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Marsa al `Alam Things to Do

  • Ride a Quad or a Buggy

    This is another quite popular kind of fun that you can go for in the dersert around Marsa Alam: In Fustat they had lots of quads waiting for us, but I prefered to go in a buggy. Not really a very clever decision, as first of all it was quite hard to get inside, as they dont have doors and you have to slip in through the open window. Once inside I...

  • Camelriding in the desert

    I did not do it myself, but watching was even more fun ! They had 4 camels there and invited us for a ride ! Some of my friends enjoyed it very much, but for me it was more fun to watch the animals moving around and I was glad to be able to take some pictures !Camelriding in Egypt is not always so relaxed. In many places like at the Pyramides in...

  • take a walk through the "Medina" of...

    Take a walk through the "Medina" of Marsa Alam and you will soon find out that this is no real medina (that would normally be the oldest part of a city), but a brand new shopping-centre, cleverly built in the old style like you would expect an old city to be built.That is nothing bad in my opinion and I enjoyed it much more than some of the modern...

  • the tower of Marsa Alam

    The tower of Marsa Alam was one of the first buildings that were built there. Marsa Alam is in fact a brand new town that was built close to the airport of Marsa Alam, when the airport was constructed in the year 2001.I did not do it, but have read that you can step up that tower for some panorama-view, even though the tower is not really much...

  • Take a walk through the Marina of Marsa...

    I took a walk through the Marina of Marsa Alam in the evening and the first thing that I found out is the fact that you will feel almost no winds there, even when there are some warm and steady winds in the surrounding areas.And you will see lots of fancy ships and yachts of all sizes, diving-boats, the seascope-submarine and a lot more. There are...

  • Go diving!!!

    Excellent diving inside the Solitaire Resort!Really great, great guys! It is a German operated diving center, but they speak fulently english and some italian. All the people working there are really very nice and helpful!We had a great time diving with them and so many beatiful underwater scenes.Take care to make several night dives at the house...

  • Trip to the atolls

    Reachable by bus and than by boat from any resort in Mars'Alam, they have really nothing to envy to Carrabean's and Maldives' atolls. Such atolls are very small and wild; there is nothing there besides sea and beach, so be sure that your boat can offer at least something to drink. Actually we bought an organized tour from the hotel and it costed...

  • Sornkel or dive with dolphins

    A boat trip to Dolphin Reef will give you a chance to see dolphins. A huge pod lives there and is protected by marine park status. The park is divided in 3 zones, one is accessible by all, one only by snorkellers and the most protected one is a no-go area for humans so the dolphins can be free from harassment.Sightings are not 100% guaranteed but...

  • Dive the House reef at Marsa Shagra or...

    See my tip on accomodation for details of the Red Sea Diving Safari eco-camps. Both have a great house reef with two possible dives: North or South.You can choose to be dropped or picked up at the end of your dive by one of their speedboats.Lots of fish and critters to see.


Marsa al `Alam Hotels

Marsa al `Alam Restaurants

  • a great lookout

    This is the "Shisha-terrace" with some cosy seats in the fresh air and this is where we had some cocktails in the afternoon.For smoking the Sisha you have to pay a small amount of money extra, but the drinks are free for all inclusive and so we tried first a Pina Colada... We had a Pina Colada first and that was a bit of disappointment, as there...

  • our daily lunch- & dinner-buffet

    The Lagoon Restaurant has lots of seats on a terrace next to the pool, there is also a lot of space inside and there is a seperate area that is inside the house, but large spaces are totally without a window, so you are covered by the ceiling, but at half of the space there are no walls, nor windows, so you have fresh air there.For each meal I...

  • a great A la carte restaurant

    The Cardamom is a speciality restaurant right in the large park of the Siva Port Ghalib 4* Hotel and it is one of the very few things and services of this hotel that is not included in the All-inclusive-arrangement ! That way it is never very crowded and a perfect place for private festivities and special occasions.Tables and chairs are placed...


Marsa al `Alam Transportation

  • The Seascope submarine

    This is certainly a great way to watch the underwater-life safely from this semi-submarine that has big glass-windows along its underwater-ship, where you can sit and watch the wildlife like in an aquarium.There are some seats out on deck and some more seats on the decks below !It is a pity I did not have enough time for this, while I had stayed...

  • The airport of Marsa al Alam

    The airport of Marsa Alam is big enough for ordinary airplanes and I saw various airplanes there by Thomas Cook, FlyNiki and others, when we arrived after a 4,5 hours direct flight from Vienna.All of the 3 hotels that I have visited in Port Ghalib are bookable through ETI with a package of the flight by FlyNicky and the hotels and on the total it...

