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    Land Transport to Hurghada

    by solopes Updated Feb 16, 2013

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As my wife fears planes, I decided to travel from Luxor to Hurghada by land. It was a wise decision, because it was quick, pleasant and safe. My wife and kids had the chance to feel what I lived in the war of Angola - Being part of a military column. The tanks and weapons around us gave us a feeling of security, a purpose that the Egyptians, till there discreetly, cared everywhere and every time.

    The brief crossing of the desert in the air conditioned vehicle was a good aperitif for the Sinai.
    And we saved money.

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    Cairo to Sinai

    by laurita_ Written Oct 11, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I dont think Egypt is a kind of country to make a road trip. It would easier to rent a taxi, or private van, I mean, travelling with an Egyptian driver. Have in mind Sinai's area is desert and maybe you will not find any place whereto stop or have help if there is any emergency, in kilometres. In any destination you will find people offering their services. You can compare prices there and maybe bargain too.
    Plus there is public transportation, from Cairo, not expensive at all.

    From Nuweiba there are ferries going to Aqaba. You could get the tickets through a travel agency. Just be sure they depart really early in the morning and they may delay. The same from Taba. But I think from Nuweiba is easier.

    There were some kidnappings in Sinai area,due to some of the roads were not control. I heard the government is taking care more about that area now..Actually lots of tourists are travelling every day by Sinai and nothing happens.

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    Cairo's Cabbie

    by akosilei Updated Sep 25, 2011

    Coming from a city where luxury is abundant arriving in Cairo was really an eye opener... On our first day in downtown, we walked around the city until the sun set to better observed the things around us and it was really scary to see how the Egyptians drive and park their cars in the busy street of Cairo. Our cab was i think the most maintained taxi ever compare to others we saw. It was without airconditioning but it was clean and our driver could speak English and knows the ins and out of the city for an extra cost, of course ☺☺☺

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    by Doctor38 Updated May 17, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have to travel by car from Alexandria to Cairo ALWAYS use the Desert road known as (attaree essahrawi) you'll pay a toll of 5 LE . It is 200 km and you probably make it in 2 hrs to your destination. It is 3 or even 4 lane highway very empty. NEVER use the Agriculture road (attaree aseraee) other wise you'll find your self stuck behind a donkey or some heavy vehicle or worst having an accident with a bicycle

    Update April 2010: I traveled by bus and the Desert road is not as good as it used to be due to reconstruction. It is being upgraded for the entire 200 km. it is currently a 2 lane highway in each direction. It is still efficient but not as smooth as it used to be. I think the toll has increased to 5 LE. Looks like it will be much better with lots of bridges are under construction.

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    Assuit Airport

    by Doctor38 Written May 11, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was tempted to put this tip in the warning section but than I thought It was a hilarious experience that made my trip memorable. I had a miserable experience (I thought at the time) due to different factors that gathered at the same time.

    We arrived late at night around 2 am. Things appeared very upbeat and promising when the Passport Officer said " let do the Non Egyptian passports first" I thought to my self wow Egyptian hospitality when you need it. Thanks you. After whizzing through passport being the first one to be stamped, I felt grrrreat.

    Things started to collapse very quickly. I was prepared for a cold winter weather with layers of clothes only to be confronted by a warm weather. The airport had no bag conveyor built. We had to wait in a small hall and people started smoking after being smoke deprived in the plain. Soon I felt very uncomfortable due to the choking atmosphere in the room and the heavy stuff I was wearing not to mention the big number of people who started to crowed the room.

    After a long wait, bags started to arrive out side the hall. we had to wait until all bags were stacked on top of each other. we where allowed to charge, every body for him self trying to find his elusive bag. You can imagine the situation. I bit it was very funny for any one who was fortunate enough "NOT to have a dog in the fight" :-)) . Of course getting to you bag was not easy, Before that you had to squeeze your self out of a tiny door along with the 200+ fellow passengers in order to sift through the mountain of bags until I was lucky enough to find it. You can imagine how happy I was when I finally got it. I had to squeeze my way back into the Smokey room to finish my custom procedure, this time the tiny door was jammed with passengers, bag and wheels all thrown into the mix . but clearing customs was very efficient and fast once you got to the officer

    The airport was far away from the city. There was a shared taxi for which I paid a hefty 50 LE. I got a very lousy seat which was probably the worst part of the night.

