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Egypt Highlights

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     Ancient Egypt represents one of man's crowning achievements 

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     It's chaotic, the hassles, the scams, no forests but what country is perfect? 

  • In a nutshell
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     Pharaonic heritage and beautiful Nile river 

Map of Egypt

Sharm El Sheikh










Pyramids of Giza






Marsa al `Alam


Temple of Abu Simbel




Red Sea Hills


Kawm ad Dahab














Temple of Horus




Al Karnak




Port Said








Jazirat az Zamalik






Sharm El Sheikh

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  • Egyptian Museum

    Cairo Things to Do

    Apart from the no photography thing, which in many ways I can understand, I found the museum un kempt, ill labled, and dirty. The 2 exceptions to this were the Tutankhamun section and the royal mummies. Both of these areas were great. There is so much to see here, but there is so many things all jumbled together. Glass cabinets have the glass...

  • Four Seasons Cairo Nile Plaza

    Cairo Hotels

    If you are seeking a luxurious trip to Egypt, then the Four Seasons Hotel is the only place to stay....

  • Felfela Restaurant

    Cairo Restaurants

    Overrated and overpriced restaurant! I have always wondered why this place is so popular especially among tourists? then after going there with my Dutch friend & her boyfriend and drink the worst lemonade ever I just realized if it wasn't for the location (Down town), the alcoholic and being mentioned in several guidebooks...No one would have ever...



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  • Snorkeling

    Hurghada Things to Do

    Hi, I visited Makadi Bay (south of Hurghada with my wife in September 2010 mainly for snorkeling. The experience was really nice. Here is a link to a portfolio of pictures and videos of the below recommended sites: *Oct-03-2010 still adding material to the portfolio during coming weeks I personally recommend...

  • The Oberoi - Sahl Hasheesh

    Hurghada Hotels

    Ah.... What can I say? I had the most serene, peaceful time at the The Oberoi, Sahl Hasheesh... By...

  • El Mina

    Hurghada Restaurants

    Large spacious restaurant with a nautical theme and friendly staff. El Mina offers fresh seafood to you liking and I mean LITERALLY. The fish is swimming while you are ordering it! El Mina specializes in fried fish and seafood for take out too. There are also side dishes of rice, salad, bread, tahina, and babaghanouj. Fillet of Morgana Fish...



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  • Karnak Temple

    Luxor Things to Do

    You get to the Karnak Temple and it's dark. There are hundreds of people waiting for the Sound and Light show to start. The sound was terrible, it was full of static and hard to hear as most of the tourists were chatting during the sound portion. The Light part of the show, well the only thing I can figure is that the lights were highlighting...

  • Hilton Luxor Resort & Spa

    Luxor Hotels

    We had a fabulous time! We were pampered from top to bottom. I am feeling very relaxed. Excellent...

  • Ferry

    Luxor Transportation

    The public ferry on the east bank (central luxor) is located between the Winter Palace Hotel and the Mummification Museum and right at the back of the Luxor Temple. So if you're in Luxor Temple, just walk around its back. Now, when you arrive at the corniche and about to go down the stairs to the ferry landing, there are a lot of people there who...


Pyramids of Giza

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  • Walk round the plateau

    Pyramids of Giza Things to Do

    The Giza Plateay gives a view of the city of Cairo that is encroaching upon it rapidly. From the air the pyramids are set in one corner of the large flat stretch of land.The obvious attractions are the three large pyramids of Khufu, Khafra and Menkhare, three generations from the 4th Dynasty. The largest , the Great Pyramid of khufu, has been...

  • Horizon Pyramids Resort Hotel

    Pyramids of Giza Hotels

    198 Pyramids Road, Taa'won Square, Giza, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Vista Points around Pyramid Road

    Pyramids of Giza Favorites

    the Great Pyramid of Cheops and even the sphinx can be visible from the commercial establishments and restaurants lining the complex outside where you can have your photo taken with views of the pyramids and even cheat on the light and sound shows at night as some restaurants like pizza hut along pyramid road have wonderful views of the...



