Ghana Off The Beaten Path

  • Fishing boats at Nungua beach
    Fishing boats at Nungua beach
    by georeiser
  • Off The Beaten Path
    by grets
  • Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd, Kumasi
    Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd, Kumasi
    by Twan

Ghana Off The Beaten Path

  • visit kintampo waterfalls

    on half way between kumasi and mole np or half way tamale-kumasi you find easy kintampo waterfall..quickly to reach on foot..very refreshingThe Kintampo waterfall is located 4 kilometres away from the Kintampo-Tamale Highway. The fall is from the Pumpu River which falls some 70 meters down beautiful rocky steps. The Kintampo Waterfalls has a very...

  • hidden jewel in the eastern region:...

    Many people may know the beads market that takes place every thursday in the capital of the Eastern region, Koforidua. It's something almost every guidebook talk about... what many people don't know, though, is that less than 40 minutes drive from Koforidua there's a wonderful place, hidden in the forest, where you can have a great stay, hike, swim...

  • Volta ferry

    The guide books aren't lying when they say this isn't a cruise, the volta ferry is a cargo ship that carries passengers to suplement it's income. It travels once a week from Akosombo to Yeji and back with a few stops in between and one-way takes about 36 hours.It supposedly leaves Akosombo at 4pm Monday arriving into Yeji Tuesday evening from 8pm...

  • Akosombo Dam

    This village was purpose built in the 60's to house the dam builders, but it isn't that special.BUT the dam!It measures 370m. across and 124m. in height and turned the Volta into a lake of 850.000ha. with several islands in it.The surrounding area of Akosombo is also very attractive.For instance, the town of Atimpoku, a small but very lively place...

  • The Bamboo Cathedral

    The spectacular Bamboo Cathedral at Nkwanta about 8km from the Ankasa N.P. gate. Though not a church building and has no human Bishop, a priest nor a creed, the site showcases nature’s perfect architectural design. The giant and suppliant bamboos bow and criss-cross at their apex as if in a handshake to form a dome. The bamboos plants forming a...

  • Take a day tour in Wli falls

    Take a day tour to Wli falls next to Hohoe at the Togo border. This is an easy couple of hours back and forth through a forest with a guide to take you and explain about vegetation and animals. Very cool and relaxing place.

  • S h i t o

    S h i t o is a typical Ghanaian sauce.You will receive it in all restaurant to accompany rice.It is made of dry fish, dry shrimps, dry hot red pepper, mashed onions, mashed ginger and some red oil for cooking.Everything is mixed in a powder and cooked longly with oil. The best one are more expensive because they don't use too much oil and then use...

  • Boti Falls

    Boti Falls with a height of +/-30m is located several KMs northeast of Koforidua.Over here you can take a dip into a shallow pool and when you’re lucky you can buy yourself a cool beer or Coke.

  • Millet

    Millet is grass-like grain grown throughout Ghana for use as food for humans and animals. Millet is separated from the husks, then washed and toasted. It can then be eaten more or less as it is, just boiled with water (used as an accompaniment to meat in the same way as rice may be used), flour can be made from the grain, as well as beer.

  • Goats

    The ubiquitous goats are found everywhere – every village has them and every available pieces of land, be it beside the road or between the buildings in the town had one or more goats grazing on it. Goats are one of the oldest domesticated animal species, being kept for their milk (of which you can also make cheese), meat (which is more nutritional...

  • The burning bush

    This is not a case of slash and burn, more a way of clearing off the undergrowth to encourage new growth of young saplings for the cattle to eat. We saw many scrubs burning like this along the side of the road everywhere we went.

  • Charcoal

    All along the road are large grey bags full of charcoal, topped with straw. I've often wondered why people cook over charcoal. It seems so labour-intensive to stack up wood in huge, dirt ovens and bake it slowly down to little black lumps. Why not just burn the wood? To make charcoal, wood (mostly acacia trees are used here) is baked slowly under...

  • Making fufu

    This is a common sight in every village all over Ghana (and the rest of West Africa). Yam is pounded in these tall, wooden, hollow containers with a long, wooden mallet for about half an hour to make fufu, the main staple of the area. Fufu is similar to a dumpling, and is usually served with meat and/or vegetables in a sauce.

