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    the first day-light
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Kimana Things to Do

  • Zebra

    This cute but timid, white & black stripped animal can be seen everywhere around the game reserve, it is persistently following herds of gnus because of their ability to find fresh pasture. Again and again I am amazed by the mother nature and the balance it preserves. Such a huge number of zebras are created in order to secure enough food for...

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    I knew giraffe is tall animal but had no idea she is that amazingly tall, dominating whole landscape like city skycrapers. My guide told me many facts about it which I never heard. Giraffe never sleeps, she just close her eyes for a few minutes during the day. She never drink a water, taking it from the leafs most of the time. If very dry season...

  • First tour of the game reserve

    Our first tour started immidiate after lunch and we were all very excited. I felt like a small boy after getting favourite toy, it was the real start of my African adventure hoping not to be the last one. There were only six of us in matatu and we had plenty of room to take the pictures out of its open roof. Cannot be sure but I made probably more...

  • Sunrising

    Sunrising at Kimana looks spectacular, breath-taking, fabulous..., something I'll never forget! It starts with the poor light, yellow in colour, changing to to blue very slowly. After few minutes the sky is coloured completely in yellow and it looks just amazing, never before have seen such a colours of the sky.Sunrise about six in the morning, no...

  • Giraffe

    When I saw them for the first time my impression was, they look alike to skyscrapers. One thing is for sure, you cannot miss giraffe in savannah first because of their height and second because of the colours of their skin which makes them visible from a far distance.Did you know that giraffes never sleeps, most of the time they eat or ruminate....

  • Tembo

    I was very lucky because an huge elephant pack, consists of more than forty animals, have obstruct the road on our way back to the camp. Some of this gigantic animals stood no far than three or four meters from our car and I had enough time to snap lots of fantastic pics. After five minutes, our driver became very concerned because some of the...


Kimana Transportation

  • Going on safari

    There are two types of safari vechicles, one is small zebra-look truck for approximately 15 people and the other is matatu with open roof for taking pictures which can take six to maximum eight people. I did safari in matatu with open rooftop together with six other people and it was very comfortable and spacious for both, ride and taking pictures.

  • Getting to Kimana Lodge

    Hm, those who finished their safari experience couldn't hide how much they envy us who just came over. I am sure it was quite the same with us when we went back to Bamburi, as I am concerned it was.After relatively short and dusty ride we get to our base at Kimana game reserve. Nice place with plenty of greenery, that was my first impression.

  • Flying to Kimana

    We departured to Kimana by this small jet from local airport nearby Bamburi. Hm, it was my first experience and just before departure there was heavy rain in whole that area. Most of the passengers were a bit worried but this guys, local pilots, have lots of experience flying in all possible conditions. They welcomed us with huge smiles and our...


Kimana Local Customs

  • Hemingway Museum

    We stopped for a break in a shadow of on huge tree, which happens to be the open air museum. Besides the skeletons of a big fives, there was a forester who escorted one family in wlaking tour throughout the game reserve. Didin't know it is possible, otherwise would like to do it myself because it is definetely the best way for exploring the...

  • First thing first in the morning

    This is very funny pic, unfortunatelly not perfectly clear because I took it under the first day light from the top of safari minibus in riding. Tembo (elephant), is doing the very same thing men do after waking up. What was even more funny to me, the elephant went aside of a group, lol.

  • Guarded by Maasais

    I saw this guy, dressed in the traditional Maasais colours, as soon as we entered into the lodge area. He was strolling around armed with the spear and wooden mace. When I asked him to stop and pose me, he did it gladly but never saying a word. After dinner we stayed in the bar sipping white wine, which wasn't bad at all. It was time to go to bed...


Kimana Warnings and Dangers

  • Dust, dust and even more dust

    Amboseli and the surrounding area must be one of the dustiest places on earth. After a day in the field we usually looked like chimney sweeps, and afterwards black rivers vanished in the shower plughole. We had quite a fascinating experience when all of a sudden a storm came up. First the hills in the distance mysteriously vanished, and as the wind...

  • Changing money at the bank

    Going to the only bank in Oloitokitok is quite an experience. The first time we changed money there it took more than an hour to change a few dollars. They told us they had to wait for the exchange rates to be sent from Nairobi, then the registration numbers of every single dollar note were written down, and eventually nearly every employee at the...

  • Kimana Hotels

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Kimana Off The Beaten Path

  • Trading with Maasais

    Most of the souveniers, you see all over Kenya, coming out from Mombasa where huge factory is situated. The employes in the factory are mostly disable people and it is good effort of the Kenyan government in order to ecourage them for being part of the society.But then, all this souveiers look alike, no matter if you buy them north in Nakuru or...

  • Maasai village - fire making

    Oh yeah, firing is another job which is striktly men's duty. Nowadays most of the Maasais use matches to make fire, however, they learn to do it in a traditional way in case they left without matches somwhere in the savannah. Bellow, on the pictures, you can see the demonstration of making fire done by group of young Maasai warriors. It works but...

  • Maasai village - the houses

    Maasai people are nomads, moving oftenly their cattles for good pasture and water. Therefore their huts are very simple and quick to build. It is strictkly women's job, as all other jobs inside the village, bcause men take care about cattles only. In case of danger, coming out from the predators or their traditional enemies, the Turkana people, men...


Kimana Favorites

  • Kimana Lodge

    My two weeks package included Maasai Mara game reserve, which is a must see when visiting Kenya. However, when I got to Mombasa my agent informed me it is not possible, offering me to visit Kimana instead. I was pretty much disappointed knowing nothing about, actually never heard of it before. After about two hours of flying in a small jet we...

  • Up close and personal with elephants

    The most impressive memory I will take back from Oloitokitok are the encounters with the elephants. The Amboseli elephants have been studied by Cynthia Moss and Joyce Poole for around 30 years, so they are used to people and cars and usually did not take much notice of us. Most of the time they were pretending to ignore us, but what gave them...

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