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Kenya Restaurants

  • A beast of a feast

    Carnivore is an exotic restaurant serving exotic dishes. Things start with "Dawa"..a mixture of Vodka mixed with some local spices, mint & other special things. Legs of lambs, Pork & Beef sausages,Exotic Ostrich & Crocodile, Ox balls & many more meats. Staff was just fantastic, almost forcing everybody to freak out. Even Vegetarian food was real...

  • Beach Cave

    A short walk along the beach from Diani Sea Lodge or make a booking (which is advisable to avoid disappointment) and you will be collected and dropped off.A wonderous experience of dining in a series of naturally formed coral caves, it all begins as you enter via a stair case down into a candle lit cavern.Men are required to wear long trousers,...

  • Beach Bar

    Be warned the plates are piled high, pizza, pasta, plus a variety of other dishes. Forty Thieves is a great meeting place, live music each Sunday lunch time, the beach, discos, and sail boats for hire. Not to mention a fantastic location to enjoy a meal against the backdrop of the ocean lapping at the soft white sands of Diani Beach.

  • Amazing culinary experience

    Carnivore is a culinary experience, worthy of Pantagruel (Fran?ois Rabelais personage), even if you are vegetarian, as I use to be.The waiters come to your table and cut before your eyes the wild game meat with their Maasai swords: giraffe neck, crocodile tail, zebra leg, elephant trunk, impala ribs, ostrich, antelope, crocodile?until you say...

  • Lets Cocktail . . .

    As we entered the Carnivore restaurant, we were led to a big table where the whole group could sit (18 persons).Of course we started in style, with a delicious cocktail. I had chosen my favourite one: a Margarita.Everyone found its favourite taste, there was a big range on cocktails like White Mischief, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Banana Daiquiri,...

  • A Beast of Feast

    Already as we entered the Carnivore restaurant, we had seen the big grill filled with lots of meat.But after the cocktail we started with the Soup of the day, and it was a light vegetable soup.And then it was time for the battle with the meat.Before my trip, I had read some reports here on Vt on the Carnivore, and I must add something. . Nowadays...

  • A Feast for a Beast

    As I told you before, they are not serving real game anymore in the Carnivore.We started with a great slice of Beef, then beef sausages, Lamb, Pork spare ribs and Chicken.Then came the Turkey, the Camel meat, Ostrich and finally Crocodile meat.All these meat dishes were served on big traditional Masai swords. These big swords were put above your...

  • A festivity for meat lovers

    The last evening of our Kenya - Uganda trip, we stopped in the very famous meat restaurant The Carnivore in Nairobi.That was before we went to the Nairobi airport in order to catch our flight back home.I found it a great way to end our African trip, and to eat together with the whole group (veggies included). The Meat dishes

  • Romantic coral cave restaurant

    Alli Barbour is a unique dining experience within a natural coral cave. Its open to the night stars and on a clear night, you can dine under the Southern Cross. The restaurant offers a largely seafood menu with an extensive wine list. The food was fine but the magical aspct of an evening is the surroundings. The ochre/pink coral is subtly lit...

  • Lebanese + Sushi

    Right so like the title review says, this is a Lebanese restaurant which also does good sushi. That just shows how popular the japanese cuisine is in Nairobi.The restaurant has a garden ambience and service can be relaxed (read: Slow if you're in a hurry).The mezze starters Hummus, Baba Ganoush etc are authetic and go well with pre-dinner...

  • Lovely Outdoor Garden

    As the name suggests (It's named for a famous scottish novel) the restaurant is owned and frequented by the expat community of Karen & Nairobi.The Indoor theme is Moroccan / Arabian.. with low seating and lots of rugs thrown all over the place.The ambience outside is lovely on a bright sunny day. It's shaded by big trees and apart from the 1...

  • Mo Sushi

    Perhaps the most authentic of the many sushi restaurants in Nairobi. The food is very fresh and the service is efficient and fast.The restaurant has an indoor section and an outside patio area. Ask for the outside area. The inside is spacious but has more of a chinese restaurant feel. With shiney lacquered everything.I've always believed that...

  • Ethiopian in Kenya

    Like most of the upper end restaurants in Nairobi, Habesha is part outdoor and past enclosed.The outdoor area is much nicer actually the Indoor has peeling paint and suffers from the regular maintanence problems.So if your making a reservation be sure to ask for an outdoor table. The garden is full of illuminated trees and there are some nice cozy...

  • Kenyan Goodies

    Located in Nairobi City Center. Simmers is a good place to drop by for some mid-afternoon beers and a bite to eat. A great place with outdoor seating and occasional music. It's full of locals who work in the neighboring office bldgs and shoppers discussing their bargains of the day.Though we went there in the day and it was relaxed, I believe it...

  • Real Nice Gardens

    The restaurant is located in a sprawling garden. Very modern architecture with a flat ranch style restaurant which completely opens onto the garden.We had booked the private room which seats around 15 people and has a dedicated seating area for pre-dinner cocktails along with it's own access to the garden.Sushi is the most popular cuisine with the...

