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  • Ikweta Safari Camp
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  • Meru National Park
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  • Meru National Park
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Meru National Park Things to Do

  • White Rhino

    In 1986 when we visited Meru National Park, there were only six white rhino left in the park. These were protected by armed guards and herded into an enclosre each night to save them from poachers. A baby had been born since this protecion had taken place, and as it had been used to humans since birth, it was considered "tame" enough for us to...

  • Elephants

    We came across this large herd of elephant not far away from the lodge, on the way back from a morning's safari drive. In fact you can just about make out the lodge in the background. I was totally captivated by the little babies, they are so cute despite being so huge!For ages afterwards we could follow the movement of these animals from the...

  • Baboons

    The baboons would often come quite close to the lodge, especially during meal times. Baboons can be very aggressive and quite dangerous, so we were adviced to avoid encouraging them. Here they are seen running off and being shooed away by the restaurant staff.

  • Antelopes

    There are many different antelopes found in East Africa, such as this Grant's Gazelle. Although they are very quick on their feet, they often fall prey to lions and other predators.

  • Plains game

    The rolling grasslands are also home to a host of other plains game, such as zebra and various antelope.

  • The kill

    We were not disappointed! Below the tree was a lion and lioness enjoying the remains of what was once a buffalo.

  • Vultures

    You can often spot where there has been a recent kill, as there will be many vultures gathered in a nearby tree. In Meru we were allowed to leave the tracks (not all national parks alllow this, and I am not sure if the regulation has changed since we were there), so we were able to driver near to where the vultures were, hoping there would be a...

  • Guinea Fowl

    One of seven species of guinea fowl, which also includes a domesticated food bird. They are noisy critters are are said yo be able to keep the ticks at bay that spread Lyme's Disease.

  • Giraffe

    The world's tallest animal, and despite rumours to the contrary, its long neck only has seven vertabrae like everyone else.


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Meru National Park Transportation

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    Safari vehicle

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    Safaris are generally conducted in custom built safari vehicles where part of the roof lifts off for better viewing. In our case, we had the centre seat free, so everyone has a window seat. Not all safari operators do this, so if the view is important to you, check this out before you book.

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Meru National Park Favorites

  • Geckos

    I love the colourful little geckos which csamper around the rocks and crevaces by the lodge. They move so fast, it is often impossible to photograph them but this little fellah was sunbathing long enough for me to take his picture.

  • Mating

    One of the most "interesting" experiences on the safari drive, was the lions mating. I never really expected to see that. The whole day was in fact unbeliveable, just like a wildlife documentary.

  • Feeding time at the lodge

    Monkeys and birds were very unafraid at this lodge, and would come right up to the tables if allowed. You were discouraged from feeding the monkeys for fear of aggression or attack, but nobody minded you leaving a few crumbs on your table for the birds


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