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Kenya Off The Beaten Path

  • Did you know?

    You will probably be surprised by the fact that Kenya, besides Netherlands, is the larger manufacturer and exporter of flowers in the world. Horticulture contributes 3% of GDP, while 1,6% from the flower industry. Maybe you didn't know it, but beautiful roses you just bought for your dear ones (in London, Paris, Tokyo etc), are actually produced in...

  • North Horr - the far North

    One of the more remote areas of Kenya is North Horr - a semidesert which is home to pastoralists mostly. water is one of the most pressing issues here, for goats and camels are the only wealth of the nomads. As the area has been hit by drought repeatedly in the last years, the economic impact has been disastrous

  • BACK TO THE BASICS with the Masais

    Hi,I had spent some time with the Masais in one of their villages while on my trip to Kenya.have been very luI found a very well educated Masai and have built a camaraderie with him and one with whom I am still in touch. I have also been lucky to earn their faith and this now provides a wonderful chance for us , the 'more' civilized world if I may...

  • safari, 30 minutes drive away from the...

    For those in a hurry or just in Nairobi, this might be an alternative to visiting Nairobi National Park - especially given the fact that entry prices have gone up dramatically to 75$ for tourists now. Swara Plains is a little private game sanctuary just off mombasa highway, a 30 minutes drive from Nairobi international airport. definitely...

  • Camunya Hotel

    This is the best place in Ugunja to eat drink and stay. At least that is what my hosts told me. It looks quite nice, reception, garden and marquee, kitchen. Address is PO Box 446-40606 Ugunja, Kenya, E Africa.We stopped off for a cup of tea and some soup. A simple enough request. I wanted hot tea with cold milk, usual Mzungu style and a bowl of...

  • Ugunja Village Life

    This is a total eye opener. I doubt whether people from the States, Britain or Europe could cope. It's fun for a while to fetch water, find and carry firewood, work in the fields to get your daily food, even sleep in the warmth of the mud hut. Try doing this for the rest of your life, cope with getting malaria because you can't afford a bed net or...

  • Ugunja Village

    This is certainly off the beaten path, although a few Mzungus (Europeans) make it here from various NGO's (non government organisations). It's a small village on the Kisumu Road in North West Kenya. The town itself is small, there is a metalled road that takes you there, but the other roads are laterite, steeply cambered and dusty at the best of...

  • Green hills of Kenya

    The Shimba Hills might not appear so far off the beaten track, being within easy driving distance from the Kenyan South coast and tourist places like Diani beach, but while it is just a 45 minutes drive from the beach hotels, the hills have nonetheless a remote feeling, far away from the buzzing crowds. The national park is home of about 300...

  • Arabuko Sokoke Forest

    Not really "off the beaten track" as you pass by on your way from Kilifito Malindi, but more unknown and thus unadmired. This forest is the juwel of the Kenyan coast, housing 600 species of birds, frogs, lots of butterflies, large mammals (caracals, elephant...) and endemic species as the Ader's duiker (antilope), the Sokoke Scops Owl, the Sokoke...

  • Isiolo market

    Love the market here in Isiolo. Most markets I enjoy but this one is a belter with a collection of herbalists who are mainly women from the Borana community. You will also find various Somali bangles for sale as well as daggers that the local Samburu seem to favour stuck into their belts under red and white shukas that can be bought in the market.

  • Hideaway close to Naivasha

    Lake Naivasha is a popular destination from Nairobi especially on weekends, but if you pass the lake and head on, you might prefer emerald green Crater lake in th heart of a small private game sanctuary. According to the belief of the local massai, the water in the crater of an extinct volcano has healing powers. you can do walks around the lake...

  • Kenya Safari

    There is truly a treasure trove of things to see and do in Kenya. I will just mention a few. I have done several Safaris, as a Tour Manager, - usually a combination of Kenya and Tanzania, mostly of the expensive kind. ( I once did a camp safari where the tents had hardwood floors and tables had white linens and crystal champagne glasses, - all...

  • Isiolo

    Possibly the only reason you will end up in Isiolo is because you are heading north as not a lot of people would stop off for the town itself. Although there are plenty of places to stay I guess this is because this would be the last place to stop for the night before Marsabit. I've ended up a couple of times in Isiolo and am not sure I like the...

  • Lake Turkana

    Not the easiest thing to do but well worth it is take the trip up north to Lake Turkana. I wanted to get up here for ages but eventually found it easier to get on to an organised safari that went to Loiyangalani on the eastern shore of Lake Turkana, Lake Baringo, Maralal, and Nanyuki on the way back to the capital.El Molo are supposed to be the...

