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  • Labadi beach horse riding
    Labadi beach horse riding
    by georeiser
  • Accra
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  • Accra
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Accra Things to Do

  • visit bojo beach

    quiet beachentrance fee 10 cedis which allow you to go to small peninsula for relax, watch the fisherman taking out the fishnice area

  • visit Labadi beach

    the main beach near Accra...nice restaurants, several activities a lot of sellersentrance fee: 10 Ghanan Cedisbeside the hotel there is public beach

  • Nima - off the beaten track in central...

    A very special place, a hub of immigrants who have come to Accra from neighbouring countries & northern Ghana.The tour with Charles Sablah of is excellent. He is working with his community, showing tourists the myriad of colours, life & vibrancy that you don't get to see as an average tourist, from meeting local...


Accra Hotels

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Accra Restaurants

  • Don't Miss the Authentic Indian Food

    On my visit to Accra i visited a very newly opened Authentic Indian Restaurant located on Spintex Road, the ambience was awesome you feel you are in Indian Haveli (Fort) with background of Punjab state ambience, the food and service was another pleasure waiting for us to explore the chef's special and another specialty of restaurant charcoal...


    It is not just the staff who are scum. The food is s.hit as well. ''The Pataase” is a nice looking restaurant owned by a hotel chain I will never use now. It has a nice outside, covered dinning area that should be ideal for a romantic meal or just a few beers. Service was slow and ignorant. Having said that, if you are systematically ripping off...


    I first saw the Wok Inn as I came out of the airport with my bags looking for a taxi or other ground transport. I was a little surprised to see this eating establishment since it is essentially a sit down restaurant at the major exit of a large airport. I did notice it looked busy though. I did manage to finally 'Wok Inn' to this fine little...


Accra Nightlife

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  • Heavy Warmup - The finest dance floor...

    The Heavy Warmup parties continue in 2012 with Heavy Warmup #4 at the end of January. House, Soul, Hip-Hop and Afro Beat, it's almost the only place in Accra to chill and enjoy quality music before going to club !

  • House and Soul - Heavy Warmup

    Hush Bar/Labone Shop is ideally located in the Labone district of Accra, facing Chase restaurant. It's a cool place to chill over the week-end or after work. They have a monthly party called Heavy Warmup hold by two djs that know their stuff !!! Special guest djs are often invited, both african and european. Last time I was there, I've enjoyed an...

  • Vienna City nightclub

    Vienna City nightclub is located within the arrival and departure halls of the Kotoka International Airport in Accra. They have a bar, poker machines and roulette Tables. In other words, not the best place to stay for newbies coming to Ghana. The entrance is 4 cedis (2,5 USD).


Accra Transportation

  • Domestic flight to Kumasi

    The best company to fly with is Starbow. We took the flight Accra - Kumasi. The return flight was one day earlier than planned, so we changed tickets cost 40 GSH approx 20 Euro.Other option is Fly540

  • Finding a Driver in Accra

    If you are looking for a reliable, safe, affordable and kind driver please feel free to contact Francis at 0261-450-103 or 0247-626-530. He is an experienced driver, knowledgable about both Accra and surrounding Ghana and is able to assist with everything from airport pick-ups, to a day tour of Accra, to weekend visits to the Volta Region, Cape...

  • Antrak Air

    A very easy, but relatively expensive way to get to Accra and away is by flying with Antrak Air. This small airline has daily flights between Accra, Kumasi and Tamale.For a trip from the capital to Tamale in the North it makes a difference of 15 hours by STC bus for US $ 17,- to 1:20 hours by plane for US $ 130,-. Especially when your time to visit...


Accra Shopping

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  • Baby Shop

    Baby Shop in the National Culture Center is shop where you can buy local craft, handmade masks, necklase or sculptures. It is not a baby shop. Local craft, handmade masks, necklase or sculptures The owner is a funny man and gives you the lowest price in the center.

  • Cobby G.S.M

    Do you want to repair your mobile phone, or decode, unlock or flashing? Cobby G.S.M are crack experts. The normal price is 10 Cedis for the work.

  • Koala shopping mall

    Koala shopping mall in the Osu district of Accra is mentioned several times on the web. Actually it's nothing there for tourists besides of beeing an exclusive mall for the rich middle class. This shop is more expensive than other places.


Accra Local Customs

  • Ghanaian food

    The first times I visited Ghana I learned to eat all kind of Ghanaian food. During the voluntary projects we cooked ourselves on the Ghanaian way. Also I visited friends and could have a look in their kitchen and try their food. I saw and learned how to pound the food and how to cook with firewood and with charcoal.In Ghana I tasted yam, cassave...

  • Village life in the compound

    When I visited Accra, I liked it to stay in Madina just outside Accra, not far from Legon University. From the main road where the lorries stopped there were some small paths between the houses to reach the house and the compound of my friend. At some places you had to jump over narrow open sewers. At sunday almost every tenth house along this...