  • Cocoa plantations

    Cocoa is the dried and partially fermented oily seed of the cacao tree. Although originating from the Andes, 70% of the world cocoa production now takes place in west Africa, with Ghana taking second place after Ivory Coast. The Latin name theobroma cacao means food of the gods. Like the flower (see picture five), the pods grow straight from the...

  • Gas stations

    I was fascinated by the various gas stations in urban Ghana. The modern, clean and conventional gas stations as seen in the Western world are of course available all over Ghana, but many people still get their fuel from these traditional road side sellers. It is mostly used by the small motorbikes, but also cars, lorries and motor boats use this....

  • Palm Oil

    Zomi Palm fruits are used to make oil. Traditionally the juice was extracted manually – a task usually done by men as it was physically too demanding for the women – but these days a machine is used for the process. See picture one.The juice is then boiled over an open fire to make the oil (picture two). The resulting oil has a deep red colour (see...

  • Cassava Plantations

    Also known as the manioc, cassava is grown for its large, starch-filled root. It is extensively cultivated as an annual crop throughout Africa, and in every village you can see the ladies pounding the cassava to make fufu – the staple carbohydrate of West Africa. There are many other ways of eating cassava too, including boiled and fried, but the...

  • Okra Plantations

    Okra is grown in many parts of Africa, it is an ancient plant originating from Ethiopia. It beings to the family Malvaceae. Okra can be either annual or perennial and the plant grows upright to a height of 2m. Okra is one of the most heat- and drought-tolerant vegetables in the world; once the plant has become established, it can survive severe...

  • Palm Spirit

    The palm wine is further fermented for four to six days in large drums like the ones in picture one. The drums are then heated by placing them over an open fire (see picture two), raising them from the flames with the use of car wheel rims. The liquid is then channeled through cold water into different containers as shown in picture three.The...

  • Palm Wine

    After three years, the Zomi Palm no longer produces satisfactory fruits, so the tree is cut down. The leaves are dried and used to produce brooms and palm wine is manufactured from the trunk. A hole is cut in the trunk and a fire is lit inside. When that has died out, the sides of the cavity are scraped and a small channel is cut to allow the palm...

  • Zomi Palm Fruit

    The Zomi palm produces huge bunches of red fruits from about eight months after planting. The palms are propagated by seed and planted out after eighteen months. The fruit takes 5-6 months to ripen after pollination. Once the fruit is harvested, it is left in large bunches at the side of the road to be transported to the market, where it is sold...

  • Oil Palms

    These palm trees are found all over Ghana, and are used in a variety of ways. The Latin name is Elaeis guineensis and they are known throughout the world as oil palms, and are found in many other countries too. The palms are called the Zomi Palm is Ghana and neighbouring countries. They are big business in this part of the world, and hailed as a...

  • Burkino Faso boarder Sirigu

    Drive from Bolgatanga about 35miles and you will find a women's organization for pottery & art . Run by founder & manager Melanie Kasise who we met .This is a wonderful project to see And very good artwork can be purchased at very reasonable prices.The surrounding country is saharan dotted with baobab trees.

  • Great beach walk

    If you're feeling like a nice long walk with plenty to see along the way, take the 10km hike from Elmina to Brenu beach along the coast. You go through a couple of villages on the way that are nice and the scenery is fantastic

  • Cooking lesson Fufu

    How to make FufuPound Cassaba and make into balls Make a stew of meat vegatable and spices boil for a long period

  • Palm Oil to palm wine

    On the way to Kalkum National Park just north of Cape Coast. We met a family who showed us all the production stages of Palm oil. Every part of the palm has its use even to the manufacture of palm wine ( Suppose to send you crazy). Havent tried any!!!

  • Aburi Botanical Gardens

    What more do I have to say when you read the title.That the Botanical Garden is over a century old……..ABURI BOTANICAL GARDENS

  • Nzulezo Stilt Village

    Nzulezo is a village built entirely on stilts and located near Beyin in the pristine Amansuri wetland/Lagoon.It is constructed out of wood, raffia and steel plates.The village has a population between 500 and 600 people.In this area you’ll find a variety of animal, monkeys, birds, crocodiles, marine turtles, snakes and so on.You can only reach...

  • festivals

    most people miss the festivals cause they sometimes postpone the dates for the festival due to tribal conflicts and the most that people miss about ghana when thet leave is the hospitality of its people.