  • Treat yourself with tilapia at the...

    The tin shacks with impressive names ("beach hotel", "Serena hotel") at the banks of Lake Victoria close to downtown Victoria may not look much. But you can definitely get some great tialpia there, usually with a vegetable sauce of kale and tomatoes added with ugali. The fish is very fresh (what else) and you just have to ignore the way the kitchen...

  • Emali - village of the red onions

    Emali is just one of the little market towns you pass when driving along Mombasa Road between Nairobi and the coast, about 100 kilometres away from Nairobi. There is not much to see in the sense of sightseeing activities, but you can watch the buzz of a countryside market, haggle for some veggies to take along or snack some mandazi along the road,...

  • Feeling the heat on a dormant volcano

    Mount Longonot is a dormant volcano rising proudly from the Rift Valley. Located rather conveniently close to the road between Nairobi and Naivasha and Hell' s Gate National Park, it is quite accessible when coming from Nairobi - just about a two hour drive. It takes a few hours to hike to the summit, and while the volcano is dormant, you will...

  • Visiting El Molo at Lake Turkana

    I several times visited the El Molo village at Lake Turkana. I keep going back. Why? I don't know: Is it because of the lovely people, especially the children. The beautifull surroundings; the Jade sea and the mountains. The road that takes me there? Or having the time to think and talk about a lot of basic things. I feel free there!!!Mara

  • The small village of Giriama tribe

    There was a small group of my compatriots in the hotel where I satyed and we decided to explore around in our own way. We use to rent matatu and a driver, which cost us 6.000 ksh per day. Our first trip was to Gedi, historical sight nearby town of Malindi. Right there, opposite to Gedi sight, we discovered small village with Giriamas and it was one...

  • Try the wildlife

    If you get to Nairobi, make sure to find "Carnivore". It's a restaraunt in the city; most cab drivers will know where it is. The place is awesome- very friendly servers, really cool environment and the best thing is the meat is endless. They have one or two head cooks and there is a gigantic fire pit in the middle of the restaraunt; the cooks have...

  • When choosing a Safari

    I'm not trying to brag, but our safari company and guide were the best. Everyone was jealous of our safari guide and the extra effort of African Spice Safaris to provide the best experience possible. Our safari was more personal than the bigger companies, and our business was sincerely appreciated. Thanks African Spice!

  • Maasai village

    Those who visited my pages about Kenya could already noticed my special interest for the Maasai people. Fact is, I am in particularly attached to Maasais because of their way of living which hasn't changed much. They live in accordance to the traditional Maasai values respecting and worshiping cattle, family and community. Even today men are rised...

  • Kibera - life conditions

    Everywhere around I saw smiling faces and people who were very friendly to me but, in spite of that, it was kinda cultural schock I felt watching the life conditions in which they live. Watching it from the distance, Kibera looks alike to harmonica, ocean of tin roofs congested very close one to another. The real things you can see only after...

  • Kibera

    Kibera is, so I was told, probably the largest slam in whole of Africa. According to some statistics, more than one million of people live here. It is situated in the outskirts of Nairobi and actually consist of three parts, Goma, Soweto and Kibera. My guide through the slam was security guy from the hotel where I stayed so I had chance to explore...

  • Kids from Kibera

    The kids from Kibera are very cute and amazingly beaytiful. I was the main attraction of a day to tehm because most of them have never seen whiteman from such a close distance. Each and every one of them just wanted to touch me, surounding me the moment I walked inside their street. Most of the time I was escorted, all the way through the street,...

  • Take the opportunity to do a game walk

    Many camps in the community areas offer game walks in the am or pm. Take the opportunity to do one of these. You may not see lions but you will see an entirely different perspective of the African plains. See animal spoor and other smaller features that you miss when driving.

  • Machakos

    One of my favourite places in Kenya a great place to chill, nice quiet town easy going people, and a chance to experience one of the best dishes in Kenya "Muthakoi" The Market is brilliant some really good curios without the hassle or expense of the "Masai Market" in Nairobbery.

  • A pleasant walk up Shomoto

    Just a short walk from Wundanyi is the rocky outcrop known in the area as Shomoto. A walk to the top (follow your nose) gives you some great views of the town and surounding area.

  • Mombasa Reef

    On one of my earlier trips to Kenya (June, 1974), I spent some time in Mombasa on the Indian Ocean coast. This was also interesting with its ancient 1500's era Portugese-built Fort Jesus. I took an outrigger canoe ride with a couple of the local Kenyans and spent an afternoon on the off-shore reef checking out the local aquatic life!

