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  • camels
    by sachara
  • village of the blacksmith near Maralal
    village of the blacksmith near Maralal
    by sachara
  • market Maralal
    market Maralal
    by sachara

Maralal Things to Do

  • Samburu warriors

    Everywhere in the area of Maralal we saw the Samburu Moran or warriors in their traditional clothing. We saw them in the towncentre, but also with their camels at the Yare lodge.These men still live in symbiosis with their environment and the wildlife. They didn't change their culture and traditions in more than 1000 years. Like the Samburu women,...

  • Samburu women

    Maralal is the adminstrative headquarters of the Samburu people, whose district is over 20.000 sq KMs. In Maralal and the surrounding villages we saw a lot of Samburu women, dressed in the most colourful clothes and with necklaces with thousands of beads, like they allready do for ages. The Samburu people are close relatives of the Maasai.The women...

  • Maralal, market

    Maralal has a lively market at the west edge of the towncentre. It's rather shady, so it was nice to walk around, even during the hotter times of the day. You can buy Samburu handicrafts, like the colourful necklaces, made of thousands of beads. There are also a lot of stalls, selling the bright coloured clothes. We saw also huge heaps of sandals,...


Maralal Restaurants

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    Hard Rock Cafe Maralal: Popular meeting point

    by sachara Updated Oct 8, 2004

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    The Hard Rock Cafe opposite the Shell station is the most popular place in town. It's one of the best places to eat and you can meet here locals and travellers. The local dishes are good and cheap. The staff was very friendly. You can sit inside and outside at the veranda.

    Favorite Dish: The fresh mango juice (30 shilling) was delicious and much cheaper than the softdrinks.

    Hard Rock Cafe

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Maralal Shopping

  • Maralal market

    To look for traditional Samburu handicrafts you can go to the small shops in town, but have also a look at the Maralal market. Here you can find the colourful cloth, mostly in red and blue. I saw also a lot of necklaces of coloured beads in different styles, small containers for tobacco and sandals made of tyres.The market is also a good place for...

  • Maralal, streetstall along the road

    On our walk from the village of the blacksmith to the town of Maralal we found this streetstall along the track. It was standing in the middle of nowhere with no houses or huts around.It was possible to buy some sweets and chips there, but we most enjoy the softdrinks !! Though they were not very cool, it was nice to find some drinks along this hot...

  • Maralal Hotels

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Maralal Local Customs

  • Visit Sherp

    by framarpau Written Dec 5, 2006

    Please don't visit Maralal without visiting "Samburu Handicapped Education and Rehabiltation Programme".

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Maralal Off The Beaten Path

  • Wonderful necklaces

    The women of the compounds around the one of mama came to show and sell us their wonderful necklaces, made of thousands of colourful beads. On the market and in the shops in Maralal we saw millions of beads for sale.The necklaces, telling in Samburu traditions something about your marital state, were really pieces of art. Also I distinguished some...

  • Mama, lady of the compound

    Mama, the 70 years old lady of the compound, was very friendly and eager to show and tell us a lot. We were lucky to be in her compound with Idi, our Samburu guide, translating and explaining everything in English.On the picture she is showing us how to wear a long metal ''earring'', though we didn't understand the purpose of it very well, if there...

  • Village of the blacksmith, fence

    The huts in the traditional Samburu villages and compounds around Maralal are made of wood and earth, the natural materials from the area.To keep the wild animals out and the own cattle in you see wooden fences in the villages. In the village of the blacksmith we saw this traditional wooden fence with parts of modern ''catchrails'' like you see...


Maralal Sports & Outdoors

  • Ready for the race !!!

    We mounted our camels. And I felt my white camel was very willing to walk or even to run. He tried to be in front of all. So we were very ready to go, waiting for the start signal!At the beginning of the race suddenly one of the Samburu warriors, turned my camel into the other wrong direction. I didn't know why. So I was not at the head of the...

  • The white camel is mine !

    At the moment the camels arrived, I had made my choice. The large white camel would be mine !! I talked with the Samburu companion and looked how he prepared the saddle.I was thinking about my favourite white camel in the Western Desert in Egypt, which always liked to be the first. So I was allready prepared, this would be our race !!!

  • Talk about strategy

    After Co had choosen his camel, he looked in its eyes and tried to have a good conversation about the strategy of their upcoming race. We found out, that we were the only people with some experience in camelriding. So, that could be an advantage.Before the race would start, we got an explanation. We had to make three rounds, rounding trees and...


Maralal Favorites

  • Maralal National Sanctuary

    Maralal is surrounded by the Maralal National Sanctuary. This sanctuary in the Province Rift Valley and the Baringo district lies at a height of 1490 M and is one of Kenya's little known treasures. In the sanctuary you can see zebras, impalas, buffalos, baboons, warthogs. There are also hyenas and leopards and sometimes elephants. On our way to...

  • Maralal towncentre

    And what did we see at the most important crossroad in the centre of Maralal ? A roundabout with many signs, but also some cows. This shows the character of the maintown of the Samburu, a people of pastoralists. The centre is dusty and hot, especially at midday, but the shops and wild-west type verandas give the town an unique and lively...

  • Maralal, guided walk

    During our guided walk in the undulating plains around Maralal we enjoyed the beauty of the scenery. We saw some Samburu herdsmen with their cattle, like at this pond at the picture. The Samburu people with their cattle live in symbiosis with the surrounding nature and wildlife, sharing the same land, like they allready did for centuries. Though...


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