Ethiopia Off The Beaten Path

  • Off The Beaten Path
    by rosequartzlover1
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by rosequartzlover1
  • Enterring Amba Giorgis
    Enterring Amba Giorgis
    by rosequartzlover1

Ethiopia Off The Beaten Path

  • Hiking the Semien Mountains

    I spent four days hiking in the Semien Mountains. I used "Explore Abbysinia Travel," headquartered in Gondar. All arrangements were made in advance via e-mail, and everything went off without a hitch. The service was expensive, but everything was provided--tent, linens, food, guide, mules for transporting the stuff, etc. The owner is extremely...

  • Be aware of Hynas

    This town feeds Hynas by 7pm just outside the town bear the hills. The idea may be to make Hynas stay outside town and stop taking goats, cows or chicken. Problem is that I Hynas mingling with dogs and foxes all over the town at night. So be careful at night I warn you; if you see a Hynas DON'T RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. Just ignore and move on keep going...

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    If you believe Ethiopians, Indiana Jones should have looked elsewhere in his quest of the Lost Ark. The Ark of the Covenants is said to be kept in a square building in the St. Mary of Zion church complex in Aksum (north of Ethiopia). None can visit it, no pictures are allowed, only a lifetime guard is in contact with the treasure. Yet there are...

  • The Queen of Sheba

    The legendary queen of South Arabia (some say Ethiopia instead), is said to have (following Ethiopian tradition) married King Solomon of Israel and founding Ethiopia's ruling dynasty. Upon the Book of Kings in the Bible, the Queen of Sheba learned of the wisdom of King Solomon and came to Jerusalem to test him 'with hard questions.' She arrived in...

  • Rimbaud House in Harar

    In Harar you can find a rather interesting and unusual house (now a museum), where the French poet is said to have lived, in spite of the fact that the building was constructed after his departure. But there are also other 2 Rimbaud houses (these authentic), one of them in the main square.Nevertheless, the museum of Rimbaud Center is an example of...

  • The Ark of the Covenant

    According to the legend and to some historical facts, in the Church St Mary of Sion, Axum, is kept the Ark of the Covenant. It was brought from Jerusalem by Menelik, the son of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba.I have heard that it is meticulously protected by an old bearded monk who spends his life in solitary contemplation, a man with love of God,...

  • Visit the cave church of Yimrehane...

    The Cave Church of Yimrehane KristosYimrehane Kristos is a built-up church under a huge basaltic cave locatedAbout 42 kms northeast of Lallibela on a mountain ridge with an altitude of2681 meters. It was built by one of the first Zagwe Kings, Yimrehane Kristos, between 1087-1127 A.D. It’s the oldest example of Axumite architecture which began the...

  • go cheap if you want adventure

    you can spend 4 or 5 thou. for a two week guided tour excluding airfare. I stayed a month and spent 2500.00 including airfare. Went to all the real good places and enjoyed more of the true country. Hot water baths. Real jungle. Awesome fishing and hunting if you wish.

  • Off the beaten track is everywhere!

    Off the beaten track – this is nearly everywhere in Ethiopia! Unless you travel by plane moving from one place to another takes time! In the northern part of the country most of the overland roads are gravel roads, often winding up and down the mountainous landscape. The average distance a bus is driving per hour is about 30 km. To make it clear:...

  • Lower Omo Valley, Turmi Primary School

    In Turmi we visited the primary school. The staff of the school was very friendly and hospitable to show us their school. They are very inventive to make their own education materials.So we saw fantastic drawings at the walls of their schoolbuilding, at paper and cloth. They showed us a room with all the self-made materials and drawings. It looked...

  • Lower Omo Valley, Turmi

    We stayed a few days in Turmi in the far Southwest of Ethiopia. Turmi is a sandy village with conical thatched huts. We followed the walking men and women to reach the monday market, where we had to buy some vegetables and potatos. The Hamer women looked beautiful in their decorated goatskin skirt, with kaurishell necklaces, chestplates, beads and...

  • Lower Omo Valley: Dimeka saturdaymarket

    The market of Dimeka, Key Afar and Turmi are the most colourful ones in the Omo Region. So, on our way from Jinka and Key Afar to Turmi we stopped at the saturdaymarket of Dimeka. The market of Dimeka is very lively. The Hamar people are friendly and curious. The women liked to look at us and to touch our hair. Their hair is styled and coloured...

  • Lower Omo Valley: Mursi village

    After a ride of three hours from Jinka at a bumpy track in our 4WD we reached a Mursi village in the Mago National Park.The Mursi people is one of the tribes in the Omo Region, who have still their old traditions. The most striking are the lipplates, worn by women, after piercing their underlip. The larger the plate, the higher the social status of...

  • Lower Omo Valley: Mago National Park

    From Jinka there is a track to the Mago National Park. To reach the park you need your own (rented) 4WD. We had to cross two rather deep rivers.The sky was cloudy. We stopped at this viewpoint and the drivers asked us, if we want to move on. When it should start to rain we had to return immediately. We took the risk and paid the 70 birr (pro...

  • Lower Omo Valley: Key Afar thursday...

    The thursday market of Key Afar, about 100 KM from the tarred road at Konso, is one of the main markets in the lower Omo Valley.At the market we saw mainly Banna people from the region around Key Afar, but also people from other tribes.It was amazing what I saw, self confident and beautiful people with special hairstyles and wonderful outfits of...

  • The Danakil salt industry

    The main activity in Danakil apart from surviving through pastoralism on the clan lands are salt mining and caravaning. Large camel trains bring blocks of salt out of the Danakil desert to the highlands and trading posts. Mekelle has a salt market and a trading place where the camel trains end.The salt is cut by hand in 50+ degrees temperatures and...

  • The Danakil Depression

    Very few come here, less people return to the place. Those outsiders who come here write books about it. Those outsiders who do not have permission to enter are ostracised if discovered. Those who are not prepared do not come back. The locals seem unflinching and untouched by the hardship of this place, but statistics tell a different story. This...

  • Beer in the bush

    Bedele – Not much to do here besides to drink beer, but that’s not to bad now is it? Lying west of Addis lies the small town of Bedele that don’t have that much to offer besides a visit to the brewery and that is a great stop if you are around. The staff of the brewery are great and really helpful and the lab guys happily join in on the beer...

  • Woldia is a medium sized town...

    Woldia is a medium sized town that you will come across when travelling by road from Addis Ababa to Lalibela. What I like about this town is the friendly people and the beautiful, laid back atmosphere. The houses are colourful, and the surrounding hills are lush and green. There is not much to do there but it is a wonderful break from the long...

  • Timkat-Feast of the Epiphany,...

    Timkat-Feast of the Epiphany, 19 January Buhe-21 August Enkutatash -New Year, 11 SeptemberMaskal- Finding of the True Cross, 27 September Fasika (Ethiopian Easter Sunday) May (variable)

  • Try to spend as much time as...

    Try to spend as much time as possible with local people, they can be so nice.Of course you have to try their exceptional traditional coffee, which comes with a whole ceremony which you shouldn' t miss. Maybe trying to prepare it yourself would be a good experience. Be careful though!If anyone invites you to a wedding don' t say no ... it will be a...

  • It's of course the local life....

    It's of course the local life. When you go just to tourist places you haven't seen very much. In fact, Ethiopia isn't a good place for tourists because there aren't so much tourist places. In most cases when you go outside of the capital, you'll be surrounded by a local life. Countryside towns are interesting to see if you want to know more about...

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