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  • Beach along the coast
    Beach along the coast
    by Chigenda
  • Sea turtle
    Sea turtle
    by Chigenda
  • Volta River Estuary
    Volta River Estuary
    by Chigenda

Ada Things to Do

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  • Songor Salt Lagoon

    The Songor Lagoon, the biggest natural salt mining area in Ghana, has a great impact on the lives of the people in the area as it is an important economic source, a religious ground and has a political undertone. It touches the lives of everybody around and is sometimes even an issue for national politics. At this communal salt field you can watch...

  • Funeral

    Funerals happen very frequently and it is common to see people walking around in the mourning colours black, white and red on weekends. The celebration follows a strict schedule: On Friday the corpse is brought to the family house accompanied by songs of brass bands and the ceremony starts. During this ceremony, usually things are done that the...

  • Markets

    There are three markets in the area with different market days.There is a big market in Kasseh on Tuesdays and Fridays where you can get just about anything you can imagine. From Ada Foah take the Tro-Tro in the direction of Accra and get off at the market place at Kasseh.A smaller market in Ada Foah on Wednesdays and Saturdays is good for buying...

  • Monkey Island

    You have to get up early to see the monkeys (Spot-Nose monkey and Green Monkey) on so called "Monkey Island" in the Volta River. During the day they stay away from the villages and retreat far into the woods, but if you manage to arrive around 6.30 a.m. you can watch them from one of the watchtowers that were built for this purpose. A major project...

  • Sea Turtle Watching

    A local taboo provides sea turtles traditional protection. They are revered to as gods in the lives of the local people of Ada and are therefore not to be touched, killed or eaten. However, some non-natives of Ada living within and near Ada to whom sea turtles are not their totem poach nesting sea turtles for meat or sale. To prevent the turtles...

  • Long, Sandy Beaches and the Volta River...

    Long, sandy beaches with coconut trees and fishermen with their boats and nets make up the picture of the Ada seaside. At the estuary, where the Volta River and ocean are very close by, you can swim either in the calm and shallow river or the ocean. There are very nice beaches close to the estuary as well as further west along the coast.The Volta...

  • Missionary Cemetery in Ada Foah

    When the missionaries came to Ghana in the 19th century they faced harsh conditions that they were not adapted to. Many died very young of various tropical diseases. These missionaries were buried at the cemetery next to the Presbyterian church in Ada Foah. This cemetery that was reserved to reverend ministers, missionaries and important...

  • Presbyterian Church in Ada Foah

    The Presbyterian Church in Ada Foah is a missionary church that was built by the first generation of Ghanaian Christians at around 1890.It never used to be close to the shore but with the approaching ocean it has now a seaside location. Some holy places of the chapel have already been washed to the sea. There also used to be a cross on top of the...

  • Old Trading Fort at the Ada Foah Seaside

    Only few people know where Ada Foah has got its name from. The reason is the fort near the Presbyterian church that gave the town its name to distinguish the two Adas: Ada Fort, village of the fort. Fort Kongenstein was built by the Danish traders in 1783 to defend their trading post against the attacking neighboring tribes. Trade was one of the...


Ada Transportation

  • Getting to Ada

    The best way to get to the District is by Tro-Tro (small bus), taxi, your own or a rental car. From Accra: there is a reagular connection (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours, about 120 km) from Tudu Station or from Tema Roundabout. Some Tro-Tros go directly to Ada Foah, with others you have to change in Ada Kasseh. The usual times of operation are between 4.30...

  • Getting around Ada by Ferry

    If you feel like taking the water route, consider joining the ferry to the market in Anyanui on Wednesdays. This is a very fun way of getting to the other side of the Volta River with a big crowd of locals who bring their products to the market. The ferry leaves Ada Foah around 8 am and 3 pm and returns from Anyanui around 1 pm and 6 pm. It takes...

  • Getting around Ada by Tro-Tro

    The best way to get around is the ever present Tro-Tro (small bus). It's easy to get around between Ada Foah and Kasseh (about 20 km). The usual times of operation are between 4.30 am and 9.30 pm, but can vary according to the day of the week.


Ada Local Customs

  • Local Keep Fit Groups

    You think drumming and running doesn't go together? If you want prove of the contrary, get up early on a Sunday and join the locals at the "Keep Fit". At around 5 to 5.30 a.m. the communal jogging, drumming and singing starts and mostly leads to a soccer field where those who are good with the ball continue playing. It ends with some breakfast that...

  • Cinemas

    It's almost impossible to miss the cinemas in town because big speakers entertain the people outside on the streets. For soccer or Ghanaian and other African films just check the signboards in front announcing the schedule. There are cinemas in Big Ada and Ada Foah.For more information check the Ada Tourism website:

  • Local Game Centers

    Ludo, Oware or cards are just a few examples of the games that are played at the local game centers. Anytime people feel like playing a game they can meet at these special game places and find others to join. The playing groups will form spontaneously and anyone can join for some time and leave whenever he or she likes. So if you want to learn how...


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