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Pyramids of Giza

See all 441 Pyramids of Giza Tips
  • Walk round the plateau

    Pyramids of Giza Things to Do

    The Giza Plateay gives a view of the city of Cairo that is encroaching upon it rapidly. From the air the pyramids are set in one corner of the large flat stretch of land.The obvious attractions are the three large pyramids of Khufu, Khafra and Menkhare, three generations from the 4th Dynasty. The largest , the Great Pyramid of khufu, has been...

  • Horizon Pyramids Resort Hotel

    Pyramids of Giza Hotels

    198 Pyramids Road, Taa'won Square, Giza, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Vista Points around Pyramid Road

    Pyramids of Giza Favorites

    the Great Pyramid of Cheops and even the sphinx can be visible from the commercial establishments and restaurants lining the complex outside where you can have your photo taken with views of the pyramids and even cheat on the light and sound shows at night as some restaurants like pizza hut along pyramid road have wonderful views of the...



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  • See the Step Pyramid

    Saqqarah Things to Do

    The step pyramid is remarkable for being the first man-made stone pyramid. It is actually 6 mastabas on top each other. The pyramid was designed by Imhotep, whio eventually himself was worshipped as a god. Some people believe Imhotep's tomb is somewhere on the Saqqarah necropolis.In addition to Djoser's pyramid are others of Pepi, Teti, Unas,...

  • Getting to Saqqara

    Saqqarah Transportation

    Saqqara lies approximately 30 minutes south of Cairo. There is no public transportation from Cairo to Saqqara, nor within Saqqara itself. The best means of transportation to the necropolis and within its vast 7km x 1.5km area is private car, which is exactly what my travel companions and I did. We rented a car and a driver from our hotel for the...

  • Chauvinist pharaohs

    Saqqarah Local Customs

    Whether in statues or wall paintings, the majority of women when pictured with their husbands are shown as a fraction of his height. Elswhere I have mentioned this [Luxor], but saw it again clearly on a wall at Saqqarah. The woman stands at her lord's feet, smelling a lotus and wearing a diaphonous dress.



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  • Artwork in mastaba (tomb)

    Memphis Things to Do

    Mastaba is a type of ancient Egyptian tomb in the form of a flat roof rectangular building. This was standard type of tomb in pre-dynastic and early dynastic Egypt for pharaoh and the social elite.Inside Mastaba you may find fascinate artwork.

  • Saqqara Necropolis Visit

    Memphis Things to Do

    Saqqara was necropolis for the Ancient Egyptian capital Memphis. Pyramid of Djoser (step pyramid) is weel known. This first Egyptian pyramid consisted of six mastabas.

  • Ramses II

    Memphis Things to Do

    Ramses IIHe is often regarded as Egypt's greatest, most celebrated, and most powerful pharaoh.[6] His successors and later Egyptians called him the "Great Ancestor".He was born around 1303 BC[citation needed] and at age fourteen, Ramesses was appointed Prince Regent by his father Seti I.[6] He is believed to have taken the throne in his early 20s...



See all 15 Dahshur Tips
  • A trip off the beaten track

    Dahshur Transportation

    The only way to get to this site is by car, or most likely a taxi.We had a regular taxi driver whenever we went anywhere in Cairo, On this particular day he took us first to Saqqarah, and then was persuaded to take us to Dahshur. He was rather reluctant to do so, but agreed in the end. I think the whole day cost us about 70 Egyptian Pounds.We had...

  • The Pyramid of Amenemhat III

    Dahshur Things to Do

    This is one of only 3 of the original 11 pyramids still standing on this necropolis. It is called the Black Pyramid, but cannot be seen close to, nor entered as is still in the military area,. From a distance it looks like a pile of rubble. However it has a brick core which seems intact, but the outer limestone covering has collapsed or been...

  • the second true pyramid

    Dahshur Things to Do

    The Red Pyramid, so called because in certain light it looks red, was built by Sneferu, father of Khufu, in about 2600 BC. It is 99m high with sides of 220m.Entry is possible, although it is hot and sticky at the best of times. A 27 degree sloping ramp leads down 63 m. There are 3 chambers linked by a single corridor. The ceiling is corbelled. The...



