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    Labadi beach horse riding
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  • Kumasi's newest hot spot

    Kumasi Restaurants

    Food was a mix of French, British and American so the manager said. It was relaxed tasty and plentiful. Best food outside of Accra hands down. The decor was stylish and beautifully lit, very London where i am from. A big surprise in Kumasi. We loved the Soul vibe to the music but we were told that each night changed with Jazz, house and funk. They...

  • Guinness Ghana Brewery Ltd, Kumasi

    Kumasi Off The Beaten Path

    Guinness Ghana Breweries (GGBL) is a Ghanaian brewery based at the Kaasai Industrial Area in Kumasi. They are listed on the stock index of the Ghana Stock Exchange, the GSE All-Share Index. It formed in 1991.When production started at its inception, the company produced only Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, popularly known as Guinness. The primary...

  • Cassava Beer

    Kumasi Local Customs

    Guinness Ghana Breweries Ltd (GGBL), Ghana’s only total beverage business, has launched a new home-grown beer called Ruut Extra Premium Beer. Being Ghana’s first cassava beer, Ruut Extra Premium Beer is brewed from the “very best local raw materials” sourced from around the country and is an authentic beer with a pleasant aroma and a distinctive...


Cape Coast

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  • dodgy single scene in Cape Coast

    Cape Coast Nightlife

    Women travelling on your own beware!!! There are very charming Ghanaian men who target white (Obruni) women. They will be very friendly at first and will offer to show you around and be your friend. however, they generally are just looking to take advantage of you, both monetarily and romantically. I have witnessed many intelligent women be fooled...

  • Elmina Beach Resort

    Cape Coast Hotels

    1 JJ Rawlings St. , Cape Coast, 00000, Ghana

    Satisfaction: Terrible

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Kakum National Park

    Cape Coast Things to Do

    Kakum National Park is about an hour from Cape Coast. It would be difficult to find a tro-tro direct, but one should go by the park entrance as these roads are well traveled. The park itself is something of a rainforest preserve with quite a variety of flora. The park is small though, and despite reports that a small elephant herd lives here, we...



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  • Short Film of Tamale Market

    Tamale Things to Do

    It was an exceptionally amazing experience to head to Tamale Market place, and I would highly recommend it to those who have only been to the South. The journey up from Accra or Cape Coast can be long, but I would recommend getting the Metro bus as locals told us it was safer as a traveller to be amongst other locals where non-AC conditions would...

  • A wriggling visitor

    Tamale Warnings and Dangers

    Just as we were finished our lunch, there was a bit of commotion outside the walls of the restaurant, with a crowd gathering and throwing stoned at the ground just by the wall. Being curious creatures, we went to investigate, and found that it was a snake! The locals had managed to kill it (although it was still wriggling) by the time we got there...

  • Very cool indeed

    Tamale Restaurants

    At lunchtimes, we used to stop at a bar/café/restaurant where they had adequate facilities. We were unable to find somewhere like that in Tamale, but Noah managed to arrange for us to use the toilets in the Technical College across the road from the restaurant. I don’t know whether the restaurant didn’t actually have toilets, or whether Noah didn’t...


Mole National Park

  • Laze around the pool

    Mole National Park Things to Do

    If all this walking, bid spotting and safari-ing is making you tired, how about lazing around the pool for a couple of hours with a good book. Most game walks are early morning and late afternoon (that is when the animals are most active), so you usually have the rest of the day for relaxation. Only one word of warning: there are no sun loungers,...

  • Patience is a virtue

    Mole National Park Restaurants

    The restaurant at the Mole Motel is the only place to eat if you stay there. Make sure you bring plenty of patience when waiting for your food. The first night we arrived quite late, and ordered our food around 19:00. They didn’t have any of the main local dishes on the menu, as they took too long to cook and would have to be pre-ordered at...

  • Warthogs

    Mole National Park Favorites

    The warthog is basically a wild pig, and are named for the four wart-like tusks on either side of their mouths. These are used for defense during fighting. Warthogs are found in groups ranging from three to ten animals, and a group of warthogs is called a sounder (that was a new word for me!). They usually live in open grassland and are so cute...