See all 627 Aswan Tips

    Aswan Things to Do

    The original Aswan Low Dam was built to try and regulate the annual flooding across Egypt and generate electricity. The more famous High Dam, the focus of this tip, was built between 1960-1970 and is vastly larger. In fact, its just vast. Here are a few amazing facts:• It is 12,562 feet/2.34 miles (3,830 metres) long and 364 feet (111 metres) high•...

  • Sofitel Old Cataract

    Aswan Hotels

    The world famous Old Cataract Hotel, built in 1899, sits high above the Nile surrounded by gardens...

  • Unfinished obelisk

    Aswan Things to Do

    Erecting the obelisks should have been a hell of a job. If we remember that most of them were cut in Aswan, and carried down the Nile, the work turns Cyclopean. The cutting of the Unfinished Obelisk in the Northern Quarry of Aswan, stopped when a crack appeared, as it was being extracted from the rock. It would have weighed over one thousand tons,...



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  • Pharaoh Island

    Taba Things to Do

    Just along the road in Taba going to Nuweiba, you can spot a large stone island at the Gulf of Aqaba lying about 240 meters from the shore with a stone fort and an Egyptian Flag. the island and fort is called Pharoah island, named after one of the egyptian emperors Ramses III who made fortifications here. The island also served as a Crusader Fort...

  • Sofitel Taba Heights

    Taba Hotels

    The Sofitel Beach Resort at Taba Heights is situated in between the Marriott and the Hyatt Regency...

  • Taba Heights

    Taba Things to Do

    like what i've said, the main attraction in Taba is the Taba Heights area, which a a large self-contained community composed of various hotels, inns, villas and even a casino. this huge resort is about 20 kilometers away from the Taba Border to Eliat (and 45 kilometers north of Nuweiba). The Resort complex is owned by an large egyptian...


Marsa al `Alam

See all 19 Marsa al `Alam Tips
  • Go diving!!!

    Marsa al `Alam Things to Do

    Excellent diving inside the Solitaire Resort!Really great, great guys! It is a German operated diving center, but they speak fulently english and some italian. All the people working there are really very nice and helpful!We had a great time diving with them and so many beatiful underwater scenes.Take care to make several night dives at the house...

  • Sol Y Mar Solaya

    Marsa al `Alam Hotels

    I drove this weekend from Luxor to Marsa Alam (Coraya arae). It was not that bad as i could expect....

  • VISA

    Marsa al `Alam Tourist Traps

    PAY THE VISA AT THE COUNTER AT THE AIRPORT IN DOLLARS . So the VISA costs only 15 Dollars . When you enter the Airport you ll have a couter of the bank on the left side . There you can pay the Visa in Dollars . In EURO you ll pay 20 Euros , that will be 2 times mor as in Dollars !! PAY THE VISA AT THE COUNTER AT THE AIRPORT IN DOLLARS . So the...


Temple of Abu Simbel

  • Water, Soda, Drinks and food

    Temple of Abu Simbel Tourist Traps

    If you're planning not to spend a lot of money on food and drinks when traveling to Abu Simbel, bring some bottles of water or sodas. I bought a small bottle of water that costs 6 times more expensive than it's regular cost in a store in Aswan. The food also are expensive, so when your hotel provides you with a boxed breakfast -- take it with you....

  • Seti Abu Simbel Lake Resort

    Temple of Abu Simbel Hotels

    Abu Simbel Touristic Village, Abu Simbel, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Random pics of Abu Simbel

    Temple of Abu Simbel Things to Do

    It will be a waste if I don't put-up those pictures I took during my visit to Abu Simbel so am posting it here.And by the way, there are a couple of restaurants few meters from the road leading to the entrance of the temples. And also, there are lots of souvernir shops in case you are interested to buy some stuff, and yeah, like every popular sites...



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  • Cigarrettes

    Siwa Shopping

    This isn't a shopping tip in Siwa but a shopping tip before heading to Siwa. If you're a smoker had a specific brand preference, buy enough supplies in Cairo or Alexandria or anywhere you're coming from where there's availability of foreign brands. Most or maybe all stores in Siwa central town don't sell cigarrettes, I found that out when I ran out...

