressured to buy the first of the kind that you see and remember to barter.

    Bartering with no money

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