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  • Karo Woman
    Karo Woman
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    Mursi woman with lip plate
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    Hamer woman
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Turmi Things to Do

  • Turmi primary school

    In Turmi we visited the primary school. The staff of the school was very friendly and hospitable to show us their school. They are very inventive to make their own education materials.So we saw fantastic drawings at the walls of their schoolbuilding, at paper and cloth. They showed us a room with all the self-made materials and drawings. It looked...

  • Turmi market

    We stayed a few days in Turmi in the far Southwest of Ethiopia. Turmi is a sandy village with conical thatched huts. We followed the walking men and women to reach the monday market, where we had to buy some vegetables and potatos. The Hamer women looked beautiful in their decorated goatskin skirt, with kaurishell necklaces, chestplates, beads and...

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Turmi Restaurants

  • Roasted goat in the compound

    Just before dark we arrived in the compound of our local host family. The goats were allready slaughtered and cut into pieces. The roasting of the goats was the task of the men and boys.They run through the pieces with sharpened wooden sticks and put these sticks with the meat around the fire. It took some time before all the meat was done. While...

  • Coffee ceremony before dinner

    The last evening in Turmi we were invited by a local family in their compound. We agreed to give them money, so they could buy and prepare a goat for us and the compound, so we could have dinner together.While we were waiting for the goat to be roasted, the lady of the compound and her daughters prepared local coffee for us. It was lovely to sit...

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Turmi Transportation

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    Walking to the village

    by sachara Updated May 2, 2008

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    Turmi is only reachable by unpaved roads. When we walked the 500-1000 M along the main road from the campsite to the village for shopping or visits, we did see hardly any vehicle.

    There is no bus service between the villages in the Omo valley, because there are a lot of wadis en route, which a bus can't cross. At marketdays you have the best chance to find a local pickup truck.

    We came to Turmi by 4WD from Addis Abeba with stops at Lake Langano, Arba Minch, Konso and Jinka. From Addis there are also domestic flights and a busservice to Arba Minch and Jinka.

    In Turmi a truck from Tanzania came to pick us up, to bring us in two days to the Kenyan border with stops in Yavelo and Moyale where we continued our overlandtrip to Tanzania.

    At the unpaved main roads west of Konso and between Konso and Yavelo we saw hardly any other traffic or pickup trucks.

    road from the campsite to Turmi
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Turmi Local Customs

  • Remarkable hairstyles, men

    At the Dimeka market north of Turmi we saw also some men with remarkable hairstyles. If a man has killed an enemy or dangerous animal, he is permitted to rub coloured clay in his hair, sometimes also decorated with feathers. This hairstyle can last for almost 6 months. That's why the man needs a headrest for sleeping. You see almost every man...

  • Remarkable hairstyles, Hamer women

    The Hamer people are known for their remarkable hairstyles. The women rub a mixture of ochre, water and animal fat in their hair, creating coppery-coloured tresses, known as goscha. When we walked at the market of Dimeka some women and girls liked to touch our arms and hairs and asked us to touch their hairs. There was a lot of laughter, if our...

  • Jewellery of the Hamer women

    The Hamer women and girls looked beautiful in their decorated goatskin skirt, with kaurishell necklaces, chestplates, beads and all other kind of home-made jewellery. Around their arms the girls wear iron bracelets and armlets as an indication of the wealth and social standing of the young girl's family. When she gets married, she must remove...


Turmi Warnings and Dangers

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    Photographing in the tribal villages

    by GrumpyDiver Written Dec 8, 2013

    Taking pictures of the locals is one way that they get a bit of cash. When we were there, the going rate as 5 Birr for an adult and 2 (sometimes 3 Birr) for a child. Mother and baby would be 7 Birr.

    Point a camera in the general direction of a person, and they assume you've taken a picture and demand payment.

    Some of the tribes; especially the Mursi and the Daasanach are very, very agressive this way.

    You can get great shots, but...

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Turmi Off The Beaten Path

  • Dimeka, goatmarket

    There were no goats and other animals for sale at the market in the centre of Dimeka. Somebody told us which road we had to take to that part of the market out of the village. It is not far, only a few 100 Ms, they told us.At the edge of the village with a great view at the surrounding landscape and mountains we saw a large tree. In the shade of...

  • Dimeka saturday market

    The market of Dimeka, Key Afar and Turmi are the most colourful ones in the Omo Region. So, on our way from Jinka and Key Afar to Turmi we stopped at the saturdaymarket of Dimeka. The market of Dimeka is very lively. The Hamer people are friendly and curious. The women liked to look at us and to touch our hair. Their hair is styled and coloured...

  • Dimeka market, pottery

    At the market of Dimeka the people are selling grain, butter and an alcoholic local brew like at the other markets in the area.At the Dimeka market I enjoyed especially that part of the market, where they sold the local pottery. There was a huge amount of nice pots in black and brown colour. I could resist to buy them, because they were too big and...


Turmi Favorites

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  • Wadi near Turmi

    On our way from the campsite to the village of Turmi we had to cross a wadi or dry riverbed. There were always a lot of goats strolling around together with their herdsboys. The wadi was not far from the campsite, so it was also a nice place to walk in the late afternoon. In the dry season it is hardly to imagine in this dry area, that there can be...

  • Hamer people

    When we walked along the road, we met a lot of the friendly local people greeting us. Mostly they stopped to try to talk with us, as far we could speak some words in their language or they knew some english. Otherwise we used our hands trying to express, what we meant. At monday, the local marketday, there were a lot more people en route, most...

  • Turmi, mainroad to the east

    Between the campsite and the village we walked several times along the main road, leading from Turmi to Konso and the tarred roads from there.The mainroad looked more as a local scenic track. Avoiding midday, it was always a nice to walk with here with nice views at the surrounding landscape with hazy mountains at the background. Vehicles on this...


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