See all 48 Bawiti Tips
  • Desert Tour

    Bawiti Things to Do

    The overnight desert safari is the reason that most people come here.Many companies do the trip.I used one that I found online and booked prior to arrival ( ended up alone, with 2 guides (Approx £40)But if you prefer to join strangers, just wait until you arrive and join with others already there.My tour was fantastic, the...

  • Alpenblick Bahariya Hotel

    Bawiti Hotels

    Bahariya Oasis, Bawiti, 11341, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Bus

    Bawiti Transportation

    The only way to get here is by bus.You must buy the ticket 24 hours before you travel from Turgoman Bus Station.Make sure you find the right station.I walked it in the midday heat and it took about 45 mins. Get a taxi, probably only cost you a few quid.The bus leaves on time and fills up, so arrive early. Buses left at 7am, 8am, 3pm and 6pm. I got...



See all 24 Farafra Tips
  • Don't take a tour from Badawiya tour...

    Farafra Favorites

    Don’t use Badawiya. They seriously overcharge and lie to you. We bought 2 tours from Badawiya in Farafra oasis in Nov 2012: an overnight tour to the White Desert and a 2-night-2-day tour to the Great Sand Sea, both starting from Farafra. The tours were very pricy but we thought quality must come with hard currency in cash. (The exchange rate here:...

  • White desert, looks like a walk in the...

    Farafra Things to Do

    By its white colour the White Desert looks at some places as a white snow landscape. Only the temperature is a quite different...If you will experience the wonderful character of this desert, go at least for a walk of some hours, best early in the morning. Or even better.... take a tour of several days.

  • Cameltrip in the White Desert

    Farafra Things to Do

    The best thing to do is to take your time, when you visit the White Desert. So make a cameltrip for a few days instead of a stay of one night.In 1999 we stayed only for one night in this surrealist landscape. In 2000 we came back and did a three days cameltrip.In more days you can visit a larger part of the desert in a slow way. And it's fun to...


Step Pyramid of Zoser

  • Step Pyramids

    Step Pyramid of Zoser Off The Beaten Path

    If you've made it to Giza, then just go a bit further by car/bus to Zoser. Once again, if you've made it that far, dont stop now. Surrounded by a sea of sand, the step pyramids might blend with the plethora of other ruins, but they are the ancestoral beginning.

  • Mastaba of Ti

    Step Pyramid of Zoser Off The Beaten Path

    I mentined that there were tourist busses at Zoser's pyramid and also at the Pyramid of Teti but almost nobody at Mastaba of Ti!To get there you must go towards the Serapeum (closed for visitors since a couple of years) and go towards the Philosophers' Circle ... from there you'll allready see the Mastaba of Ti! Is one of the most interesting...

  • Camel, donkey, taxi, bus

    Step Pyramid of Zoser Transportation

    Saqqara site is quite big and walking arround is really taking your time so you better have some sort of transpor arranged. T%he best is the taxi you came with or the tourist bus of your travel company ... if you forgot that than you'll have to hire a camell .... this is not the best solution as you can end up paying more than for the taxi! How can...


Al Manyal

See all 2 Al Manyal Tips
  • Going to the movies!

    Al Manyal Nightlife

    Maybe going to the cinima is not one of your best ways to spend the night in Cairo,but as for me(coming from Saudi Arabia)going to movies is a must.Galaxy is one of the largest cinima theaters in has 6 screens and shows not only Arabic movies but also Western Production(American mostly).It starts the shows from 0:30 AM. 12:30 AM is the...

  • On the Nile!

    Al Manyal Nightlife

    In the summer of 2003.......I knew that couple of my friends are going to Cairo,but didn`t have any contact numbers to them.....after few days in Cairo,I thought oh well.. I might go back home and not meet with them in Cairo,and one night I decided to go with a group of friends to this Happy Dolphin place.......and guess what??Not only I have met...

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