  • Marsa al `Alam Hotels

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Marsa al `Alam Shopping

  • adelinemmc's Profile Photo

    Airport duty free: Shopping at the airport

    by adelinemmc Updated Dec 16, 2015

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most prices are in $ but you can also pay in Egyptian Pounds. Prices are not cheap so try & shop before you get to the airport.

    There is a food mall curiously in the middle of the smoking area so you get all the cigarette smoke with your meal or your cup of coffee.

    What to buy: The usual array of international chocolates but also local products: dates, teas, nuts.

    What to pay: All prices are in USD but you can pay in euros or Egyptian pounds and by credit card. Everything is pricey

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Marsa al `Alam Local Customs

  • no harassment of the tourists in Marsa...

    My last time in Egypt was lots of years ago and I still remember the way that the tourists were treated in Alexandria, in Cairo, at the pyramides etc. You could not simply walk and take pictures, there was permanent harassment from all sides, they did not stop asking you silly questions, trying to sell their postcards although you have told them...

  • lovely details in decoration

    There are some lovely details and funny ideas in the decoration of all 3 hotels that I found, while we had a walk around: At the gate of the Six Senses Spa for instance there will be 2 hedgehogs waiting for you and maybe they are ment in order to clean your shoes before entering or they are just a lovely decoration.

  • Garbage everywhere

    Don't follow this local custom! Egypt is a nice country but look more closely and you'll see garbage and in particular plastic bottles and bags absolutely everywhere: in the desert, on the beach, underwater in the coral...What a shame.


Marsa al `Alam Tourist Traps

  • VISA

    PAY THE VISA AT THE COUNTER AT THE AIRPORT IN DOLLARS . So the VISA costs only 15 Dollars . When you enter the Airport you ll have a couter of the bank on the left side . There you can pay the Visa in Dollars . In EURO you ll pay 20 Euros , that will be 2 times mor as in Dollars !! PAY THE VISA AT THE COUNTER AT THE AIRPORT IN DOLLARS . So the...

  • Excurstion to Shalateen camels market

    It' a one-day excursion advised by every tour operator. it's a long journey from Mars'Alam, in fact such a place is near Sudan. The most disappointhing this was there were very few camels and people. The tour there consist in a visit where camels stayed in quaranteen...(we couldn't get in), then a place where contracts are signed (by hands...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Marsa al `Alam Off The Beaten Path

  • great stone-art in the Desert in Fustat

    When we arrived in Fustat, we saw these great ornaments made by stones and had no idea what it is all about. At the end of our stay we were able to get inside the door behind these ornamants and came to a place, where skorpions, snails, lizzards and other creatures of the desert are held in cages behind glass. Obviously they are easy to keep there...

  • the houses of the former Goldmine

    These are the houses of the former Goldmine, the first building even had some columns around the building, so maybe that was the headquaters and the bureau.When you take a look at the stones on the ground you will see that the rocks there have various colors. Your only way to get there is by a solid 4x4 vehicle and drivingtime from Marsa Alam will...

  • the former goldmine

    We had an excursion by 4x4 vehicles into the desert and finally to a former goldmine. We were able to get outside and walk into the mine,a spooky place, but interesting with various ruins of the former houses there as well.Gold.mining was given up there some time ago and there are also no real streets going there, so our driver had to drive very...


Marsa al `Alam Sports & Outdoors

  • the saltwater-lagoon

    This is the saltwater-lagoon that fills quite a large area between the different blocks of hotelrooms and the restaurant of the hotel Siva Port Ghalib 4*+The water is quite flat there, so you cannot swim very well, but I can imagine that the children will enjoy it to play in the water there ! Get your towels with the keycard there !

  • the pool of both hotels

    This is the sweet-water-pool-area of both the Siva Port Ghalib 4*+ & the Port Ghalib Resort 4*+ and I am afraid my photos dont really show all of it ! There are 2 slides ending in a central pool and around of this there is a seperate round-circle of a waterstream, where you can swim longer distances or you take one of the many tyres and let...

  • Go Diving in the Red Sea

    In Marsa al' Alam you will find various ships to go out diving in the Red Sea with its unique underwaterworld. I did not do it myself, but saw the boats coming in and staying overnight in the port and drying their equipment in the steady winds. Come with your own equipment or rent it there !


Marsa al `Alam Favorites

  • tarek.lotfy's Profile Photo


    by tarek.lotfy Written Jan 24, 2009

    Fondest memory: Fustat Wadi El Gemal, is the most beautiful spot of the Red Sea, Enjoy green in the middle of the desert, beautiful evening with the star light.

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