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  • Things to Do
    by rosequartzlover1

Debark' Things to Do

  • Before hiking.

    After paid eveything and meet our new guide ..Mr.Get and our armed scout ,we had lunch at a place that seems all tourists came to eat and drink there.It's kind of a hotel that has restaurant,very basic.There's nothing much to order ,so what I got was "what they had",which was "age sandwich" (sandwich with omelette) The food was on Mr.Get but all...

  • Simien Mountains hiking(3)

    My first day arriving Debark and we immediately started to hike.After driving up for a while ,I think half way.We left the car and started to walk,that was around noon.Our driver and chef continued driving up until the campsite to drop our backpack and prepare our dinner and put up tent for us,everything should be ready when we arrive. Only our...

  • Simien Mountains hiking(2)

    After passing the gate,the terrain ascend up and up ,the road twist and turn,the scenery around me was so beautiful ,with the green and brown colour of rocks.Only mountains and mountains around.My plan was...I need vehicle to send me up until a certain point and then start to hike.I don't have time to start the hike from the bottom ,which somebody...

  • Simien mountains hiking (1)

    First picture...That's the gate of national park.There's a security guard waiting to check some documents of cars and also passengers but it seems not so serious.We just said hello to him,he came to look and I guess because of Mr. Get is the man of the town so they respect him and the procedure was just nothing more than to say hi and go.2.Scenery...

  • Debark market

    Debark ..before today ..for some people they may consider that this town is just nothing than a very small road side village but by now (2013) I think the road construction shoud be finished (last year 2012 still doing as in my pictures) And after road construction finish the town should be much better than before and because it's closest town to...

  • Debark

    Road construction project progressing slowly from central to the north.It now arriving Debark as you can see from the pictures.Debark now is like a small village that stretch 2 km.along road number 3 ,it's about 90km north of Gondor and the size of town grow bigger than before,with the estimated population of 75,000.It's in the Semien Gondar Zone...

  • Imet Gogo

    The Imet Gogo summit (3926 m) is the best observation point in the Simien Mountains as it offers spectacular views in all directions. This is a good place to spot Walia Ibex, we saw some on the cliffs below. Imet Gogo is about an hour walk from the Gich camp.

  • Waterfalls, no water

    Just before reaching the promontory we came out of the bushes and had this special view at the steep escarpment just in front of us.Here must be the waterfall... and it was the place, but there was no water coming down at the moment of our visit.You can recognize, where the water normally is falling down. Though there was no water, it was very...

  • Path leading to the falls

    We started our trek a few hours walk east of Sankaber. First we walked to promontory and waterfall. We took a shaded rather easy going path descending a bit from the dirt track. The views from the promomtory were breathtaking. We had splendid views in several directions. Maybe it can be a problem for people having fear of heights.You have to take...

  • The views are breathtaking

    On our way to the starting point of the trek we had allready so many fantastic views from the plateau into the valleys. So even when you don't make a trek it's allready fantastic and worthwhile to go up by car and find yourself some beautiful places to spend your time, enjoying the views.Also at the plateau it can be very hot during the day, so...

  • Heather trees at the plateau

    I was not only interested in the fauna of the Simien Mountains, like the walia ibex and the gelada baboon, but also in the flora.The most striking for me at the plateau were the heather trees. In my home country I live in an area with a lot of heather fields. You can walk on the heather there, but here in the Simien Mountains you can walk under the...

  • Steep escarpments

    At our first stop in the Simien Mountains National Park we could allready experience how steep the escarpments were, by walking to the edge. Here we saw allready the first ''bleeding heart'' baboons, the so-called geladas with the red chest. I was excited, finally I reached this park, where I had allready liked to go for years. And of course I was...


Debark' Restaurants

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    Simien Park Hotel: Simpel and good

    by shugoey Written May 4, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Simien Park hotel has a restaurant that serves good breakfast, lunch and dinners. The food is simpel, but tasty. During the fasting (50 days before Easter) it was hard to find meat in any restaurant, they all served fasting food, also this one. After Easter they served some tasty lamb dishes.

    Favorite Dish: Tibs

    Fasting food
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Debark' Transportation

  • Mules for transport

    It possible to hire mules to ride. Hiking in this altitude is very hard and an good alternative is to ride a mule. The mules will sometimes take different routes than when you're hiking. If you take the road you miss out on the best views.

  • Mules for luggage

    Mules can be hired for transport of luggage, tents and food. For each mule you need a driver. They will load and unload the mule and look after them. The mules will take a different route than you and will be in the camp when you get there. The price for mule is 20 birrs and the same for the driver. Check the condition of the mules before hiring...

  • Connection to Aksum

    To travel to Aksum in one day means to hop onto the first bus going north to Shire. It’s a long ride through a wild and dramatic landscape that takes about eight hours. This means you will arrive in Shire in the late afternoon. If you want to proceed to Aksum the only way is to take a minibus. The price is about 15 -20 Birr depending on your...


Debark' Shopping

  • Kids selling souvenirs

    When hiking in Simien Mountains we met a lot of kids selling home made hats and other souvenirs that they have made. The quality of the products vary, but buying is a good way of supporting the villages in the area. Depends on your ability to bargin.

