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  • camel ready for pyramid view ride
    camel ready for pyramid view ride
    by hanspeter_W.
  • arriving back from camel ride
    arriving back from camel ride
    by hanspeter_W.
  • view to the pyramid from camel back
    view to the pyramid from camel back
    by hanspeter_W.
  • hanspeter_W.'s Profile Photo

    camel ride at pyramids

    by hanspeter_W. Written Apr 11, 2010

    best way to see the pyramids is making a camel ride..
    you can decide with the camel owners how long and how far you want to take the camel ride..
    not cheap but worth the money (about 30-50 euro per person)

    on the camel ride at pyramids camel ready for pyramid view ride arriving back from camel ride view to the pyramid from camel back

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  • K.Knight's Profile Photo

    Ride a camel

    by K.Knight Updated Oct 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What is a visit to Egypt without a camel ride?

    Just about any tourist destination worth its salt in Egypt has the elderly gentleman with one tooth asking for you to take a ride on their camel named “Ferrari.” The only time you will not see the old man is when a very young child has moved in on his territory and goes for the “feel sorry for me” angle to get you onto their trusty steed.

    Be warned, if you shake their hand….count your fingers! They will rip you off quicker than you can fasten your seatbelt on a dodgy Egypt air plane!

    The master The apprentice
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  • K.Knight's Profile Photo

    Ride a camel - 2

    by K.Knight Written Oct 24, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you simply take a photo of the camel, and the handler sees you, they want 10 Egyptian pounds.
    To simply sit on the camel is 15 Egyptian pounds.
    The handlers often advise Egyptian pounds and then demand Euro or British Pounds.
    The handlers will attempt to charge you 100 Egyptian pounds for a very short ride.

    My advise, don’t look interested. They will chase you and attempt to haggle, in fact, they drive their own price down without you saying a word.
    If you want a ride, set the price and destination first! (I will give you 15 Egyptian pounds, after the ride, and I want to go over to that point and back again.”

    Take me for a ride
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  • PierreZA's Profile Photo

    Camel Ride at the Pyramids

    by PierreZA Updated Oct 6, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    You might be approached by several camel owners for a camel ride. It is very important to know exactly what the price is, and also what the trip consist of.
    The advantage of a camel trip is the great views you have of the pyramids.
    If possible, go in a group.

    Camel Ride at the Pyramids Camels at the pyramids

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  • ivanab's Profile Photo

    ride the camels

    by ivanab Written Feb 22, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Definitely a must do. But be careful...those men who work with camels can be very persuasive. It also happens that they tell you a cheap price, put you up on a camel and wont let you come down till you pay them more money. The cheapest ones are at the place where is the view on all 4 pyramids. I paid 20 egyptian pounds for 20 minutes of ride, and this is the real price for it- don't pay more! The best is to talk to your local guide; he knows where it's cheaper and can get you a good deal.

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  • alexsattic's Profile Photo

    Camel Riding

    by alexsattic Written Mar 19, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Riding a camel is quite interesting. Couple of things to remember though....

    1. When you are sitting in the saddle and the stable hand is ready for the camel to stand, he will tell you to lean back. What he really means is lay back, all the way back so that you are laying flat on the camels back with your feet in the stirrups. If you don't, good chance you'll fall over the camels head, landing on your own.

    No I didn't land on my head but I did look pretty funny I'm sure with my head over the camels and my backend up in the air.

    When the camel stands up he lifts his backend up first then his front legs. Because he is so tall, the angle is very steep until he is standing on all four legs.

    The same process (in reverse) when he lays down so that you can get off him. The handler will say lean back (lay down). The camel will fold his front legs then his back.

    2. The camel has no regard for your legs hanging over his sides and may not allow much room when passing objects. He also has no regard for you sitting on his back when he passes under trees.

    My friends that were riding horses were not even close to the branches that I had to duck under while on the camel.

    I think it's funny how I even ended up on a camel because we were going horse riding. When we got to the stable they had me get on a large Arabian horse that was prancing around. He was making me a little nervous because he seemed nervous. Khled (our good friend from Egypt) asked me a few times if I would like a calmer. I said yes, calmer would be good. When they brought my friends their horses, they brought me a "camel" not a calmer (horse).

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