  • The coffins

    In this country the peoples live the dead in a differnt way from from Europe : who has the sufficient money asks the carpenter to construct one coffin that must have a shape that remembers the job of the defunct one.In fact If u are a pilot you will have an airplane, but if u are a bartender you have a coffin shaped like a bottle


Accra Warnings and Dangers

  • The shooting range at Teshie Road

    A shooting range used by the military is located on the narrow landstrip between Teshie road and the ocean. I was walking on the path along the coast from Next Door Resort and came up behind the shooting range without knowing what it was. Something to think about if you stay at Next Door a time the military have a shooting exercise.

  • Don't take pictures inside Accra...

    Accra football stadium is not a place you can walk around and take pictures. At least not according to the security guard on the picture. He was angry and asked me to leave the stadium. Don't take pictures inside Accra football stadium.

  • Corrupt policemen at Accra Airport...

    Beware of corrupt policemen outside Accra Kotoka Airport. Don't walk around the airport area by curiosity if you don't want to be a victim of false accusations and have to pay a bribe to get away. A ghanesian fellow passenger in the taxi from airport had to pay 100 Cedis for nothing. I was also held there 20 minutes for questioning. Where I should...


Accra Tourist Traps

  • the accra arts market is amazing but....

    the pressure to buy is intense.....ive never felt anything like it....every time i go....i leave with just enough for my cab. hahahaha!!!but the stuff in amazing....just say no...and keep walking....remember...if you look...that's it...there ON you! good luck!


    be aware of the souvenir salespeople....they will grab at you...push you around....they are serious....and hang out near the bank machines waiting for you to have cash!!!!simply say no if you are not interested...and dont get angry with them....just keep cool and have fun...even if they follow you...and they girlfriend was furious one...

  • Bargain and say "no"!

    Much more then any other city in Ghana, Accra is a city where you should not trust people just like that when they want to sell you something. It is very important that you bargain a lot and say "no" often, otherwise you will be an easy victim for these "professional cheaters". A few places where you really have to pay attention are the airport,...


Accra What to Pack

  • Accra is a warm place

    Accra is a warm place. Cotton clothing as synthetic fabrics are too uncomfortable in the heat. Females should dress for example in a long wrap around skirt and blouse. Males should wear long trousers and a shirt. Casual clothes are acceptable for leisure. The shoes should not be too warm, and easy to take on/off, like a sandal.

  • Things essential to life

    If you are coming for more than 5 minutes, pack the Marmite. Unlike many other members of the commonwealth, there is no marmite in the shops. Even Kabul had Marmite. You can buy Quaker oats and even Scotts porridge oats, but not Marmite. Colmans English mustard there is, but no Marmite, not even Vegimite. Something has to change. Life without...

  • Mosquite nets and batteries are good to...

    take enough batteries with you. it is easy to buy batteries in ghana. but their capacaty is usually very low.i saw batteries strike after taking two fotos! a mosquito net is important. most hotels have one, but if you are going some steps abroad. there are no nets


Accra Off The Beaten Path

  • Visit the most lively community in Accra

    A very special place, a hub of immigrants who have come to Accra from neighbouring countries & northern Ghana, settling in Nima, a place many tourists don't ever venture, but they're missing out.The tour with Charles Sablah of is excellent. He is working with his community, showing tourists the myriad of colours,...

  • Fishing boats at Nungua beach

    A fishing village have their fishing boats on the western end of Nungua Beach in Accra. GPS location 5°35'45.24" N 0°4'11.26" W

  • Coffins

    It is an old custom in Ghana that when a rich merchant was buried, his coffin would be shaped to represent the life he led when he was alive. Hence coffin would be made in the shape of cars, birds, fruits and vegetables, shoes and a host more interesting shapes. It beats being buried in any old plain wooden box. I wonder what shape I would like my...


Accra Sports & Outdoors

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    by georeiser Updated Feb 25, 2011

    Accra sports stadium is the main football stadium in Ghana. It's a modern stadium, however it's slightly smaller than the stadium in Kumasi.

    Accra sports stadium Accra sports stadium Accra sports stadium Accra sports stadium Accra sports stadium
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Accra Favorites

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  • Visa in Ghana

    Getting a tourist visa to Ghana is quite hard for people from other countries than West-Africa. (People from Nigeria, Benin, Mauritania, Niger, Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Guinea Bissau, Togo, Cote D'ivoire, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Cape Verde and Mali can enter without a visa). The visa for other nationals could in some way be issued on...

  • The famous Ghanaian man

    A famous Ghanaian man in Accra was invited to hold a speech in a Cultural party at Next Door Resort. He talked about the social problems in Ghana when people should be happy and dance. Many people wanted to have their picture taken with him. Who is this famous Ghanaian man?

  • Ghanaians are loudmouthed people

    The ghanaians are a loudmouthed people. As a foreign visitor you will probably notice the shouting way of communication. It's not just to attract attention, but is also done in communication across the streets. It's interesting to hear the Tro-Tro's shared taxis driving by with the ticket collector shouting Accra, Accra, Accra out of the car...


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