  • Rice balls with peanut soup

    Another delicious Ghanaian dish, one of my favourite.They cook rice more than it should, in order that rice becomes like mash. Then, they make balls.They also prepare a peanut soup, wich remind me the sate sauce of the Thai food.You can also add some chicken or beef pieces and you have a delicious dish.

  • Alomo

    Go to any of the local bars and ask for Alomo.It looks like Campari and tastes as bitter as Campari, with the same colour.It is made of local herbs.We use to mix it with beer.This is one of the Ghanaian real aphrodisiacs!I could not believe when it became true.If you drink two-three glasses of this alcohol, don't be alone! I tested it several times...

  • Kenkey

    Another Ghanaian food is kenkey. It is a pastry made of mash corn and sold in corn leaves.You eat it with dry fish or saucy meat, or like you want.It is very cheap, 2000 cedis and if I eat one, I have enough for the day. I did not know the diet of my dogs, but I was surprised my house girl was asking so little money for dog food. In fact, she was...

  • Fufu

    Fufu is the traditional dish of Ghana.Fufu is a kind of pastry you made of cassava leaves and plantain. Cassava leave is a kind of spinash and plantain is a kind of banana. They make a flour out of them.Women mash that with water in a heavy wooden bowl, with a long heavy wooden stock.They serve it with hot pepper soup.This food is very heavy.You...

  • Kele-wele

    When you go to Ghana, don't miss the Kele-Wele.Kele-Wele are dices of plantain marinated in a pepper juice and fried softly in palm kernel oil.They traditionnaly cook that after 5:00 PM everywhere in town and in the villages. It is a great experience and it is very cheap, less than 5000 cedis for a full bowl.

  • You must visit a village

    You absolutely must visit a village.Ghanaian people will always welcome you. When you enter a village, go first to visit the chief. Then you can go everywhere as you of course respect people. When I enter a village in Ghana, I am always surprised to see how welcome I am. People have nothing, or better, they don't have all what we consider as useful...

  • Adopt a Village in Ghana or anywhere in...

    I was inducted into the Enyimnyam Ambassador's Ministry in July of 2003 by the invitation of Dr. Wade Nobles, and Dr. Naim Akbar. Nana Kwaku Berko I (Dr. Wade Nobles) has been named Chief of Development in, Akwasiho - a Ghanaian village, and coordinates annual study tours throughout Ghana. During the tour, one of the stops is in Akwasiho. Enyimnyam...

  • Go to the market

    In Ghana you just have to go to the market. They have some big ones in Accra that you might never find your way out of, but in Koforidua they have the best beads-market in Ghana.... My friend works there, I used to sit with him and make beads as he shared some of his wisdom of life with me..... you never know where you can find a good friend.......

  • Nzulezu, a village on the water

    Travelling into the bush very far west, almost to the border of Ivory Coast, we found a village called Nzulezu. It was originally refugees from Mali who settled down there, they were afraid that someone might find them so they built their village in a place no one would look for them.....on a lake. To get there you have to have a guide who knows...

  • A friend and I entered the...

    A friend and I entered the Accra Sailing Club's annual race up the River Volta (we came last). It's the weekend before Easter and leaves from the club's landing at Ada.

  • Kakum National Park is about 1...

    Kakum National Park is about 1 hour from Capecoast by car. I tried to avoid the Disney like Canopy walk and go for a real trekking instead but they are not prepared at all for this kind of things and I ended up proving to be a man by walking over the treetops ;-)

  • You must take a trip to the...

    You must take a trip to the dam, which makes Lake Volta the largest man made lake in Africa, and while up there, there is a boat called the Dodi Princess, which does day trips up the lake to a island. A word of caution, don't go into the lake as there are snails,and other things around the lake's shallow water which are best not incountered!

  • Try to visit also more remote...

    Try to visit also more remote areas like Brong Ahafo, which are very rich in culture and where you can meet many nice people. The climate is more cool, you can see rainforests, visit cocoa farms. Try to make it to the ivorian border behind Dormaa Ahenkro. Very remote area. Berekum near Sunyani has now a luxurios new hotel, with nice swimming pool...

  • We stopped for lunch, then...

    We stopped for lunch, then continued on our journey. The poverty level gets far worse as we travel North. I started taking pictures as we traveled, but once we left the paved road that became more difficult. Apparently, there is actually only one freeway in Ghana, and we were on it. (Had I not been told, I wouldn't have known.) No road here is in...

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