  • Fort Jesus

    Fort Jesus, located on the edge of a coral ridge overlooking the entrance to the Old Port of Mombassa, was built by the Portuguese in 1593 to protect their trade route to India and their interests in East Africa.Now it’s a major tourist attraction and worth a visit.

  • Nairobi Central Market

    This is pretty much overlooked by those looking to get quickly out the city and onto safari -- the Nairobi city market. This is where the locals shops, but you can have a lot of fun perusing the loaded aisles, while you check out local foods and and specialty items. Watch out for pick-pockets, but it's a great place to find some inexpensive crafts...

  • Lamu Island, Hippies? hideaway

    Lamu Island was a famous hideaway place in the hippies? times and still today keeps its charm. It is an oasis of peace and much better than Zanzibar (but not as good as the microscopic Mozambique Island) to spend some quiet days, especially if you have been travelling overland through Africa for a long time, as it was my case.To get there will take...

  • Real Kenya

    You wouldn't believe that Sun N Sand Hotel is behind the back of these shops, these girls have probobly just been to the local well for some water and were more than happy to smile for camera. This was a real eye opener...

  • Feed the Monkeys

    Grasshopper and Kelly took us to see the monkeys on our way back to the hotel, they had already said we would go to see them and to take some Bananas with us which we got at breakfast in the hotel. They were very friendly but we were still abit cautious as we didnt want to get bitten.

  • Village Tour

    We did a few trips with 2 of the beach boys outside the hotel (Grasshopper and Kelly) we where always on our guard due to the infomation given from our rep. Once we went out of the hotel we realised it was'nt as scary as we first thought. We went for a tour round the nearby village this was a real eyeopener, make sure to take a bag of sweets for...

  • Visit the crater the Maasai fought over

    If you are ever in Nakuru, Hope a Matatu or take a Taxi to Menengai Crater, just up a hill from the main town. The crater itself boasts some local maasai and samburu handcraft stalls and the view of Lake Nakuru and nearby Mt. Londiani is amazing. Be sure to take a pic of the international mileage sign, pointing to such places as New York, Rome,...

  • look at some dead people in Wundanyi

    One of these things is not like the others, some of these things are kind of the same, can you tell wich little boy is still alive tell me now before my song is done .........................before my song is done.

  • Another View of Africa

    The trash, the pollution, the poverty, kids begging for pencils for school, no money for recycling, large coorporation farms like Dole Pineapple, the anger at the American government, the shacks they live in...this is the other side of Africa. Luckily, Kenya isn't as bad off as some of the other countries. But America needs to help and tourism is...


    Travelling long distances around Africa can be a hot, dusty, noisy and often uncomfortable experience…but it will never, ever be boring. Travelling by public transport is likely to exclude you from most of the large national parks and overland trucking can offer the best way to see a lot of the country with the minimum of hassle. If you want to...


    Hell's kitchen ("Nyari" as called by the locals), Originally a sandstone-rich escarpment. As a result of erosions both by rain and wind this site was transformed into a canyon with magnificent gorges and chimneys. Its beautiful colours are best appreciated at sunset. This place is found in Marafa area north of Malindi after Misufini.

  • Dancing by Pokot people

    North of Kitale we visited a Pokot village. We sat in the middle of the kids of the village, looking at the local dances. They also enjoyed the dancing like I did.It looked like the Pokot people forgot the time, while they were dancing. I really enjoyed their enthusiastic way of singing and dancing. Often one, two or three women danced by turns in...

  • Masai Warriors

    We went to vist a masai village while on safari. We were shown th fence that is made to keep the lions out and in the fence are gates, one per family so you can always tell how many families live in each village. When you enter the village the women will sing you a welcome song. The leader showed us around a house that was being built and one that...

  • Finding the children.

    Wherever you go in the surrounding villages you will find children who are very pleased to accept any sweets that you have to offer.Be careful to supervise them properly or you will have a riot on your hands!Please do not throw sweets from passing vehicles, the resulting scrabble is demeaning and offensive to adult Kenyans.

  • Going on Safari

    When you are there everyone does this, but some trips better than others. The one I went on was for a week visiting 4 Parks and camping out in them, with travel by an ex army 4 tonne truck. Much more interesting then the highly tacky and commercialised safaris most people go on. Got to see a lot more animals as it was slow paced and got to feel...

  • Lake Navaisha

    Lake Navaisha is a freshwater lake about 2 hours to the west of Nairobi. Located in the rift valley, it's just a short way from Mt. Longonot (an active volcano) We went to the Lake Navaisha country club, where we paid a fee of 100 Ksh (1-2 USD) for entry. The grounds of the country club are lush, and there are monkeys and animals roaming about....


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