Luxor Warnings and Dangers

  • Carriage drivers hassle tourists relentlessly
    Carriage drivers hassle tourists...
    by buffjay
  • Midday pool temperature
    Midday pool temperature
    by Andrew_W_K
  • Head protection from the sun
    Head protection from the sun
    by Andrew_W_K

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Luxor

  • 1. Harrassment

    A good hotel in Luxor is a must as it is will be your safe haven away from the 'hassle' tourists often get on the streets and in the town. From the moment you arrive in Luxor EVERYONE wants to be your...

  • 2. Theft and scams

    Be careful how you handle horse carriage rides in and around Luxor. Sometimes the driver may stop at a gift shop to get you to buy souvenirs along the way. (This scam has been planned and well thought...

  • 3. The Climate

    We hadn't anticipated just how hot the sun woulld get in Luxor and although we took two full bottles of factor 50 sun block we soon ran out. I went to a local chemist and bought some Nivea factor 60...

  • 4. Law Enforcement

    Aswan is not the same like amsterdam and cristiano in denmark . You cant walk around in a place to choose and buy some joints and other drugs. It is illegal here in Egypt to buy, sell or smoke and...

  • 5. Hantour or Caleches

    Caleches or hantour is a horse and carriage in Luxor. There are many drivers who will hassle you into getting into their carriage. Our group had just finished...

  • 6. Sunglasses Sunglasses Sunglasses

    A major annoyance in Luxor is the truly astonishing number of street vendors selling knock off 'designer' sunglasses and watches. I personally use neither: I...

  • 7. Karkade Juice

    If you suffer from low blood pressure as I do then you need to avoid karkade juice at all costs. Karkade (pronounced carkaday) is a popular drink in Egypt. It...

  • 8. Taxis arguing with bad coach drivers

    We took a taxi back to our hotel from Karnak after the Son et Lumière. Everything was fine until our taxi wanted to turn left at the traffic lights. On our...

  • 9. Local Kids and Money

    Don't give local kids money or candy. If you give them money they may skip school to spend it.Instead, give them pencils or ink writing pens. (sounds corny)...

  • 10. Ladies, Beware of Smooth Talking Men!

    Some of these guys are already married! Egypt is a conservative country and it is illegal to be intimate with a man that you are not married to. Some of these...

  • 11. The water or food sickness

    Well, this is something the most of you already know. Avoid any contact with a tap water. No ice, no veg or fruits if you can't peal or cook them..But if you...

  • 12. Taxis

    Frst of all, they are maniacs on the road ! The lucky thing is that they usually drive very old cars so they can't mannage the very high speed, but...

  • 13. Food poisoning

    It may seem obvious, but be very careful what you eat and drink. We thought we were safe as as only ate in our hotel, but almost everyone succumbed to tummy...

  • 14. In Egypt there aren't steals

    It has seemed unusual to me the attitude of the team of our boat and Egyptians in general to luggage and things of tourists. Our bags and suitcases have been...

  • 15. Toilet Paper

    It's not a danger but more of a warning...where ever you go in Egypt make sure you take some toilet paper. ;) I guess around half of the places we went didn't...

  • 16. Cameras

    Just so you are cannot take photos inside most temples and if you try, you could get caught...we saw plenty of people having their cameras taken off...

  • 17. Vaccinations

    We asked our doctors about vaccinations for our trip to Egypt. We were told that we would need Hep A, Hep B, Typhoid, Polio, Diptheria and Tetanus vaccinations...

  • 18. Valley of the Kings Tombs

    When you visit the Valley of the Kings don't try to take photos inside the almost certainly will be caught! If you do get caught you will loose your...

  • 19. Gippy tummy

    Im sure youve heard this expression before and may expect its inevitable. Please be aware and careful what you eat and drink at all times. I stayed on 5 star...

  • 20. Don’t try to take pictures inside the tombs!

    Don’t even try to take a picture inside the tombs because the guards that are all over the place will certainly see you.In case they catch you, beside the...

  • 21. commissions

    Quite a lot of false stories of love just tomake money. The other false stories about papyrus that are told by some guides, tour leaders and all the carriage...

  • 22. Karnak Temple

    Inside the temple, many areas are roped off, presumably to repair areas. I think the real reason for this is so that 'guards' can allow tourists into...

  • 23. Tomb of Tuthmosis III

    The tomb of Tuthmosis III is well worth visiting because the artwork is so different. Stick figures replace the normally carefully carved human forms. HOWEVER,...

  • 24. Metal Detectors

    Be careful what you carry with you in your backpack or purse when visiting the monuments in Luxor. Many sites such as the Valley of the Kings have metal...

  • 25. Unofficial guides

    Inside the temples there are unofficial guides hanging around waiting for tourists so they can tell or show them something in return for some money, as shown in...

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