  • Adrere Amellal: Desert Ecolodge

    Siwa Hotels

    If you ever want to leave this world - at least for a little while - then Adrere Adellal is the...

  • Photography

    Siwa Warnings and Dangers

    Siwa is a conservative town compared to most cities in Egypt. You can photograph the sights and most things but not the women and the female children. I know the restriction on women but not the children so when a group of female children probably 9m - 12 years olds going to school passed by infront of a photo subject, they all said "NO" in chorus....


Red Sea Hills

See all 3 Red Sea Hills Tips
  • WOW

    Red Sea Hills Things to Do

    This is not a tree leaf. it is a unique Giant Gorgonian at Thomas Reef in Tiran.Ne'ma Bay in Sharm El-Sheikh in south Sinai is a wonderful destinations even for amateurs. The best snorkelling spots in the bay lie near both ends, that is, between the Lido Iberotel Hotel and the Sofitel Hotel. You do not have to take lessons or gain any certificates...

  • Three Corners Ocean View Hotel

    Red Sea Hills Hotels

    Abu Tig Marina , El Gouna, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Red Sea Dive Areas

    Red Sea Hills Off The Beaten Path

    Where one can enjoy Scuba Diving, Snorkling, Deep-sea Fishing and/or Underwater Photography?May this map help?I think so.Best of luck.The map is copied from Scuba Yellow Pages*


Kawm ad Dahab

See all 113 Kawm ad Dahab Tips
  • Egyptian Cuisine and More

    Kawm ad Dahab Restaurants

    The Ali Baba Restaurant, located at the middle of the budding Dahab Corniche facing Masabat Bay is one of the popular restaurats in Dahab and is #9 on Tripadvisor's list of Dahab Restaurant (Trip Advisor is a sister company of Virtual tourist). The Restaurant is part of the Ali Baba Hotel just across the street and this wonderful open air...

  • Dahab Paradise

    Kawm ad Dahab Hotels

    Blue Hole Road, Dahab, 01000, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Tour Buses Stopover

    Kawm ad Dahab Transportation

    depending on the type of Tourists of which all use the big tour buses, if you are the secular tourists on a holiday to the Egyptian Riviera and came from eliat in Israel to the Taba Border Crossing or the Taba International Airport, then the drive to Dahab from taba is 2 1/2 hours and 140 kilometers south of Taba. If you are on a Christian...



See all 138 Nuweiba` Tips
  • Toilet Paper & One Pound Notes

    Nuweiba` Tourist Traps

    When you use the public washrooms there is a woman standing/sitting at the door waiting for you to give her 1LE to get into the washroom and then she will hand you 1, yes you read that correctly ONE sheet of toilet paper.This is not limited to the washrooms around the tourist sites. Sometimes when you are in a restaurant washroom - there is no...

  • Nakhil Inn & Nakhil Dream

    Nuweiba` Hotels

    Tarabeen Bay, Tarabin, Nuweiba, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Baksheesh!

    Nuweiba` Tourist Traps

    You hear this word all the time. BAKSHEESH is tip in arabic. Every where you go there is someone asking you for baksheesh. So if you let a local take your picture, let them get in the picture with you, take a picture with them ~Baksheesh~ If they put your suitcase on the belt going through airport security, let you go through the fast lane - Take a...



See all 18 Suez Tips
  • Suez Canal Museum at Sinai Rest House

    Suez Things to Do

    the Sinai Rest House, a complex of shops and stores and restaurants just after the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel in Suez, also has a mini musuem dedicated to the building of the suez canal and inside the one room museum are various black and white pictures, a large diorama of the suez canal with explanations and some artifacts and materials used in buidling...

  • Ramada El Sokhna Resort

    Suez Hotels

    142 KM Cairo-Hurghada Rd., Ein el Sokhna, Suez, Red Sea and Sinai, 73, Egypt

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Main Stopover and Rest Area in Suez

    Suez Shopping

    located just 3 minutes after exiting the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel from Asian Sinai to African Mainland Egypt, the Sinai Rest House is a small complex of eateries, convenience stores and souvenir shops geared for the travellers that go to and from the long drive from Cairo to areas of the Sinai and inside also is a small museum dedicated to the Suez...


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