    The Airport receives very limited number of low cost flights from and to destinations in the Middle East like Sharjah, Kuwait City, Jeddah, Bahrain, Riyadh and starting (mid-May 2010)from Dubai. The deals are not bad. It is a nice alternative to have as an entry point to Egypt. Only if the flight arrivals and departures have better times.

    Looking back, I'd really do it all over again and won't mind flying through Asyut again. I would just pack more sense of humor. People at the Airport were very friendly and what they lacked in equipment the sure compensated for by effort and friendliness

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    Personal Travel Guides

    by stone-path Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Aladdin Khalifa []

    This tour guide created an experience for us that was beyond our expectations. We had a personal guide and driver anywhere we wanted to go. He is trustworthy and affordable. We recommend him without reservation.

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    Trip to Mt.Sinai

    by sumanth7975 Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Hundreds of tourists climb Mt.Sinai everyday. Most of them start around 2am and wait at the top for the Sunshine. I personally think that going and being with such big group doesn’t give you the real feeling of the mountain. Nature lovers won’t appreciate it, either. When I climbed, I started my ascent at 4am and the path was free of all tourists. It was quite and serene. We went up with a travel guide ofcourse(50egp) and didn’t need a camel. We saw the sunrise though not from the peak but somewhere near the peak and it wasn’t bad. 7am and I could see hundreds of people descending the mountain and my god I would never want to be part of that group. I was alone on the mountain peak and could see cigarette butts, blankets and other stuff and was so glad I avoided that crowd.
    Views from the top where spectacular. But, I do not think this is the real Mt.Sinai as described in the Bible.

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    Egypt in a wheel chair

    by vdoortje Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One might think that Egypt is a big NO NO for the disabled, but it is not!! A lot can be done to give also our disabled fellow people the holiday of their life time!

    Take a look at his article:

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    EgyptAir Domestic and International Fight Schedule

    by TheWanderingCamel Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Here is a link to the online schedule for Egypt Air, from which you can look at flight times both domestically (from city to city inside Egypt) and internationally (from cities in Egypt to cities outside of Egypt and vice versa). It is very easy to use.


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    Egyptian Trains

    by beethin Updated Feb 4, 2011

    The cheapest way to travel to Luxor from Cairo is by sleeping trains. Sleeping trains start from Giza. You need to fax your request to prior to your journey and they will confirm your reservation by email. You need to make the payment and collect the tickets from the Sleeping train office located inside Ramses station.The price is 120 US$ including dinner & breakfast for 2 persons one way from Cairo to Luxor in 1st Class double cabin. All the sleeping trains departs from Giza station. Reservation offices open every day all the week (except Friday) from 9:00 AM till 02:00 PM. Overall the train journey is quiet comfortable and hassle free. The coach attendant are very friendly and helpful.

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    Airport Shuttle @ Abu Simbel

    by mjleynes Written Dec 9, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are interested in doing a quick trip to Abu Simbel from Cairo and return to Cairo the same day, one good option is to do it yourself. Buy your ticket at Egypt Air. Upon arrival at the Abu Simbel Airport there's a airport shuttle their that will take you to the Nubian Monument and it's FREE! ROUND TRIP FREE RIDE FROM/TO AIRPORT AND NUBIAN MONUMENT. Get your entrance fee when you to the site and do site seeing at your own pace.

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    do u take egypt airline to southafrica

    by hebaemam Updated Jun 10, 2010

    dear mam,
    im egyptian, and my honey moon was in southafrica and for sure i took egypt air. i was in business class, so i was so happy and comfortable with everthing in the flight.
    well, i have to be honest with you.
    1-egypt air pilots are a very good one i believe.
    2-hostess are good.
    3- food is very good i believe... egyptian food is not spicy as you might think. thats if you compared it to indian food for example. i would consider it moderte salty rather than spicy.
    4- 2 years ago when took this airoplane, it wasnt brand new but it wasnt old too.
    generall speaking, egypt air line is not the best ,for sure emirates is better, but i dont think you will regret taking egypt air.
    egypt air company aiming to be top ranked companies, so i think they do take care of long flights.
    finally if i were in your place, since egyptair is not a bad airline i would take it and save the money difference and enjoy shopping in egypt. egyptians shopping is excellent.
    i hope i was helpfull and i hope im right in my judjment to egypt air.
    take care