  • Old World Charm

    Named after the notoriously infamous English aristocrat who embodied all things vile yet exotic about the Kenyan experience for the colonialists.A high end french restaurant catering to the Embassy crowd and the well heeled of Nairobi. The Lord Errol is very spacious and has manicured lawns with crested cranes walking around. The interiors resemble...

  • You'd think you were in India

    So I've had my share of good Indian good and bad Indian food. Moral - I know my Indian Food.And Haandi does some very good Indian Food.The dishes are authentic with fresh ingredients. It helps that kenya has very similar climate to India and hence most of the greens and pulses are readily available. Also Nairobi has a big Indian diaspora (as does...

  • Wifi and Coffee

    Very stylish in line with european and american coffee houses. In some ways even better. They have wifi and the meals are hearty enough to make for a good lunch.The coffee selection is quite good and they have a bunch of african brews which really aren't available this fresh anywhere in the west. There is a gorgeous outside porch area the only...

  • YUM

    Vegetarian main dishes Sukuma wiki Kale cooked with tomatoes and onions always served with ugali.Ugali/Sima Maize meal porridge This Kenyan staple is eaten by breaking off a piece of the stiff porridge and rolled in the hand to form a golf ball sized ball dipped in the accompanying sauce and eaten.Mlenda Green leaves that when cooked form a sticky...

  • Inappropriate Advertising

    There are two types of touts who plague these forums. The first blatantly advertise themselves by saying "I had this wonderful experience when I traveled with blah blah blah"...The other lot solicit clients by suggesting they are about to "undertake a trip... and would some other travelers care to join them"?

  • Best Meat in Kenya!

    If you like meat, this is the restaurant for you. As the name suggests, Carnivore is a meat lover's dream come true. The Nairobi restaurant serves up grilled meat on skewers that are brought around to your table by servers. The menu is all-you-can-eat, so you can sample everything from the grill.Carnivore Restaurant Ostrich meatballs

  • Kenyan cuisine

    Not many traditional restaurants can be found in Nairobi or Mombasa, at least I didn't seen much of them. Big towns offers, more or less, international cuisine. As for safari lodges around, the cuisine is mixed, both Kenyan and international and I found it very good. I had privilege to visit the home of one my Kenyan friend and in that occasion...

  • The place to eat different African...

    You can eat:- Giraffe is like a very succulent pork cut. It tastes better if it is slightly pink.- Waterbuck is really moist and tender. - Zebra is slightly tough and surprisingly gamey.- Hartebeest requires a substantial amount of chewing.- Crocodile. Like fish but looks like chicken and doesn´t taste that well.- Warthog served as little...

  • Whole fried fish today

    We ordered the local fish, but definately did not expect to be getting the fish in total with head intact........

  • A Meat Lovers Haven

    From the entrance to the dining area is a spectacular charcoal pit that cooks a variety of meats like pork, beef, turkey, ostrich, chicken and even crocodile. There is such an ambience of the African theme throughout the restaurant with the exotic plants and animal displays. Your first drink served is a Dawa cocktail, in Swahili means medicine and...

  • Best boozer in Wundanyi

    Bog standard african bar gets quite lively at night. Bar staff were well helpfull when I was there. There's not a lot else in Wundanyi to do in the night apart from having a few scoops and this was definately the best place in town on my visit. Beer again they do serve food but me being a veggie I give the meat only menu a miss. Name any part of a...

  • Outdoor seating for Lunch!

    During our stop-over in Lake Nakuru National Park, as we drove from Lake Naivasha to Molo, we enjoyed a great little outdoor lunch (one must keep the children fed and happy!). We had some simple sandwiches washed down by a Tusker beer in my case and flavoured drinks for the children. It is always nice to eat outdoors to savour the African...

  • Nairobi Dining

    I cannot remember why we picked this particular hotel, but the downtown Fairview Hotel in Nairobi had beautiful gardens for wandering about in or taking afternoon tea on the lawns. My wife and I also really appreciated the old colonial custom of having a separate children's meal at 6 PM in the dining room! When it was time for the adults at 7 PM,...

  • 5 Star indian food for cheap

    Shehnai (Sheh-Nyy) is a great little eatery locals in Mombasa tipped me off to. The owner is northern Indian and will personally reccomend dishes and seat you. He came to check in on us 3 times and was VERY gracious without being nosy. The food is subtle with some spices but not overly hot. Chicken Mughal, Tikka dishes, and some very creamy sauced...

  • The best restaurant in Nairobi

    This restaurant has the best Thai food I have ever eaten in my Life!!!!!The ambience was wonderful and set the tone for a delicious and thoroughly enjoyable meal...The starters were the best I have ever tasted- crisp spicy prawns were to die forThe soup was spicy and fresh Curries were flavoured to perfection Dessert and wine lists were extensive...