  • Chicken and egg

    The local people from Gich village sell eggs and chickens. Contact them in the evening and they bring egg for breakfast. 1,5 Birrs pr egg.

  • Nearly nothing available

    Debark is a poor small village! There are not too many things to buy. Even food is not available in wide variety. It’s a good idea to stock up in Gondar and bring it to here. It s also cheaper in Gondar because of lower transport costs!


Debark' Local Customs

  • Local hairstyle

    The girls in the north of Ethiopia are wearing their hair in the Tigrayan haistyle, the so-called shoruba. That's meaning they wear their hair tight in front, mostly plaited. At the backside they have a kind of, yes of what... I don't know how to call it , so look at the picture and find out.These girls we met north of Debark on our way to Shire...

  • Debark, how to use a condom

    Along the main track in the town Debark you can find this peculiar sign, warning the local people against aids. At this sign the condom to give protection is wrapped around the forefinger.Our guide told us that the town is called aids-town and that some women became pregnant and people got HIV infected, though they used preservatives. "We did what...

  • Tipping

    When you return from your trip is comon to spend your crew a drink and as a rule of thumb: tip the hired guys for two days work a one day salary!


Debark' Warnings and Dangers

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    Some things to think about!

    by frockland Updated Aug 31, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Don´t underestimate the altitude! Debark is located at an altitude of more than 2000 meters and its only the beginning. Some of the camps are more than 3000 meters. The sun is burning much stronger than on a lower altitude and the lesser oxygen in the air is affecting the body. Take your time and don´t rush while hiking.

    The nights can be freezing cold bring warm cloth and have a good sleeping bag!

    Before deciding to hire equipment check it out. If you are not happy with it ask for a different one. Same with the mules: If they are not in a good shape (but usually they are) ask for another one.

    There are some reports about bad water that made travellers ill. Water needs to be treated either chemical or it needs to be boiled!

    Hubert suffering from the power of the strong sun Hubert suffering from the power of the strong sun

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Debark' What to Pack

  • The nights get very cold.

    Bring warm cloths for the nights. A fleece and a good windbreaker or a heavy waterproof jacket is a must. We had some heavy rainshowers in the afternoon. If you get wet and cold there is nowhere to get warm again. Tent and a good sleeping bag. Bring all the things you need, including all the food.

  • Bring everything!

    you need for a hike: food, warm cloth, good shoes, sun protection, etc. Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mattress, cooking equipment) can be hired at the National Park Office. Mules are also available!

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Debark' Off The Beaten Path

  • Along the way from Gonder to Debark (5)

    Local people were so friendly ,instead of coming to begging but many of them tried to give some kind of bean they were eating.People on the bus also having it.People on the road were having it.I don't know where they got it from,probably in the field along the way.They all tried to give me.The bus driver,passenger ,a man walking pass by ,including...

  • Along the way from Gonder to Debark (4)

    While waiting in traffic jam.All vehicles stop the engine .I walked around to meet people along the way.I walked up into a bus ,said hello to every body on the bus ,they were friendly back to me .We talked a bit .I asked permission from driver if I can take some photo in his bus,he said yes,so here are some pictures of the bus that running between...

  • Along the way from Gonder to Debark (3)

    After past Amba Giorgis ,we had problem a little bit.The road construction...,not surprised much because already prepare to meet this situation.The road condition was quite terrible as you can see from pic1.Traffic congestion ,vehicles has to stop and wait their turn(pic 5),only one side can pass but very slowly because they have to follow the...


Debark' Favorites

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    Getting organised

    by frockland Updated Sep 1, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Getting organised for a hike I Debark is pretty straight forward! The National Park Office is about a ten minutes walk on the Gondar road. The Officers speak good English and will recommend some routes depending on how many days you want to go. Next step is to make a decision if you want to hire a guide, a cook or mules with drivers. The National Park Officers will introduce them to you. Also they will help if you need to rent some cooking/camping equipment. When all this is clear you have to pay the park entrance fees and will get a bill for the rest.

    Guides & Rangers: Its compulsory to hire an armed scout but not a guide. The difference between them is that guides speak English, rangers are probably retired soldiers who don´t! Both of them know the area very well!

    Mules & Mule drivers I was happy that I didn´t had to carry all my equipment myself! The muledrivers were very nice and helpful people. They take care about your luggage and will prepare and pitch up your tent when you arrive at the camp sites.

    A cook seems to be a bit decadent but I regret that I didn´t had one. The cook will do the shopping for you if you still have to stock up in Debark. On the hike the meals will be prepared when you arrive at the camps or in the morning when you get up breakfast will be ready. …and don´t forget by hiring a cook who is only 20 Birr a day you give somebody the opportunity to earn some money.

    Prices Guides – 70 -100 Birr /day
    Scouts – 30 Birr / day
    Mule drivers 20 Birr /day
    Mules – 20 Birr / day
    Cook – 20 Birr / day

    All the scouts, guides, mule drivers and cooks should supply their own food but it might happen that they will run out of it after a few days. Better buy more than you need and help them out. It will be appreciated very much.

    Hiking the Simiens sounds like travelling with a caravan but its not like that! Usually the mule driver and cook will take a different track to arrive before you to start doing preparations.


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