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  • make a speedboat trip on river volta

    Akosombo Things to Do

    starting from akosombo continental hotel for around 40 minutes ..nice speedboat trip to the volta dam along the river volta..nice landscapes, small fishervillages

  • Everything

    Akosombo Shopping

    You’ll find everything you need along the road near the junction at Atimpoku -Food -Drinks-Clothing-Furniture-Cattle-….

  • The Dam and tha Volta Lake

    Akosombo Things to Do

    Occupying the central part of Ghana, the Volta Basin covers about 45 percent of the nation's total land surface. Its northern section, which lies above the upper part of Lake Volta, rises to a height of 150 to 215 meters above sea level. Elevations of the Konkori Scarp to the west and the Gambaga Scarp to the north reach from 300 to 460 meters. To...



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  • The rural parts of Aflao

    Aflao Off The Beaten Path

    Driving from Accra to the Togo border takes you through the countryside in Ghana with scattered settlement. The rural parts outside Aflao have small shops and shoppingstalls along the road.

  • Aflao border market

    Aflao Shopping

    The border area of the town is a markedplace for people trading goods between Ghana and Togo. Some places along the street to the border is very hectic. The gravel street was wet and muddy when I was there.

  • The road from Ghana to the Togo border

    Aflao Favorites

    The road from Ghana to the Togo border-runs first through the savannah, and then on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and the Volta Lake, before you enter the Aflao town. From there you have to walk across the border.



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  • the ROOT ARTS

    Bolgatanga Things to Do

    The ROOTS ARTS Gallery and Cafe is the place to relax and have a very nice time. You can have a look at the art exhibition including pictures, poetry, bead and leather works just to mention a few. Enjoy your stay reclining in the comfortable cane chairs and couches, listen to Reggae and get to meet nice friends.Take your own time to get to know...

  • Straw souvenirs

    Bolgatanga Shopping

    Bolga is known for its traditional products made of straw. Hat, baskets, fans, nacklaces; everything is sold by salesmen that walk around in the streets, really covered by all their products. Even if you are not interested in buying their goods, it is a fascinating thing to see. Bargain, bargain, bargain; paying half of the price they start with...

  • Catholicism in Bolga

    Bolgatanga Things to Do

    An interesting thing to see in Bolga is the extreme catholic exposure in the north of the citycentre. At Bazaar Road you can see tens of large concrete statues once every 50 metres showing the apostels, Mozes, Jesus and other Biblical hero's.The shops around this area also adopted this enthusiasm with names like "King Jesus Chemicals" and "If God...



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  • Songor Salt Lagoon

    Ada Things to Do

    The Songor Lagoon, the biggest natural salt mining area in Ghana, has a great impact on the lives of the people in the area as it is an important economic source, a religious ground and has a political undertone. It touches the lives of everybody around and is sometimes even an issue for national politics. At this communal salt field you can watch...

  • Local Keep Fit Groups

    Ada Local Customs

    You think drumming and running doesn't go together? If you want prove of the contrary, get up early on a Sunday and join the locals at the "Keep Fit". At around 5 to 5.30 a.m. the communal jogging, drumming and singing starts and mostly leads to a soccer field where those who are good with the ball continue playing. It ends with some breakfast that...

  • Cinemas

    Ada Local Customs

    It's almost impossible to miss the cinemas in town because big speakers entertain the people outside on the streets. For soccer or Ghanaian and other African films just check the signboards in front announcing the schedule. There are cinemas in Big Ada and Ada Foah.For more information check the Ada Tourism website:



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  • Bus for Wa

    Larabanga Transportation

    We shared a taxi from the bus station in Tamale to Mole National Park, but after leaving the park, the women returned to Tamale, while we chose to continue west to Wa. However, the bus that leaves Mole NP at 6AM heads toward Tamale. So, we took the bus as far as Larabanga, ate breakfast, toured town, and waited for another bus from Tamale to come...

  • Wander Among The Homes and Animals

    Larabanga Things to Do

    The path to the mosque involved passing through the private residential area of town. There were a number of interesting homes and among them, goats and other animals.

  • Visit the Imam of the Mosque

    Larabanga Things to Do

    The Imam's son invited us to walk to his father's house to meet him. The old man was comfortably seated, but blind. The son actually spoke good English, but his father knew only a couple greetings, but we were flattered by his efforts to show good hospitality. During the walk back, we passed a prisoner shackled for some crime. Later, I asked my...