  • Lobster

    On our last day at the hotel we were asked if we would like to have some fresh lobster, so of course we placed our order, i ordered a medium one whilst John got an extra large one.And i can definetly say its the best lobster ive ever had. It came with french fries and garlic oil to drizzel over it, yum yum.

  • Wedding Day Dinner

    On the evening of our Wedding Day the hotel arranged for us to have a special dinner in a decorated location, we had our very own waiter sparkling wine and a 4 course meal. It was splended.

  • SUn N Sand Main Restaurant

    The food was excellent in the hotel, lots to choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner was served here. Through the day theres a snack bar by the pool were they served pizza, chips and other fats food. The other restaurants available were: China Hut, La Stella (Italian) and Safari Rach you had to book to eat in these restaurants.

  • Good and cheap Kenyan eats

    The restaurant is small and simple, but the food is fresh and quite good. Goat Meat, Fried Chicken, Hamburgers,and Tilapia are all common here and are prepared fresh. It get's crowded around lunchtime on weekdays, but after 2 pm, it settles down a bit.If you do go, ask the manger for Alex. Alex has been my waiter of choice there for a while and...

  • Grilling in stile: Watamu Grill, Dolphin

    Watamu Grill - is one of the two restaurants at the Dolphin hotel. The other one is an italian one. As the name suggests, Watamu Grill specialices in grilled meat and seafood. The Food here was very good, especially the Fish soup and the carpaggio (raw meat with olive oil, and very spicy). The waiters were very friendly. For dessert we had crepes...

  • Seafood at the Pool: Blue Lagoon,...

    Blue Lagoon -The Restaurant at the Flamingo Hotel. Very nicely located at the big Pool, quite a view in the night with all the lights. They specialize in Sea Food (not that you don?t get that at the other restaurants as well). Try the catch of the day. The Food is fresh and well served. The lobster was extremely huge.A little problem seems to be...

  • Food at the ASC Hotels

    The ASC hotels do have a food policy, which means that they garantee you best quality and clean food. Generally it is safe to eat everything they offer, from salad plates to fruits to mayonnaise sauces. Anyway, most of the people that come to Kenya will have stomach troubles, also these that stay at the ASC hotels.The problem consists of several...

  • Breakfast at the Hippo Pool

    Breakfast in the Kimana Game Reserve was something special, that is for sure.How often in live do you get the opportunity to have something to eat next to a pool with some hippos in it? Not that they are that quiet, from time to time they break the surface of the pool to loudly grunt at each other or blow water as if they were whales ...And you are...

  • Hemingway Dinner at the Feet of...

    Hemingway DinnerOne of the meals you get in the Kimana Reservation. Served in their big tent, in front a camp fire (huge and tended by a Masai) next to the small river. The people that serve it have clothes like they were used in the colonial times – long white coat like dresses with little red hats. What we got to eat: filled egg, consommé with...

  • Kilulu Seafood expedition

    Kilulu seafood - One of the excursions offered by the African safari club. It is also included in the honeymoon package they offer. Done only on saturdays.After 3 o’clock you are transported to the Hotel Bas Al Kashar that is not located at the beach of the ocean, but at a Meeresarm that goes quite far in the land. There a boat (the Kilulu) will...

  • fill up for less than a dollar

    Your getting picky here its a small Kenyan Market hoteli. Walls are smoke stained, half the menu isn't available, but in two years I never got sick from the food and that's saying something. If you ever wonder where to eat ask a woman where she would eat not a man. the women have to keep the family healthy letting a mon choose sent me to nairobi...

  • Celebration

    Yeah! I survived 30 days on a truck through south-eastern Africa!! Here I am celebrating with some of the human participants on the tour, in the restaurant of the hotel we were staying in at the outskirts of Nairobi. I am not sure, but maybe I am the first moose in the world to have done that? *Hm, is that something for Guinness book of records?...

  • Cleaning vegetables

    So Gametrackers provided a cook (what’s in the name), and we had to help preparing the food.Not that we really needed to cook, no, no, we needed to help with the preparation.So we were with 17 travellers in our group, 2 strong men were selected to load and unload the luggage in and out of the truck.The other 15 were divided in 5 groups of 3. So...

  • Eating in the wild

    As we were travelling with a big overland truck, and mostly we were camping on remote campgrounds with only basic facilities, we had to prepare our own food.The Kenyan company Gametrackers had provided a cook. But we needed to give him some assistance.Anyway it was not a good cook at all, breakfast was poor, and mostly we got black toast or dry...

  • Maralal, popular meeting point

    The Hard Rock Cafe opposite the Shell station is the most popular place in town. It's one of the best places to eat and you can meet here locals and travellers. The local dishes are good and cheap. The staff was very friendly. You can sit inside and outside at the veranda. The fresh mango juice (30 shilling) was delicious and much cheaper than the...


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