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  • kpenbe's Profile Photo

    khan khalili: shopping

    by kpenbe Written Nov 23, 2010

    there are a lot of things to buy for your friends, family etc. Pyramids figure, papirus, isis figure etc. you can buy something as gift.

    What to buy: water pipe, papirus, backgammon, value stone, silver, gold blanket etc.

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  • dusica_stamenik's Profile Photo
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    It's shopping time!

    by dusica_stamenik Updated Aug 31, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    On every corner you can find many different kinds of shops.The people who are working there are very polite..I can say TOO MUCH so they will not leave you until you buy something!!

    What to buy: Souvenirs,clothes, shoes,perfumes,leader,gold......


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    Market Mix Cairo Egypt Shop in Zamalek: fair trade Goodies Cairo Egypt NO HASSLE SHOPPING!

    by EgyCraftsLover Written Aug 14, 2010

    I found a Shop in the Zamalek area of Cairo that sells beautiful fair trade Egyptian products like Alabaster pots & dishes, good quality Papyrus and plenty of enchanting jewellery and home décor crafts handmade by different artisans in Cairo Egypt…wish I could buy them :(

    I loved the variety, the fact the shop is clean and has non intrusive customer service…YES a HASSLE FREE Shopping experience! Sorry but I have now been living here for a while and it is just rare to get all of that in one shop…just wanted to share my love for Egyptian crafts…i love genuine crafts from all over the world!
    Hope my tip helps…ooo and they give clear cut discounts on clear cut retail prices!

    Here is a link to the website where you can find the address and more…

    What to buy: egyptian handmade products

    What to pay: relatively good prices + discounts available + do appreciate the 'no hassle' and add it to the cost ;)

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  • uglyscot's Profile Photo

    in Khan el Khalili: handicrafts- applique cushion covers

    by uglyscot Written Jul 31, 2010

    There are a number of shops which sell handmade crafts. Women are particularly skilled at making hand sewn tablecloths, doilies, or applique cushion covers in traditional colours and designs. I have even bought beautiful tea towels and scarves made by women. There is an outlet in Zamalek but I can't remember where exactly it is. Shops in Khan el Khalili or outside Cairo at Kerdassa will also have them.

    What to buy: Hand made cushion covers

    What to pay: about 25 £ Eg for applique cushion cover.

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  • zuhur's Profile Photo

    look for bridge betw. husseini & al-azhar: Hajj clothes and linens

    by zuhur Written Jun 12, 2010

    On the Khan side of the Husseini-al-Azhar foot bridge, go into first large shop. Hajj clothing is much cheaper here than over the internet or outside Egypt.

    What to buy: Upstairs they sell men's and women's pilgrimage (hajj) clothing. The men's is in a little sac, and you can buy belts (white) with a money pocket, white plastic crocs, etc Women's in a different section.

    You can also find very nice thick towels here.

    Downstairs, walk into first alley, you will find embroidered sheets. Very nice. But they come with only one sheet and multiple pillow cases - you'll have to ask for the second sheet.

    What to pay: On the hajj clothing - for men, a set for 86 or 95 L.E.

    On the sheets - it depends on style you pick - 100 to 160 L.E. very large size (fits queen)

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  • gallivanting1's Profile Photo

    Bella Joia: Jewelry in Dahab

    by gallivanting1 Written Jan 12, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Clean and well lit. The quality of the jewelry here is better than the other shops you will visit. Remember, you get what you pay for and if you want some cheap jewelry then don't worry about where you shop. I found the gemstones (no diamonds) to be good quality for the price you are paying. The staff are friendly and you can usually work a deal with them even though they price the silver by weight.

    What to buy: Silver jewelry in Egypt is good quality and I've found some very nice pieces that you won't find duplicated elsewhere.

    What to pay: Depends on what you are buying, the weight and how well you can barter.

