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See all 17 Kisumu Tips
  • Akamba bus

    Kisumu Transportation

    The easiest way to get to either Nairobi or Kampala from Kisumu is probably by Akamaba Bus Services. They have two direct busses in either direction between the two capitals that pass through Kisumu around lunchtime. If you are travelling from Nairobi or Kampala the bus will stop here for you to grab some lunch from one of the many cafes opposite...

  • Boda Boda

    Kisumu Transportation

    Boda boda is the name given to the bicycles mainly used here as a means of transportation when getting around, upto the main small town its hard to get a car or a matatu. Thanks God the govt. has finally made a tarmac road, we hope now there will be buses plying this route

  • Unique sunset

    Kisumu Things to Do

    If you love the view of sunrising or sunset like me, this place is ideal for it..espeacially when viewed by the lakeside or just whatsoever...I like it



See all 6 Kisii Tips
  • The Bus

    Kisii Transportation

    Another form of cheap transportation is the bus of course. If you lack excitement in your life, definitely take the bus. Buy a coke, take your iPod and experience a whole lot of shakin’ going on.

  • AK47

    Kisii Transportation

    Always make sure your vehicle is road worthy. Now don’t worry, the standard isn’t that high, however every now and then you’ll get stopped by police to check whether you have the permissions to drive on that particular road and that your vehicle is not yet literally falling apart. They are friendly people just doing there job and swinging an AK47...

  • Internet Access

    Kisii Favorites

    Should you require Internet Access, I have been told that this is where you get it. Don’t ask me how to get there though, but a local will be most willing to direct you – for US$ 10 perhaps.



See all 4 Oyugis Tips
  • Bicycle Taxi

    Oyugis Transportation

    Quite a number of the roads in the Oyugis area are impassable by motor vehicle. This is sometimes because harsh weather conditions make them impassable to even the most rugged of vehicles. In many cases it is because the road is simply too narrow to accomodate anything of significant size. In other cases, there are various other reasons why this...

  • Coffins of Excellent Craftsmanship

    Oyugis Local Customs

    Due to the number of deaths in the community, and the gradual acceptance of death being a fact of life (rather than the hidden non-discussion of death that apparently ruled Luo culture before the HIV/AIDS epidemic), Oyugis has become well known as a community that builds coffins of excellent quality. In a number of places on the streets through...

  • Food Storage Houses

    Oyugis Local Customs

    So how do you store your food if you need to keep you goats and cows out of it, and plastic containers haven't been invented yet?My understanding is that these traditional food storage houses used to be fairly common. They are woven from nearby grasses, and are enough to keep the rain out on top, and the doorway is high enough to keep animals and...



See all 7 Sigomere Tips
  • Round the back of the buildings!

    Sigomere Off The Beaten Path

    You can wander around Sigomre Town as you please. Just check with Chief Victor Opondo first, especially if you are European, so that people are not suspicious or worried if you start taking pictures. It's also for your own safety to have someone along with you to translate and show you around. You will attract a lot of interest if you are obviously...

  • St Pauls Catholic School

    Sigomere Off The Beaten Path

    This local secondary school has accomodation for disabled children. These children are physically disabled but the mission statement is *Disability is not Inability*. Some are victims of polio. They live with a house mother in a dormitory and are well fed and looked after. There is a physio department with all the mobility equipment available as...

  • Motorbike Taxi

    Sigomere Transportation

    I had a motorbike taxi to and from my residence to go to the HIV Facility in Sigomere. I knew it as Sigomre, but it apparently has been spelt wrongly all over town. Forgive the confusion. Several men were my driver, Nelson, Evans, Ronny and a boy racer who I didn't book again. The roads from Ugunja to Sigomre are metalled and laterite. Potholes in...


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