Ghana Tourist Traps

  • Haggling over a price
    Haggling over a price
    by lalikes
  • Tourist Traps
    by Wafro
  • Tourist Traps
    by Wafro

Ghana Tourist Traps

  • Taxi's

    Haggle hard when it comes to prices for Taxi's in Accra. As an American, I hate it. Feel bad. Like I'm cheating someone. The car salesman type tactic. I hate it. You have to do it and once you get the swing of it... go full force.We talked a guy down from $120 U.S. to $60 U.S. for a taxi to the border.What bugs me the most is that the taxi driver's...

  • Begging

    Ghana is becoming a popular holiday destination and attracts different kind of tourists.Tourists mean Euros & Dollars, so don’t be surprised when you see and hear begging kids everywhere around the country.OBROUNI GIVE ME CEDIS is the most popular phrase.Please stop giving money without a reason!!! Let them do small works for you or guide you...

  • To canopy walk or not to canopy walk?

    Kakum National Park is a beautiful place, and well worth travelling the few miles from Cape Coast. But it's mainly focused on its famous Canopy Walk - a bridge suspended over the forest canopy (maintained scrupulously by daily checks). Nothing wrong with the canopy walk (apart from the fact that it's expensive) but there are better ways of enjoying...

  • Tipping

    Tipping. Bribery. Backsheesh. Dash. Call it what you like, it is a way of life in Ghana, as in much of Africa. It can grease a palm and open doors to many different establishments which may otherwise ‘be closed’, find you goods ‘not available’, and in many ways enrich your experience of Ghana. Don’t try to fight it, work it in to your budget...

  • Visas

    This government legal money- spinning swindle is not unique to Ghana. Getting a visa is both time consuming and costly. All nationals, other than West Africans, require a visa to enter Ghana. We got ours by visiting the Ghanaian Embassy in London and leaving the passport with them, having downloaded an application form from the net. Costs and...

  • Photography

    Always ask before taking photographs of people, and respect their answer – if they say no, don’t take the photograph! Group shots such as markets or street scenes are OK, but many people do not like being photographed. I took this picture as I was walking through a market, and didn’t realise that the lady had covered her face. If people ask for...

  • Dual pricing

    It is a common occurrence in many Third World countries to have dual pricing for entry to tourist attractions. I am in two minds about this system.For: To make money from the tourists, they set what is to most of us a reasonable rate. Most local people would not be able to afford this charge, so in order to attract local people, and thus teaching...

  • Curious children

    Whenever we stopped the mini buses, the local children would come running. Usually it was out of pure curiosity, but sometimes they would ask for pens, sweets or money. Never give to the children directly, as it encourages begging. If you want to help, give to a registered charity, or to a school.

  • Arab beggars

    Unfortunately in Accra the parents of Arab refugees or immigrants to Ghana have been grooming their children to beg aggressively from tourists. The children - some no more than 3 years of age will grab on to your leg and refuse to let go - the youngest one that we experienced cried and repeated over and over again "Dash me a 1000". When we gave him...

  • Kakum's not the only rainforest in Ghana...

    Some find it very beatiful, but for me it ws a bit of a tourist trap. I've seen other places in Ghana where the rainforest was just as beatiful, where you didn't have to pay so much money just to enter it and where no other tourists were so you could really enjoy the sounds of the forest. It's very touristic and you'll be walking in a row of other...

  • Internet dating sites

    It is a fact: if you become old, it is difficult in Europe to meet sexy young girls (unless you pay).If you go to the Internet cafés of Accra, you will see many men creating profiles of sexy girls who want to marry an American, as old as possible.They know what to say, but there is only one goal: HIT MONEY If the picture is too sexy or looks like...

  • Busua Beach "Hawkers"

    Be aware of the many beach hawkers trying to sell you just about anything from coconuts to dried fish.Having learnt the hard way ( by giving in to one ) it is wiser to say a firm no and look away and if that does not work, its time to get mean!They get the message pretty soon and leave you alone to enjoy the sea and surf. My best advice is to stay...

  • Kotoka Airport

    Airport: There are always hundred and hundred of people when you land at Kotoka. There is no problem with the custom, no steal and no tips demanded by police. If nobody is waiting for you, go directly to the FOREX in the airport and make some change. When you go out, there are plenty of people requesting you to carry your bags. It is almost...

  • Purchase of African art: handicraft.

    As you are in Ghana, you will certainly buy wood (ebony) crafts and the fantastic Kente.Craft: when you go to markets or in the street, they give you a very high price. Of course you have to negociate. Some people tell you to reach the half of the price. That's even too much.All crafts are made in large quantities. All those people are not...

  • 419

    NIGERIAN BUSINESS.As you are in West Africa, you can meet people or they can find your address in Europe or US. They will send you a fax or letteror e-mail, even call you, requesting you for a very good business. They are all the son of a very rich man who just died and saved millions of USD in banknotes. You can check the names, they are real. The...

  • Tourist Market

    The tourist market in Accra was the only bad experience I had in the two week visit. Once in you are bombarded by eager sellers trying to peddle their goods. Ahh, you say, lightweight westerner, unable to take the pressure of true bargining.... Well I've served my time and can bargin as happily as the next man but that wasn't the problem here....

  • Buying handcrafts

    Of course, as a visitor to Ghana you will want to buy some of the distinctive local crafts, but it's important not to be trapped into paying far above the worth of objects, since it only increases the temptation to rip people off, which is hardly in the long-term interests of a burgeoning tourist industry. Don't go out out shopping on your first...

  • pick pockets

    make sure you dont fall for petty pickpockets and confident tricksters.dont just start off a conversation or be friendly to everyone you meet.the best guide is to get a trusty ghanaian friend to walk can get one at the tourist board if you dont have a friend here. make sure you are always on guard and watch out for anyone tracing or...

  • Prices

    The same as in every tourist country with no fixed prices - they try to cheat! Usually they try to ask for three times the price things are worth. If they say they can't go any lower in price, tell them it is too expensive and walk away. If they still can go lower they will call for you. If they have given you the correct price they'll let you go,...

  • If you are interested in...

    If you are interested in african craft and art you have to know this place.There is a nice market around Teteh Quashie runabout.Very good prices not much people nobody will boder you if you move from place to place.Located near by legon university on the way to go to Kotoka airport.

  • Beaches Labadi Pleasure Beach...

    Beaches Labadi Pleasure Beach (Accra): A three kilometre sea frontage at Labadi, 8 kilometres east of Accra on the Accra Tema Beach Road. It serves as Accra's main public beach with only shower and changing room facilities and catering services. CoCo Beach (Accra): (no information...) Kokrobrite: Kokrobite near 30 kilometres west of Accra. A...

  • There's always people selling...

    There's always people selling things at the side of the road or at markets, everywhere really, basically, you will be ripped off as a tourist, but haggle, haggle and haggle some more. There is also 'dash' this is like a goodwill gesture. For example if buying a lot of fruit from a stall, the owner may dash you a pineapple, or if you stay in a hotel...

  • Watch out for the...

    Watch out for the International Airport. People will descend on you like flies to 'assist' you in exchange for outrageous amounts of hard currency (not Cedis). Many want to take you into Accra for $10 USD or more. You should be able to get there for no more than a few dollars.

  • Taxi Drivers, even if you...

    Taxi Drivers, even if you think you priced them down enough, friends will always tell you the price was still too high. (Especially from labadi beach to the city). The same with the art center in Accra. Try to send a ghanian after you decided what you like in order to buy it for you. If you think the price is okay for you and the product is worth...


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