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  • gallivanting1's Profile Photo

    Rosetta Perfumes Palace Papyrus Institute: Papyrus and Perfume in Cairo

    by gallivanting1 Updated Jan 12, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    While everyone and his brother has a shop that will sell you these things, this shop is truly unique in that the starting price is lower than any other place I found and you can still barter to get an even better deal! Clean and well lit the owner is very friendly and low pressure - a relief after some of the high pressure salesmen out there in Cairo.

    What to buy: Papyrus and perfume

    What to pay: Depends on your bartering skills. Remember, the more stuff you buy the better your price will be.

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  • zuhur's Profile Photo

    Nomad: Cool Stuff

    by zuhur Written May 1, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nomad is really a store for tourists & now has an outlet inside the Marriott Gezira (a small one) but a larger shop just outside, walk down the Nile south a block and it is up in an apartment buildling - that's the Nomad Gallery and there are two other small outlets at the Hyatt and downtown (Nile) Hilton (I haven't been in these two).

    What to buy: I always find something here for friends, family, or me. Great purses - silk, now made so they have pockets, snaps, and I bought a red bag which looks like the flag of the United Arab Reputblic (going back to the union with Syria), nice jewelry, mats, scarves, also T shirts that feature Tin Tin and his adventures in Egypt. They had vests, and other nicely made items.

    Now, I found a new store I loved this year on Marashli street (new to me) in Zamalak but cannot remember the name! Odd furnishings, nice trays - I bought a porrait of Farid al-Atrash (the singer)

    In general in Egypt - you can buy lovely silver and gold jewelry - the silver can be Bedouin style, also this heavy silk on vests, etc. You can find items galore in the Khan Khalili, but if you don't want to go there, a lot of the same items are on shops on Road 9 in Maadi.

    What to pay: Depends on what. Nomad is more expensive than buying in the old city, but items are nicer.
    Silk purse for 70 pounds (15$) - little cotton one for 30 pounds.

    I usually do not buy jewelery - but I saw very cute items $20 to $30

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  • dila's Profile Photo

    Ghazala supermarket: supermarket assala

    by dila Written Feb 7, 2009

    I dont know if it is cheap here but there is a lot of choice. like about 4 brands of juice i liked the del monte very much but it cost 10 lE. bottle of water 1 1/2l cheapest is 2 LE.
    Candybar like mars or galaxy cost 4 LE. They have coca cola normal, light and zero dont know the price but think 8-10 LE.
    Very nice to know the have a ATM at front.
    They have things what is sold in a normal supermarket.
    If you want to go to a market they also send you to this one.

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  • MonicaLouise's Profile Photo

    Aggressive Vendors

    by MonicaLouise Updated Mar 31, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The vendors at the cultural sites in Egypt - esp. Luxor, Edfu, and Aswan - are very aggressive, to the point that you don't want to even browse through their market stalls. I had read on this and other travel sites to say "La Shoukran" - Egyptian for No Thank-you. But this seemed to have no effect whatsoever. On my second day I was enlightened by an Egyptian - this only causes them to "haggle" with you even more. They think you don't like the price of whatever they are shoving in your face and will become even more frenetic in their appeals for you to buy. The trick is to make no eye contact, do not acknowledge their existence, say nothing and just keep walking with eyes straight ahead.

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  • VZ-Pam's Profile Photo

    Arabic Numerals Price Tag

    by VZ-Pam Written Feb 4, 2008

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What to pay: I rarely see a price tag in Egypt. If you do, what kind of numerals you expect to see & know what you should pay ? I learned something from my Egypt trip about arabic numerals. I used to think Arabic Numerals are like 1, 2, 3, 4 etc.....WRONG ! I am so shallow, I don't know there is an"Eastern Arabic Numerals" that actually used in Arab countries like Egypt. Here is a cheat sheet

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  • rikhelle's Profile Photo

    the markets: bargins

    by rikhelle Updated Jan 22, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    the markets are great fun if you like a bit of a barter, and they can be found every were

    What to buy: Egyptian oils are some of the finest in the world and you can really pick up some good ones for next to nothing to what you pay back at home, try and find the ones that a native to Egypt such as lotus flower oil. Also getting a local tailor to make your sheets from Egyptian cotton for you is a great idea as long as you have room is your bags to take it home.
    Always be careful with what you buy make sure that you countries customs are going to let you bring your souvenir's in.

