Masai Mara Game Reserve Travel Guide

  • After I said she is beautiful !!!
    After I said she is beautiful !!!
    by samitbabu
  • Masai women doing some daily chores
    Masai women doing some daily chores
    by Nicckie
  • Masai Mara Game Reserve
    by mallyak

Masai Mara Game Reserve Things to Do

  • View from the top

    Floating in the sky on a hot air balloon & shooting the animals in Maasai Mara was a dream sequence actually happening!!! They picked us from our hotel at 4 Am & we were up in the sky before sunrise. Rising sun never looked so enchanting & beautiful. Maasai Mara grass lands were full of animals both local residents & the migrated ones. We could...

  • Masai Mara Tip

    Homer is right, it would be very hard to find a safari for 1000/2 people. Especially one that's going to be legitimate and enjoyable. We went with Best Camping Safaris Kenya and it was amazing. Great drivers, good food and at about the best value on the budget options. This includes everything, you wont pay a cent more and you'll be out for 4...

  • Dik Dik

    These small antelopes tend to be solitary and hard to see. we were lucky to get a view of a couple together.


Masai Mara Game Reserve Hotels

Masai Mara Game Reserve Restaurants

  • Breakfast with the Beasts

    This was a full champagne breakfast include in a balloon ride over the Masai Mara. A must do experience. Imagine pulling up in your safari vehicle, getting out into the middle of the African Savannah to fully laid out tables equiped with table cloths, napkins, chefs with chef hats, table bar with champagne and more and food so lush that you haven't...

  • Eating at the campground

    All meals are included in the price when eating at the campground. But the drinks are not included. Remember to have enough bottle water, f.ex 2 liter per day should be a minimum for an adult. It's 3 meals per day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is bread, pancake or egg, tea or coffee. The lunch is bread and a banana (The driver put your...

  • Good Birthday Celebrations!

    Kenyan's have a fun way of celebrating Birthdays. At your request, they will pre-make a cake which will be delivered at your table at the end of the meal. The birthday affair consists of all employees lining up single file, going from table to table, showing your name to the other guests, each in turn, gradually joining in on the festivities and...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Nightlife

  • Night time in Nyumbu Camp

    We were staying at Nyumbu Camp and like most camps , night time activities are minimal.Due to the openness of the camp , we had t be escorted everytime we needed to step out of our camp and go for dinner or any other activities which meant us leaving our tent.Because of this I requested the suggested the staff that they should plan something for...

  • Dalas pub in Oloolaimutia village

    Dalas pub in Oloolaimutia village is the place where the locals hang out. Oloolaimutia village is the largest community in Masai Mara.

  • Watch the hyenas, have a drink

    There was no TV available in my room at the Mara Sopa Lodge. So, to catch the latest sports update (in this case, the World Cup games), a TV is available at the Warrior Bar. You can warm yourself with a nice bottle of Tusker beer or sit by the fire outside. At 10pm, they have a feed-the-hyena session on a platform outside. It's quite interesting...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Transportation

  • The road details : Nairobi to Narok: -...

    I travelled from Nairobi to Masai Mara on our Nissan 4X4 Safari Vehicle.The distance from Nairobi to Maimahiu ( The first town in the route) is about 45 kms : about 40 MinutesSomewhere before Maimahu is a viewing point and a small set of Curio shops . The sheer drop off to the valley provides good scenic value for photography, and is also a nice...

  • The road details : Narok to Masai Mara:...

    We had a few minutes of breather here at a Narok Gas station. Had a bite or two from the local cafeteria, smoked a cigarettee and stocked up on Alcool and some Beer.There are quite a few curio / gift Items on the road from Nairobi to Narok. Please remember, you can BARGAIN heavily. I bought a Wall-hanging for 1400 KSH when the guy asked 3000...