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    Overnight trains in Egypt

    by stewarth99 Written May 17, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you catch the overnight train then you may be in for an experience never to be forgotten, or repeated.
    Most impotant - take any food or drink with you, if you buy them on the train you will regret it, or dine out on it for months. Essential supplies include water and toilet paper. No fear of the toilets being blocked here, they drop straight onto the tracks! The food on the train is EXPENSIVE and very poor quality. Watch out for the porter with his electric whizzer. He can make your instant coffee turn into a cappuccino! He's very proud of his little machine. When we travelled, we were woken up with a loud bang by a policeman/ticket inspector at about 3am checking tickets and passports. For a non-stop train a little officious and very aggravating as I'd only just got to sleep. We still have "happy" memories of that journey!

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    by Trixcentrix Written May 14, 2010

    1) FROM CAIRO TO LUXOR -> ASWAN AREAS. ( $ 60 US per person / one way / Aswan and Luxor are of the same price. If you get off at Luxor, which is closer to Cairo, it is not any cheaper. You still pay $ 60 US ).

    The best mode of transportation is the Abela Sleeping Train ( now under the new company and management of El Watania ). The Abela Sleeping Train ticket booth is found at Mubarak station on the Metro Subway line. You can buy the tickets at the booth and they will refer you to a station to catch the train from. Usually the trains leave from El Giza or Ramses stations. The trains are clean, extremely comfortable ( seats turn into bunk beds with warm blankets, crisp cotton sheets and soft pillows ). Furthermore, it comes with breakfast and dinner ( food can be better - but then again, trains are not places where you can eat well ). The trip from Cairo to Luxor and then to Aswan usually take around 9 - 12 hours. I had such an amazing sleep for only $ 60 USD one way. The company only takes the payment in US make sure you have the amount when you get to the ticket booth at Mubarak station.

    2) FROM CAIRO -> ST. KATHERINES ( MOUNT SINAI AREA ) ( 45 Egyptian pounds, one way, per person )

    The best and cheapest mode of transportation is the East Delta Bus company. When in Cairo, hail a cab to take you to the Turgoman Garage ( in Arabic " Mahatet Al Turgoman " ). Once you get there, you have to walk to the big white building that has a ticket booth for all locations on the East and West side of the Nile. You do HAVE to try and call ahead to make reservations for St. Katherines ( Mt. Sinai area ) as there seems to be ONLY ONE BUS. We went on the day of and didn't get any seats, so we had to detour and go take a bus to Suez instead ( BIG MISTAKE! ).

    Our mistake costed us a costly ride from a corrupt, crook taxi driver from Suez to St. Katherines with 8 hours shouting and threats in his car. If we had simply cancelled our trip and just went with the East Delta bus company for the NEXT day instead of detouring to the bus station at Suez ( and getting a taxi minibus from there - man conned us into paying 200 Egyptian pounds one way ), then it would have cost us less!


    Cairo has plenty of cabs. Anywhere within downtown, from Point A to Point B, should not cost more than 5 - 10 Egyptian pounds. In fact, most places fall under the 5 Egyptian pound range. To avoid the haggling, cheating, short changing or overcharging, just grab a white taxi with a yellow sign. They all have meters and they do put up the meters.

    The best way though is to walk! Cairo is so compact and tight knit that you can walk everywhere.

    Or even better...GRAB THE SUBWAY! No one uses the subway / metro. It is super clean, quiet and empty!

    4) METRO SUBWAY IN CAIRO ( 1 Egyptian pound per person / one way going any direction )

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    Tours of Egypt

    by TheAndos Written Apr 25, 2010

    We have just returned from 12 days in Egypt with Intrepid Travel. The best thing is that the group is only 12 people - sometimes there are one or two you don't warm to, but on this occasion we all got on well. We had Kiwis, Aussies, Canadian and American in the group. I would hate to go on a tour with a big coachload of people, we also got free time. Our guide, Walid, was exceptional.

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