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  • Deir el-Bahri from above
    Deir el-Bahri from above
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Thebes Things to Do

  • The Colossi of Memnon

    These twin statues, which represent the Pharoah Amenhotep III, have stood at what is now the entrance to the Theban Necropolis since approximately 1350BC, and are around 60ft tall. They originally stood guard over Amenhotep's mortuary temple.In 27 BC an earthquake damaged one of the statues, and it's remains were said to 'sing' at dawn, which is...

  • Terraces

    The Temple consists of three imposing terraces. The two lower ones would have once been full of trees. On the southern end of the 1st colonnade there are some scenes, among them the famous scene of the transportation of Hatshepsut’s two obelisks from Aswan to Luxor.The first terrace is enclosed on the far side by a portico consisting of 22 pillars...

  • Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut

    The mortuary temple of Hatshepsut of untraditional appearance which appears to be in harmony with the surrounding environment.The Temple nestles at the foot of the cliffs in a natural "bay" on the West Bank of Luxor. This area had long been sacred to the goddess Hathor. In the 7th century AD, it was named after a Coptic monastery in the area, known...

  • Colossuses of Memnon

    It is considered that Colossuses were made ostensibly 3400 years ago (XIV century B.C.). Their height is about 18 meters; weight of everyone is bout 1300 tons.Let us have another look on their history together with Russian scientists and publicists Kaljuzhny and Valjansky.In 1862 archeologist Oppel has found out, that their pedestals are shipped in...

  • Colossuses of Memnon (contin)

    So it is come out that 6500 years ago there was a civilization on this place, which had built a lot of something, then constructions were tightened by silt, and in 422 AC people of new generation, with nothing knowing about the ancestors, have put here a dam.If it so they are complete fools! Unless it was not clear that it was impossible to build...

  • Lower Chapel of Anubis and Hathor Chapel

    The columns of the Anubis Chapel are fluted, unlike the plain piers used in the rest of this temple. This room at the far north end of the second colonnade has twelve of these grooved columns with an astronomical ceiling. Wall paintings decorate the walls. The hypostyle hall with paintings depicting offerings to Anubis and Sokaris.


Thebes Transportation

  • Ferry across the Nile.

    It is perfectly possible and easy to take the local ferry across the Nile from Luxor to the West bank.Use the map in your guidebook, and don't listen to any of the touts trying to tell you where the ferry is as they will undoubtedly take you to a private boat and charge you far more than the 1LE the trip should cost on the public ferry.

  • How to get the Temple

    It is possible to reach Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut by bus or by car. Parking and entrance in Djeser-Djeseru are on the distance about a kilometer from the Temple. This distance can be overcome on foot. However the heat does not allow to make it with pleasure. Therefore some car-wagons go between the central entrance and the place where survey of...

  • How to get in the West Bank

    Luxor is situated on the East Bank of the Nile. Several years ago and in ancient times you could get there only by boat crossing the Nile. Access to the West Bank is now easy to arrange. There is now a new road bridge over the Nile, some 7 km south of Luxor main city. Many package tourists now get to the West Bank by buses.You may watch my 1 min 45...


Thebes Shopping

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  • Souvenir Shops

    Workshops are situated directly at souvenir shops. I've understood Egyptian guides have arrangements with owners of workshops and shops and get their commission fee from purchases. They bring tourists to the shops where they can get acquainted with manufacture of souvenirs and can buy products of art which they like for memory. We have visited one...

  • Go shopping!

    Excursion buses arrive on parking which are surrounded numerous trading shops. Tourist cannot reach the sight which they want to see without passing numerous dealers. Sometimes it happens to be a difficult test. Dealers are very persevering. Sometimes their persistence becomes unpleasant.If you have decided to buy something you should remember that...

  • Shopping in Deir el-Bahri

    There are a lot of souvenir shops around Deir el-Bahri. Local dealers offer many fine but useless things. Usually they start to bargain from the sum, which is in several times more than the final price. Then they considerably reduce the initial sum, leading it up to symbolical. If you really need the offered subject you can buy it for very few...


Thebes Warnings and Dangers


    I can honestly say that people from Luxor are extremely dogged and aggressive in their touting approaches. 1) GETTING OFF THE ABELA ( EL WATANIA ) SLEEPING TRAIN AT LUXOR STATION IN THE MORNING ( 5:00 - 6:00 AM )Even at this time, the minute the door opened, a group of touts swarmed the entrances and some of them started vigorously scrambling to...

  • Luxor massacre

    About ten years passed since the awful Luxor Massacre. It took place on 17 November 1997 at Deir el-Bahri – the West Bank of Luxor. I remember that days when the world has shuddered from this event. In the mid-morning attack, Islamic terrorists massacred 62 tourists at the attraction. The assailants, who numbered six and were armed with automatic...

  • Thebes Hotels

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Thebes Off The Beaten Path

  • Doggies

    My VT-friends know that I love dogs. While going to this tourist trip to Egypt I have left at home my German shepherds. Naturally I missed them very much. Therefore having seen a group of stray dogs on a parking, I have approached to them and have had a talk about our dogs problems. We have found common language rather quickly. As it has appeared...

  • Mosque

    It was natural to see mosques in each city and big settlements because the Islam is the state religion of Egypt and it profess about 93 % of the population (about 7 % of the population of Egypt are orthodox Copts). The mosque is a cult building of Moslems. The herald - muedzin - calls for fulfillment of a pray. Earlier this appeal was disclosed...

  • Souvenir’s Workshops

    I have understood that the basis of tourist business for local population is producing and saling of souvenirs on themes of ancient Egypt. We have visited with excursion one of numerous workshops where subjects of art are producing. As examples for manufacture they take images of ancient artifacts and reach good similarity. The quality of these...


Thebes Favorites

  • Tickets

    Admission price to the Temple of Hatshepsut is 25 LE ($5)Open hours from 6.00 till 18.00 (in April). The Ticket kiosk is located 1 km to the North of Colossies on the cross of the road to the Nile and the road which is parallel to the Theban Hills. You can buy all types of tickets for sightseeing of Western Thebes in this kiosk. Colossies are free...

  • Djeser-Djeseru

    The focal point of the Deir el-Bahri complex is the Djeser-Djeseru meaning "the Holy of Holies" or "the most magnificent of the magnificent". It is a colonnaded structure. It is considered to be designed and implemented by Senemut who was the royal steward and architect of Hatshepsut.Djeser-Djeseru sits atop a series of colonnaded terraces, reached...

  • Hatshepsut

    Hatshepsut (meaning Foremost of Noble Ladies) was the pharaoh of ancient Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful female pharaohs of Egypt. She reigned longer than any other female ruler of an indigenous dynasty.


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