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  • Kitale
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  • Kitale
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  • Kitale
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Kitale Things to Do

  • Kitale museum

    Kitale is not only a good base to visit Mount Elgon National Park and Saiwa Swamp National Park, but the town itself had also something to offer like the Kitale Museum. In the spacious gardens with labelled indigenous trees you can find a gallery exhibiting an ethnographic collection. There are also displays of animals, birds, reptiles and insects...

  • Mount Elgon NP, walks and trails

    The forest of Mount Elgon National Park is very inviting to walk along the existing trails. At the parkgate you can arrange a guide.Because of the thick forest it is not easy to see many animals. There are leopards, buffalos, waterbucks and many birds. We saw a huge group of colobus monkeys.Except guided walks along the trails in the forest you can...

  • Mount Elgon National Park, forest

    From the Kitum cave we had a nice view at the forest at the slopes of the Mount Elgon. The forest is a mixture of deciduous and evergreen trees, including the magnificent East African Cedar, reaching heights of over 30 M.The branches of the treed are often covered with the lichen, known as ´Old Man´s Beard ´ Approaching the peak of Mount Elgon you...

  • Mount Elgon National Park, Kitum cave

    One of the four caves you can visit in the Mount Elgon National Park is the Kitum cave. The saline loving elephants most often visit this cave. They may arrive at any time from dusk till about midnight. They are real excavators. The amount of these special elephants has diminished a lot because of poachers from the Uganda side. It's dark inside the...

  • Mount Elgon National Park, caves and...

    There are four caves in the Mount Elgon National Park to explore. These caves are formed in the mountains by the action of water on the ancient volcanic ash.These caves played a vital and unique role in the lives of the forest animals. But also families and sometimes entire villages of the El Gonyi people, a Maasia tribe, lived in the caves with...

  • Mount Elgon National Park

    Mount Elgon is lying at the border of Kenya and Uganda. The mountain is an imposing extinct vulcano of 4320 M. At the side of Kenia is the Koitoboss peak with warm water springs in the the crater at 3.500 M.The biggest attraction are the elephants who visit the caves on the mountain slopes. They go deep inside for salt. Three caves can be visited....


Kitale Transportation

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    With local busses and matutu's you can visit almost every town and village in Kenya. At Kitale are normal matutu's and Nissan matutu's for twice the price.

    The bus and matutu park in Kitale is rather chaotic, but the people are very friendly to show you the right way to the matutu or bus of your destination in the direction of Lodwar, Kisumu, Eldoret or Nairobi.

    The bus and matutu station is near the market, just southwest of the railwaystation.

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Kitale Local Customs

  • Traditional life style of the Pokot

    Many Pokot do live still very traditional with their goats, patinated gourds of milk or booze and tamarind seeds. They use also headrests, stools, wrist-knife and fingerknife.In the compound we saw a woman with a calebas container, but we didn't really understand what she was doing or preparing. She couldn't explain us herself. JLBG's idea is that...

  • Herbs for the ceremony

    The Pokot still have a lot of ceremonies. The elders of the community are making prayings and offerings. The medicine man has a significant role in maintaining the spiritual balance within the community. And feasts and dances are held to thank the deities for the generosity. We attended a ceremony, where a special kind of herbs was used together...

  • Pokot ceremony of name´s giving

    In one of the huts in the compound of the Pokot people, where we were introduced, we were asked to attend a ceremony.In the hut a medicine man and some elders of the community were gathered for a name's giving ceremony. The mother with her child was also sitting in the hut, watching the ceremony and waiting for what would happen.


Kitale Off The Beaten Path

  • All the kids of the compound came to the...

    We were no the only ones, who were interested in the traditional Pokot dances.Also all the kids from the village came to have a look at the dances. So we sat together with those kids in the grass, just in front of the place where the dances took place. It was a nice happening for all of us. We were happy that Sirikwa Safaris offered us this...

  • Dancing by Pokot people

    It looked like the Pokot people forgot the time, while they were dancing. We really enjoyed their enthusiastic way of singing and dancing. Often one, two or three women danced by turns in front of the group. They jumped very high and were swinging their arms.After we visited the compound and even when we left the village they were still dancing....

  • Pokot women, welcoming their warriors

    When the Pokot women saw, that their warriors came back safely from the fighting, they started to sing and dance very exuberantly, welcoming them back home.It was great to just in the middle of it. All the people were very enthusiastic. Some old women of the village first came to look at the dances, but after some time they couldn't stop themselves...


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