  • Train from Nairobi to Mombassa

    GUYS,In case you do not know, the train from Nairobi to Mobassa has been CALLED OFF / DECOMMISSIONED for HUMAN TRAVEL and now only shuttles as a GOODS TRAIN.( since end March 2010)So kindly booook your tickets for air-travel.:)


Masai Mara Game Reserve Shopping

  • Lots of Stuff Overpriced, Familiarize...

    There are several different types of shops available in and around the Masai Mara reserve.The first ones that you will come to are the "restroom tourist trap" shops on the roads leading to the reserve. As restrooms on the dirt roads are few and far between, these enterprising small towns have set up shops where people sell their "local crafts". In...

  • Buy directly from the Masaai - but...

    As part of your safari package, chances are, you'll be offered the obligatory trip to the local Masaai Village as part of your excursion.The village is designed to look and feel like an authentic working village - and indeed it is (or was at one time).Reality is that very few Masaai actually still live this way. Most now have public housing and...

  • Maasai Jewellery

    The Kenyans are commercialised people, so you can find the local souvenirs just about anywhere you go. You can even find the Maasai souvenirs in Nairobi. However, it's quite nice to shop for some souvenirs in the Masai Village because the people are friendly and will constantly persuade you to buy from their stall There are some pretty Maasai...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Local Customs

  • Masai Village Visit

    Seen as a tourist trap by some, but I rather enjoyed the visit regardless of if its 100% representative of village life today.

  • LIVE WITH THE MASAIS : An Experience of...

    The Masais are one of the oldest Nomadic tribes of Africa and are a kind of human fossil , still holding on to most of its cultures and beliefs. They live in one of the harshest conditions with an absolute scarcity of water in the vast Savannahs and thus are mostly dependent on their cattles for meat, milk, dung and the minimalistic farming that...

  • Jump to it

    It is a long tradition with the Maasai warriors to jump. It is said to be a sign of manhood and strength, and is a great competition amongst the young men.I was absolutely amazed at hoe high they could jump, this guy must be about three feet off the ground from a stand-still position.We discussed this at length and came to the comclusion that over...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Warnings and Dangers

  • An animal alone is a threat !!!

    Any one of the predators or large animals alone is a threat. Do not vThese includes but not limited too:enture too close or try to attract its attention by unwanted movement or sound.LionHippoesRhinoesBuffaloElephantWildebeestOut of these, the Buffalo, the Elephant and Rhinoe being the most dangerous !!!The reason is that when one is alone it...

  • Lions and the hot sun

    Game viewing during the day has this danger ...the sun burning your skin around the faces, neck and upper chest. Please apply sunscreen lotion as required or keep under the shades as in picture.:)Rainy seasons like April to June and October November requires Anti Malarial Tablets .

  • Heat and baboons

    You need warm clothes to brave the Mara morning. Fleeces will just about do it, wear a T shirt, a light jumper and a waterproof coat. This will be necessary if you travel in the long and short rains period. Stop you chilling and getting wet. A hat is essential. It keeps you warm in the early mornings and shaded when the sun comes up. SUNBLOCK. This...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Tourist Traps

  • Buying from the Masais

    The Car will stop near the Mara Reserve gates to pay for your forest entrance fees. And in a second you would be seeing hands full with items/souveniers and different trinkets pushed to you.Remeber two things :Once you roll down your windows and accept them you would be forced to offer a price ------ This price that you need to offer can be around...

  • PHOTOGRAPHY and the Masais

    Do not take direct photographs of the Masais without asking for their permission, especially their womenYou usually find them near the Mara Reserve Gates and in their villages.DO not photograph them since they would make a real fuss about it and you would need to shell out money as per their wish. Once you are in the village and have paid for the...

  • MICS Travels : Not the most responsible...

    Well, our experience with MICS Travel was not as the most responsible safari organizer.I had initially booked for a 6 person team to visit Kenya during August 2011.We had initially paid for 30% of the money.But for reasons out of our control, we had to cancel the trip before the stipulated 15 days and informed Peter, the owner on mail and got...


