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  • Martin welcoming you!
    Martin welcoming you!
    by LizCris
  • My room there
    My room there
    by edwardwilson
  • Pleasant Veranda for sitting
    Pleasant Veranda for sitting
    by edwardwilson

Bolgatanga Things to Do

  • the ROOT ARTS

    The ROOTS ARTS Gallery and Cafe is the place to relax and have a very nice time. You can have a look at the art exhibition including pictures, poetry, bead and leather works just to mention a few. Enjoy your stay reclining in the comfortable cane chairs and couches, listen to Reggae and get to meet nice friends.Take your own time to get to know...

  • Catholicism in Bolga

    An interesting thing to see in Bolga is the extreme catholic exposure in the north of the citycentre. At Bazaar Road you can see tens of large concrete statues once every 50 metres showing the apostels, Mozes, Jesus and other Biblical hero's.The shops around this area also adopted this enthusiasm with names like "King Jesus Chemicals" and "If God...

  • Farming in Tilli

    We visited just before the millet harvest, and so I was able to capture images of the millet at full ripeness, and then we watched how it was harvested. Also, we learned about how the palm oil is made from the seeds. I was interested in the decorated mud house architecture of the farm families.

  • Even More Images from Tonga Hills

    These images of the farm life in the area persuade the tourist of the bucolic lifestyle the Northern Ghana tribes people live. They are certainly not wealthy by the standards of the industrial world, but I didn't see much starvation or unhappiness here at all. Most people had plenty of time to sit and talk, a thing those of us in the industrial...

  • More Tonga Hills and Shrine Pictures

    In my earlier notes, I failed to include some great pictures of the high tech electrical source, as well as additional shrine and people pictures. The village uses solar panels for electricity, but still fetches water the old fashioned way. Nearby is another village of traditional houses and range fed animals. Very pleasant scenery.

  • Tilli has elephant migration--during...

    We decided to visit the Volta river and see if we could spot some elephants, so taking a tro-tro from Bolgatanga, we headed toward the border town of Bawku. Tilli is about halfway, so you'll need to get off and start walking. The return ride might seem like a bit of a gamble, but its easy to hitch a ride back into town. We caught a ride back to the...

  • Tonga Hills Chief and Shrine

    Take a taxi out to Tonga Hills, any driver know how to get there. Bargain for a taxi in central Bolga. The drive itself is quite beautiful through countryside on adobe colored dirt roads. The Tonga Hills are a rocky and somewhat elevated region where the chief still rules. There's a school and a shrine there. The shrine, which is a cave in the a...

  • Bawku, market woman

    At the Bawku market we bought from this woman some vegetables for our group of volunteers in Bolgatanga.This market woman wear a fantastic big hat for protection against the sun.

  • Bawku, market

    In the weekend we took a lorry to Bawku in the north-east point of Ghana, near the border with Togo and Burkina Faso. In Bawku was a big vegetable market, so an opportunity to buy some vegetables for our kitchen.

  • Bolga, spacious kitchen

    At the secundary school we cooked for our selves. We had a very spacious open-air kitchen, as you see.The menu: porridge, sorghum, maize, a lot of dried ''red-cross'' fish and if available some vegetables.

  • Bolga, after work

    After work, we just had a lot of chats and discussions at the porch of the secondary school about nearly everything .... our countries, our customs, our families, politics and of course - as usual- extensivily of all what happens that day.

  • Bolga, secundary school

    South of the centre of Bolgatanga is the secundary school. Here I could stay fro two weeks, together with the other volunteers. There was plenty of space for our rather small group. There were not so many volunteers as expected, due to the transportation problems in the country at that time.

  • The compound of the chief

    When we arrived in the next village, we first have to go to the chief, to say hello and to ask permission for planting the trees.To see his traditional compound was very interesting.

  • Track between the villages

    Sometimes the landscape was yellow, but sometimes amazing green. Between the villages there was sometimes not more as a track. Luckily our truck had no big problems to pass. We only once stuck in the red mud in the centre of a village.

  • Bolga, planting trees

    After the ceremonial planting of the first tree, our work could start, to plant the other trees.We had to plant the trees around a newly built storage building. The small trees disappeared between the high crops. So the volunteers after us had to look very well, when they should come to give water to the trees.


Bolgatanga Restaurants

  • Swad Fast Food

    A good place to have dinner in Bolga is a place called Swad Fast Food. It is located at the point where the main road to Navrongo/Paga meets Bazaar Road.Swad Fast Food doesn't have anything to do with fast food. Yes, they do serve pizza and french fries, but a lot of other good dishes too. On their menu are both local Ghanaian dishes like jollof...

  • Breakfast, lunch and community in Bolga

    The International Traveler's Inn isn't a hotel but a hang out for Peace Corps volunteers and others who visit Christi Atubiga and her family. There's a television, several refrigerators and freezers with things to eat, and one of the boys will make you a quick sandwich. Breakfast and coffee is the main meal of the day at this...

  • Bolgatanga Hotels

    0 Hotels in Bolgatanga

Bolgatanga Transportation

  • Transport in Bolga

    In Bolga there are three different stations for public transportation:The first one is the one where you arrive when you are travelling to Bolga by Tro-Tro. This is the main station of the city and the one where you can find all the transport towards the south and the north (places like Paga, Sirigu and Tongo).The second one is very close to the...

  • Transport to Bolga

    Bolgatanga is an important connection for travellers coming from the south of Ghana and going to Burkina Faso, Mali or Senegal. It's the last city in Ghana before crossing the border at Paga. The last big city before Bolga is Tamale.Tro-Tro's as well as a Metro Mass-bus connect Tamale with Bolga several times a day. The trip takes about 3 hours and...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bolgatanga Shopping

  • Pieter11's Profile Photo

    Anywhere: Straw souvenirs

    by Pieter11 Written Jan 4, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bolga is known for its traditional products made of straw. Hat, baskets, fans, nacklaces; everything is sold by salesmen that walk around in the streets, really covered by all their products.

    Even if you are not interested in buying their goods, it is a fascinating thing to see.

    What to pay: Bargain, bargain, bargain; paying half of the price they start with is reasonable.

    Salesman in Bolga Salesman in Bolga

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Bolgatanga Warnings and Dangers

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    There is nothing dangerous in this town

    by atufft Written Aug 25, 2005

    Bolgatanga, like much of Ghana, is predominately Christian with a large Muslim minority. Animist traditions also figure into the spiritual lives of residents. In any case, the strong religious beliefs are not hostile in the least and all residents live in surprising harmony here. Visitors are accorded special treatment and theft is very rare. The pace of traffic is slow and bicycles are a common form of transport here.

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