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  • The village of Aburi

    Aburi Favorites

    The village of Aburi is originally founded by the British and still, you can see that in the construction style of a lot of houses in the centre of the town. Not also all the buildings inside the Gardens all are typically colonial-British, but also a lot of buildings around the central taxi rank in the village. Even though they are not taken care...

  • Rita Marley's house

    Aburi Off The Beaten Path

    Very close to Aburi, in a nearby village named Konkonuru, you can see the place where the widow of Bob Marley, Rita Marley lives. You might think: what the hell is she doing in the hills in Ghana? Well, both she and Bob are Rastafarians. These Rastafarians have a bond with the continent of their roots: Africa. A return to this "motherland" is...

  • ABG Canteen

    Aburi Nightlife

    Again, not really a Nightlife spot, but at daytime the Canteen in the Aburi Botanical Gardens is a nice place to sit down, have a drink and enjoy the environment. At this canteen you can not only get all kinds of softdrinks and beer, but also lots of different liquors. The biggest advantage of this place is that all the drinks are much cheaper then...



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  • Sewing

    Damongo Off The Beaten Path

    Sewing is a very popular past-time, and you often see people sitting alongside the road, outside their homes or in the market, with an old-fashioned foot-operated Singer machine. Materials can be bought quite cheaply in the markets and transformed into colourful garments for men and women.

  • Cooking

    Damongo Off The Beaten Path

    The cooking is mostly done over charcoal (see previous tip) outside in the courtyard. The women are the main cooks in the family (sometimes helped by the young children – picture five), and here you can see a woman pounding kapok nuts (pictures one, three and four) to make a sauce (picture two). During the dry season, cooking is done outside in the...

  • Charcoal

    Damongo Off The Beaten Path

    The villagers also derive some income from making and selling charcoal. I've often wondered why people cook over charcoal. It seems so labour-intensive to stack up wood in huge, dirt ovens and bake it slowly down to little black lumps. Why not just burn the wood? To make charcoal, wood (mostly acacia trees are used here) is baked slowly under...



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  • A place to be

    Takoradi Restaurants

    Excellent location. STC Station Takoradi. Fishplatter, Pizza.Fresh, big portion, friendly waiters, clean.The owner (German) makes shure that the quality is correct.Medium priced and not overpriced like the other fishrestaurant in the same town, also run by an expat.Fridays Happy Hour meet the expats from Takoradi

  • Take a Hike to Kakum National Park -...

    Takoradi Things to Do

    To combat the loss of rainforest, CI and its partners designed and built the Kakum canopy walkway in Kakum National Park. Offering a unique and spectacular way to experience the rainforest, the walkway was opened for the enjoyment and use of visitors and scientists, as well as a source of revenue for conservation activities. Through heightened...

  • Visit the harbour.

    Takoradi Off The Beaten Path

    Although it is not always possible to enter the harbour area, a visit of the Takoradi port will not be a loss of time.Contrary to Tema, Takoradi offers a large area and can accept 5 times more traffic than today, which means that there are a lot of empty areas.With a foreign passport, you can go to the free tax area and buy tax free goods,...



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  • Food at the tro-tro station

    Kintampo Restaurants

    When you are looking for a good restaurant to have lunch or dinner in Kintampo, you will not find a lot. As far as I know there are no decent restaurants in the centre of the town. There, the only places where you can find food are market stalls with bread and fruits (nice for breakfast or lunch) or some "chop bars" where you can buy some really...

  • The Falls by taxi

    Kintampo Transportation

    To get to the Kintampo Falls coming from central Kintampo, it is the easiest to charter a taxi. That will bring you to the falls in less then 10 minutes, Expect to pay about 10.000 - 15.000 cedis (US $ 1,00-1,50) for a single way. You can ask the driver to pick you up like 2 hours later, but then he will charge you a "waiting fee" while he is...

  • Kintampo by tro-tro

    Kintampo Transportation

    Kintampo is a very important transport hub in central Ghana. Almost all tranportation going from the centre to the north and the other way, stops here. The most common -and cheapest- way however is by using a tro-tro: mostly a small mini bus that is packed with people.From Tamale, Kumasi but also from smaller places like Techiman and Sunyani, they...


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