Masai Mara Game Reserve What to Pack

  • Tilly Airflo hat a MUST !!!

    We found this hat to be the best quality to take with us and have owned it for 6 years now - good as new.Has made several trips throgughout the world including Kenya, Egypt, 7 SE Asian countries and many trips to the Western US.

  • Telephoto Equipment is Very Desirable

    For game drives, you will want something that can keep the dust out. A simple backpack with a zipper may be sufficient for most purposes. This is particularly good to consider when you think about suddenly stopping at a wildlife sighting where you will probably want to get your camera out - or get one of several cameras out for those who like...

  • A warm pullover and anti-malaria tablets

    A warm pullover or sweater is recommended. It can be as cold as 15 degrees at nights. Remember mosquito repellent lotion or spray, and anti-malaria tablets. Video and photo camera is a must 2 liter of bottle water per day and some extra food is recommended.


Masai Mara Game Reserve Off The Beaten Path

  • Majestic Always: The King of the...

    Nothing is more majestic to view as the sight of a Lion walking in the open Savannahs.It was the third day , about noon time and we had seen most of the animals were there to see. We were doing some sortees inthe Savannahs to pick up more game.The first day we had seen a family of one male and two female lions busy with mating .The female stops...


    On our third day of Game viewing and just after we had seen a lion out in the open , walking down majestically and crossing our way , elan and elegance marking each step of the way we were thoroughly happy and contentedWe were driving when we saw one of the schools of the Masai Mara. With curiosity and the hunger to know more about the Mara people...

  • Pictures: Masai Village

    A trip to a Masai Village is a must Activity when you are in Masai Mara.They charge you an Average of USD25 per head, but this can be negotiated a little.Kindly remeber : ALL PROCEEDINGS FROM THIS FEE GOES TO THE SCHOOLS THAT THE MASAIS HAVE BUILT FOR THE PROGRESS OF THEIR COMMUNITY.


Masai Mara Game Reserve Sports & Outdoors

  • Wattled Plover

    Also known as African Wattled Lapwing, both the male and the female have long yellow wattles on their head which gives them their name and their distinctive look. They are fairly commonly spotted in the Masai Mara, we saw them often alongside the tracks, raising its wings vertically as it lands. About 35 cm long, the plover feeds on grass seeds and...

  • Tawny Eagle

    One of three subspecies found in Kenya, the tawny eagle will feed on prey as large as a dik dik, steel food from other predators (kleptoparasites) and even scavenge alongside vultures. The tawny eagle is found in south-eastern Europe, Russia, many parts of Asia and all over Africa. It is roughly 27 inches tall with a wing span of 20 inches, the...

  • Secretary Bird

    This bird of prey gets its name from its crest feather, which looks like the old fashioned quills secretaries used to use in the 19th century. A terrestrial and solitary bird, it will only fly if threatened. It feeds on snakes, grasshoppers and lizards, stamping the ground to dive out its prey. Once it has caught a snake, it will beat it to death...


Masai Mara Game Reserve Favorites


    Some Tips for photographing in the Mara:Close crop animals in unexpected positions. Picture #1 of the baby giraffes entwining their necks into a heart won me a prize in our local news paper and was featured in the travel section on Valentines day!Horizon lines don't always have to be in the middle!Using a large f-stop such as f/11 or higher will...


    Some general tips for photographing in the Mara:Keep in mind that the Masai Mara is a combination of both animals and great scenics. For this reason, both a fairly good telephoto lens as well as a wide angle lens (to capture the vast savannas) will be necessary.You will also be going out during several natural light conditions. Early morning game...

  • Cheapest way to enjoy Safari.

    Yes, there is one option which can really drive your budget down.That is :1. By booking your own safari camps: Thjare about 82 choices in Lonely Planetere 2. Hiring your own vehicle for the period : You can check through the car rental sitesand 3. Getting your own Guide and Driver for the Mara Safari : If you need contacts, mail me separately.And...


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