    What to pay: Always barter down and if is still to high walk away and try down the road

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  • shopping in cairo

    by STJ Written Jan 5, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do all your shopping in cairo and not luxor..although alabaster is made in luxor it is still cheaper in khan el khalili market and you get better choice luxor they ask for double the price for everything ..khan market is just amazing......not just the shopping but also the feel of the market is amazing you need to bargain a lot...we learned to pay 1/4 th price of whatever they say :)

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  • matt10gonzalez's Profile Photo

    Talaat Harb, A fun and Busy area for everyone!

    by matt10gonzalez Written Nov 9, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MOM- "Honestly, I rather stay in a CLEAN budget hotel in Talaat Harb rather than the Marriott in Zamalek or the Le Meridien in the Giza Pyramids!"

    The mom is right! Talaat Harb is a superb area!

    Do you just love window shopping? Worried that it's all deserts and pyramids only in Egypt? Well, don't be! For in Talaat Harb, there'll be LOTS of it! This is the place where in every step you make there are shoe stores (majority of the shops), a few sweet stores, souvenirs stores, bookstores (some English) and more! And finally, you won't get bored here! At night, this whole area is packed with crowds (but not shoulder to shoulder unlike Khan el Khalili) and life! The only way you can feel dead (thus bored) here is when you just lock yourself in your hotel room the entire night! (So take a long afternoon nap!)

    PROS- There are decent cheap eateries (okay koshari shops, shawarmas, sweets, fast food eateries (KFC, Mc.Donalds) here! Budget around 3 LE (For a koshari, small shawarma) to 12 LE (For a filling KFC meal!) So it must be a good location!
    -Many souvenirs found in Khan el Khalili are also found here! And it's generally easier and a bit cheaper (Depends on your bargaining and the mood of the seller!) to buy your stuff here!
    -It's alive at night but not too crowded either!
    -It's near the Egyptian Museum.
    -The Sheraton, AUC (American Universtiy), Nile Hilton and more are all near here! So this MUST be a good location!
    CONS- You can't see the pyramids from here!

    What to buy: Compared to Zamalek (Where the Marriott sits)
    -There are more eateries than Zamalek
    -It's busier at night! Zamalek can be pretty quiet
    -But the Opera House, Cairo Tower and the exclusive Golf Course are in Zamalek.

    MOM- "I don't really like the location of the Marriott Hotel here!'

    Compared to Giza Pyramids
    -The eateries here are cheaper and more abundant than the 1st class hotels by the pyramids!
    -But you don't hug the pyramid views!

    DAD- "I like the stay near the pyramids! S***! You'll have a swimming pool with the pyramids as your backdrop at sunset? Beautiful!"

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  • matt10gonzalez's Profile Photo

    The City of Cairo!: For the Shoe Fanatic! (Don't Expect Too Much)

    by matt10gonzalez Written Nov 9, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MOM- "I've never seen a city that sells so much shoes!"

    For the Shoe Fanatic:
    What's a city that sells millions and millions of shoes? You'll be surprised: Cairo is one of them!

    True! It seems that as of May 2005, everybody in Cairo just LOVES shoes! Just step any where in Talaat Harb and just look at every store and what do you see? Shoes!

    BROTHER: "I think they rather buy more shoes than food!"

    Could be also true- did you know? That there's 50x MORE shoe stores than groceries or anything?

    MOM- "It's not bad! I don't mind buying some leather shoes from here!"

    So hate shoes or love shoes! You can't ignore the word 'SHOE' in Cairo!

    What to pay: Price: They're still cheaper than Europe: They start at 50 LE (500 pesos or $11.5 US) and can range up to 1000 LE!+ (Around $200 US+)
    Note: You CAN bargain!
    -A leather shoe should cost around $40 US.

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